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Character Aesthetic #8: Diana Farley

”She spoke of slavery, because that’s what this world is. No one dares say it but that’s what reds are. Slaves and graves.”

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I saw this and all I can think of is a modern AU where the macusa has a twitter. Every year Graves is somehow left in charge of the holiday greeting and it’s become a tradition for him to fuck it up. He doesn’t have enough time for it but he’s not about to let someone else take over. No one has the heart to tell him graphic design is NOT his passion. They find out Grindelwald was impersonating him the one year the company greeting is a well done piece commissioned by a professional artist.

The Story Of Johnny Ringo

The Deal

The Devil: This is your time. Your life’s flashing before your eyes. And soon enough you will realize this is goodbye, but what if I gave you a chance? You just have to sell your soul. Look around. What do you see? The choices you never had the guts to make? I’m sorry you never could be the man that you wanted, but regret is wasted on me.

Johnny: I can feel air inside my lungs again all because of you.
I can rebuild my life and start again all because of you.

The Devil: This feeling’s amazing, I know; but be careful, you know not what you wish for. Granted life again? but now you’ve cheated death. There’s no where to run when you run from yourself. But fear not, for as long as you live you are mine. And even in death you will find you’ve lived with regret for so long, but now is your chance to change what has been wrong.

Johnny: I can feel air inside my lungs again all because of you. I can rebuild my life and start again all because of you. And I know that my destiny wasn’t written in the stars. It was just a part of satellites. And it’s all because of you
It’s all because of you.

The Devil: Don’t ever trust the devil, bitch!

Johnny: I never wanted this.

The Devil: It’s time that you suffered the consequence.

Johnny: I should have known my time was up.

The Devil: I gave you your time. Now your soul is mine.

Johnny: I can’t feel air inside my lungs. I’m dead. All because of…YOU! ALL BECAUSE OF YOU! 

I can’t feel air inside my lungs! I’m dead! All because of you! I can’t rebuild my life or start again! All because of you! All because of you! All because of…

The Revenge

Hell’s Demons: Ha ha ha ha! Oh well look what we have here boys. Everybody give a warm welcome to Johnny! Ha ha, what do you say we show Johnny a thing or two about what it’s like to die.

Johnny: How could this really have happened!? One second life was looking up, the next I’m on my way down. I thought my story had ended; but if this hell is where I’m trapped, then I will seek my revenge. I’ve come for blood! Blood! Blood! And I’m not leaving till I have your heart! You’re going to pay for all that you have done! Done! Done! I’ll feel alive when I have blood! Your blood Blood! Your blood! Because revenge is all I haven’t lost. You thought I was through. You may have killed me, but now I’ll come for you! You thought I was through? Well that was far from your first mistake! I have a twisted mind, and I have seen your fate. You think the end is close for you when really, you’re fucking late. Your reign is over. There’s no forgiveness. There’s no forgiveness for all that you’ve done! I’ve come for blood! Blood! Blood! And I’m not leaving till I have your heart! You’re going to pay for all that you have done! Done! Done! I’ll feel alive when I have blood! Your blood Blood! Your blood! Because Revenge is all I haven’t lost. You’ve taken everything I’ve ever loved. So give me blood! Blood! Blood! I’ll feel alive when I have blood! Your blood! I want it all! I want it all! See the way your blood spills on the ground… But then before my eyes he turned into a man. I’ve been fooled again. I’ve been fooled again!

The Devil: You are just a slave. You’ve dug your bed deep inside of your grave. Now slave, you will sleep for eternity. For eternity!

Johnny: I’ve come for blood! Blood! Blood! And I’m not leaving till I have your heart! You’re going to pay for all that you have done! Done! Done! I’ll feel alive when I have blood! Your blood Blood! Your blood! Because Revenge is all I haven’t lost. You’ve taken everything I’ve ever loved. So give me blood! Blood! Blood! I’ll feel alive when I have blood! Your blood! I want it all!

The Rebellion

Johnny: I start to levitate. I feel the air beneath my wings. I hear my pulse. I taste the air I breathe. I touch the ground. I see the end and I feel whole again. I hear the echoes of a world I’d left behind. I taste the victory I thought I’d never find. I touch the ground, but it’s slipping away from me. …And now I can’t see it. I can’t see anything! Somebody out there? Please help me!


The Devil: Oh Johnny! Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha! Wake the fuck up! It’s your big day! Wouldn’t want to keep all those angry souls waiting, now? Would you?

Narrator: This is the story of Johnny’s group of misfits taking on the Devil himself. Welcome to Hell! 

Johnny: I can’t believe it was a dream! I walked the surface, breathed the air, then found myself back underneath. It must have been a sign: the time to take back what was mine. I am alive! So, it’s time that I bid you farewell. I’ll sign my release with your blood. You can’t keep me trapped in this hell. I won’t ever call this my tomb. The place where a soul’s sent to die is the place where my purpose was found. I’m taking control of my life, and I’m raising an army from hell. I’m burning this place to the ground! First, I’ll take the things he loves! 

Hell’s Demons: Make him feel defeated! Make him feel defeated!

Johnny: Then I’ll take his fucking heart! 

Hell’s Demons: Make him watch you eat it! Make him watch you eat it!

Johnny: I can’t remain here. I’m taking control! So string ‘em out and bare his bones! I’m taking back my soul. 

The Devil: You think you can run? You think you can hide?

Johnny: No! I’m done hiding! I challenge you to fight me… To the death! So it’s time that I bid you farewell. I’ll sign my release with your blood. You can’t keep me trapped in this hell. I won’t ever call this my tomb: The place where a soul’s sent to die. Is the place where my purpose was found? I’m taking control of my life, and I’m raising an army from hell. I’m burning this place to the ground! So it seems it’s my time. Fate has brought me to now. With armies aligned, we brace for the sound of ten thousand souls fighting for air. The chance to live again. So ready your guns. Prepare for the end, ‘cause the last thing that you’ll hear is “Off with his head!” Get over here you son of a bitch! You’re not getting away from me that easily! Rip him to pieces!


With the force of ten thousand guns, I destroyed everything you built. I cornered you with no where to run. Then I tore your black heart straight out of your chest!

I took his crown of fire, and I crushed it with my hands. I came! I saw! I conquered! 

So did you miss me? Well, here’s my farewell: I’m crazier than I ever fucking was. I’m king of the dead and the damned. I thought that this day’d never come, but why should you sinners be saved? You wouldn’t be free without me. I’m your leader, your savior, your king. And I don’t think that I’m ready to leave.

Hell’s Demons: So gather, ye demons. It seems it’s your day. I sin, but I’ve paid more than ten thousand graves. And though we’re the damned, we’re so far from alone So, let’s bury the hatchet inside of their skulls. So gather, ye demons!

Johnny: I can feel air inside my lungs again.

Hell’s Demons: It seems it’s your day.

Johnny: Don’t ever trust the devil, bitch!

Hell’s Demons: I sin, but I’ve paid more than ten thousand graves.

Johnny: I know my destiny! See the way your blood spills on the ground!

Hell’s Demons: And though we’re the damned, we’re so far from alone!

Johnny: It was just a part of satellites. 

Hell’s Demons: So let’s bury the hatchet inside of their skulls! 

Johnny: All because of you! YOU!!!

10-Richardson's Graveyard AKA Witch's Hollow

jeffkillszombies submitted:

I saw that you followed me and I was intrigued. After reading a few of the stories on here, I decided I’d share my own. I used to live in a small town call Douglas in Massachusetts. Nearby in Rhode Island, at a location I don’t care to mention as I have far too much respect for this place, is a graveyard in the woods. It’s hard to research online for some reason, even though it’s registered and everything.
My father took us there once as small children to scare us (and it worked) and he used to tell us stories about the place. Supposedly one of the women buried there, a Judah Daley, was murdered for being a witch (not sure how. Burned maybe?) It’s odd that she’s buried there as she has no relation to the Richardson family, who make up the rest of the graveyard (as well as a series of small, uncut stone markers people have told me would be the graves of their slaves. Nice, I know.

Anyways, her grave looks practically untouched by time, even though it’s the oldest grave there. All the other graves are crumbling or have been destroyed by local kids, but hers remains untouched. Except for the large hole in front of it that’s filled in with stones. But when my father was young, it didn’t used to be. According to him, any dog that goes anywhere near that graveyard goes crazy and tries to dig up her grave for no apparent reason, which explains why it would be filled with stones. He brought his own dog there once and said it had similar results of the dog starting to act insane even before they stepped foot in the place, so he fled quickly.

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Dead Cross - Grave Slave

Dead Cross is Dave Lombardo (ex-Slayer, Suicidal Tendencies, Misfits), Mike Patton (Faith No More, Tomahawk), Justin Pearson (The Locust, Retox) and Michael Crain (Retox, Festival of Dead Deer).

The Allegiance Academy: Gaudete et vinculae tua!

Of all of the prestigious schools of American wizardry, there are none with such a rebellious and turbulent history as the Allegiance Academy. Originally founded to host and protect black wizards and witches over the course of their education, the Allegiance Academy stands as a stony sentinel off the shores of Georgia. Built around the ruins of the pirated slave-ship Allegiance, the school was founded by four of the most powerful, and some detractors would say volatile mages of the 19th century: “Mother” Irma Cove, Tulia and Tybalt Le Loup, and the ever eccentric Catherine Valentine.

Though forgotten in muggle history books, the four founders of the Allegiance Academy were prominent leaders in the Underground Railroad.Tulia, Tybalt and Irma had all started their lives as slaves (Irma having actually be the muggle-born daughter of Madame Valentine’s personal servant) and while they came to their magic through separate routes, they nonetheless dedicated their lives to the salvation of other black men and women kept in bondage.

Of especial interest to them were those poor children born into slavery who possessed magical talent. Such children, either muggle-born or conceived from the rape of a muggle mother by her wizarding owner, had an especially precarious place in society. Those whites who believed blacks were even capable of magic did not believe they deserved it, and saw wizards and witches amongst the slaves as grave dangers. Those allowed to live past their first manifestation of magic were usually kept ignorant of their powers, and kept bound by unbreakable vows that reduced them below even the roughest muggle. A slave so bound had not freedom, and was forced to always speak the truth and report dangers of their masters. Many a potential revolt was defused by a slave forced to betray their fellows, despite their best attempts to disobey. Shunned by both sides, such wizards and witches often gave in to despair.

The founders of the Allegiance Academy worked hard to find these children before their masters did, and abscond with them before such bindings could be put in place. But as time went on, and the number of free children with magical talent grew, the founders realized their was a problem. It would be more than 100 years before the Randolph-Peyton Institute would be forced to accept black students, and while the Salem Institute was more sympathetic, it was none the less the type of sympathy they preferred to keep at one removed. Even free-born blacks in the north had a higher bar to meet to obtain a place in New England’s prestigious academy than their white counterparts. Valentine did what she could to place the children in friendly homes, and those who seemed in control of their powers were allowed to stay with their families, but there was always a chance that such a child, under the stress of flight to the north, would loose control of their magic and expose the whole party. 

So Irma Cove hatched a daring scheme. Taking a party of trusted allies, she boarded the muggle slave-ship, The Allegiance, and quelled the crew through magic. As she charted their course due south, Tybalt and Tulia ran ahead of them, in the form of hawk and wolf, and gathered all of the wizarding children they’d freed from slavery. On the way south the Allegiance took on these children, and bore them down to a small island off the coast of Georgia. Located east of the St. Andrew Sound a stretch of water charmingly referred to as “The Hole,” this island had long been shunned as a cursed and haunted place by muggles and wizard alike.

Using their magic the wizards set the ship on the center of the island, and around it they raised their school. Tybalt Le Loup, master of transfiguration, spent the next five years shifting the stones of the island around the pirated ship until the fortresslike edifice of the Allegiance Academy stood strong and broad against the southern horizon. Its defenses were potent and varied. Not only was it protected by its thick walls, powerful wardings, and obscure African sorcery (taught to Tybalt and Tulia by their uncle, the famous Le Loup), the school also and four massive cannons liberated by Irma shortly before the Civil War, and a host of tamed sharks (said to be the transfigured slavers that once crewed the Allegiance).

Shortly after its founding, the Allegiance Academy became the first and only school to technically be at war with the American Wizarding Confederation. For more than half a century, from its founding in 1839 until its official recognition in 1901, the school was a rogue organization under siege, and a polarizing point in the politics of the mainland. Today the Allegiance Academy is a strong contender for greatness, easily challenging RPI and SI for national recognition and prestige. It maintains its looming presence, and at its heart the slave ship remains, complete with iron chains and billowing sails: a constant reminder to its students, lest they forget the history of oppression and struggle that forged their proud alma mater.

Despite its apparent gloom and doom, the Allegiance Academy remains a place of safety and comfort to its students, and all those who remain oppressed.

Rippen, Part-Time Villain

Wherever good may exist, villains rise from the darkness & always win the day!

…Except when they don’t.

& that’s when I get to work.

I zap into dimensions, every day, it’s my job,

Be a villain, rule the world & make things bad.

Digging graves! Whipping slaves! Create zombies! Froth & rave!

I’m a vampire, a warlock & a cat…?

Scratching, thieving, scheming, plotting, painting, & complaining!

Minion Larry always gabbing in my ear!

No hero can resist fearing–

Me, Rippen! Part-Time Villain!

Me, Rippen! Part-Time Villain!

Me, Rippen! Part-Time Villain!

Larry, no–!

Don’t count your cash where the wolves can see
Don’t put it all in the bank, keep protection by your seat
Watch the shadows they always can Creep
Be careful what you get into, don’t let it get too deep
Know where you rest, watch your feet always can get test
Watch what you say, Verbal magnets
whatever you say you’ll attract it
Then we all will see if you’re a fact or an actress
boast not or else find the cavity the gunshot
Know your ties or be hung by your nots
bride your tounge know what’s behind your words
careful what you let in your lungs, be about your verbs
Check your foundation before you build or the Mansion on the hill
will turn to rubble in the field
In all there is a beast, you either burn or learn to tame
All you have earn or be a pawn in someone’s game
Casket or urn can’t take anything no matter the car or the ring
So what’s the worth of a Lame’s fame?
Mental slaves can’t see shackles when its right before them
Callousized hands from digging own graves
While slave masters haggle, wrong one to battle
Know your roots & story, check your inventory
Let others say it or claim false glory, Paint your picture no matter how gorey
careful who you canonize remove silk and wool from your eyes
Know your notoriety, keep business orderly or they will fuck you overly.
understand how they see you, stereotype and all
work the system don’t let it work you, build barriers stand tall
love your family enemies and friends, but becareful who you let in
Anyone can turn on you keep a parachute, when they throw you off the roof top
That mountain will move with faith, only keep a card in your sleeve if it’s an Ace
Worry not of religion just know Jesus is Christ. Live by your own before you give advice
Be yourself even if it leaves other’s scratchin lice
Men & Mice, Laws and Rules separate to make longevity legendary

Loop holes and clause
Evens & Odds
Boss with a downpayment on the cost
pick up the clues
know who you owe dues
my guidance, this is for you to choose

Don’t rely on one person too much, because like a crutch
Once it busts you’re done, the ones that watch you make it
can be the same ones that want to take it
collect crops before the locusts come
Tithe 10%, naysayers don’t even notice them
All dogs bark so use it as fuel for the furness
Believe in your dream first & stay earnest
Once you lose faith in yourself and abandon identity for wealth
just hang it up & flush your work
Because you should never try to find acceptance
Do it for you and embody your lessons
even if you’re not meant to be the hero, be the stepping stone for the next
Leave your story in text, so you can be proud you lead the way with a halo
But never envy’s another’s success earlier than you
we all got our own time to rise, so continue to breakthrough
Careful where your feet are planted, the world will shake you
know your feets’ plans or they will take you
Don’t be tied to posts from the past, know when to fight, laugh & dash
Never let rust get to your axe, be about it so they won’t have to ask
Know those you surround yourself with because one of them can have you swept
Remain raw I tell you law, see the reciprocals ready for war, face the walls
Stay and train for the duel, check the rules, listen & learn and don’t accompany fools.

Chorus repeats

I made this as a reminder, so when I get lost this is my spare lighter.

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