some shit doodles to start off but and idea ive had for a while just never put together fully about a girl named marx that lives on the edge of town at a flower/cake shop. she lives right up by the cemetery (totally great place for buying flowers ikr). her family has had a tradition of protecting the ever growing cemetery from demons that try to eat the souls resting there. up until two years ago her dad had been living with her and being the grave keeper, a demon like totally killed him or whatever, so marx has been alone at the house since.  her job at the shop has gotten overbearing for one person so she put out an ad for help at the shop and erin takes the job, she lives all the way in the city, but shes been laid off for a year and took the job because she couldnt find another one.

wow im babbling, long story short, erins got the hots for marx, and marx grew up hardly ever leaving the house, and since being alone has NEVER left the house or cemetery, so marx helps her get out of her box a little and maybe bone a little who knows shes trying. yeah and erin gets to find out about marxs other job where she slays demons and shit 

Dampé the grave keeper I just realized is a character that’s theme is “Don’t judge a book by its cover”. His face is indeed frightening but he is one of the nicest characters you could ever meet and he is more afraid of you than you are of him. But there’s more to him than that. Dampé never needs or wants to wear a mask no matter how hideous he may look. He does not hide behind a fake personality or a fake smile. Dampé accepts himself and knows that he is a good person with meaning. Looks don’t matter all the time, fairies.