grave sins

10 Norwegian idioms - Part 2

Idiom (literal translation)
Equivalent English idiom

Å ta [noe/noen] med storm (lit. to take sth/sb with storm)
To take [something/somebody] by storm
1. To conquer someone or someone
2. To be suddenly and extremely successful with someone/some place

Å være på tynn is (lit. To be on thin ice)
To be on thin ice
1. To be in a risky situation
2. To do or say something without sustainable evidence

Å ha vært ute en vinterdag/vinternatt/ før (lit. To have been outside on a winter night before)
To be seasoned
To have life experience

Å bite i det sure eplet (lit. To bite into the sour apple)
To bite the bullet
To settle for something one doesn’t like

Å tråkke i salaten (lit. To step in the salad)
To put one’s foot in it
To unintentionally do or say something which upsets someone

Å ha en skrue løs (lit. to have a screw loose)
To have a screw loose
To be weird, eccentric or mentally unstable

Å ikke se snurten av [noen] (lit. To not see the trace of sb)
To not see hide nor hair of someone
To not see someone

Å bøye seg i støvet (lit. to bend down in the dust)
To be impressed by someone

Å strø salt i såret (lit. To sprinkle salt into the wound)
To rub salt into the wound
To make a difficult situation worse for someone

Å grave sin egen grav (lit. To dig one’s own grave)
To dig one’s own grave
To do something that has negative consequences for oneself

On that faithful day, Jesus rose again. He rolled the stone, shed his linens, and ventured into the world. Back into the world that grieved and mourned and scorned and hated. Back into the same world that threw stones at him, ridiculed him, and took his earthly life. Yet, he came back. And he is coming back again. Share my teachings, he said. Let my people know what I have come to say. Let my people, those who scorned and mocked and threw, let them know I am returning. 

Easter Sunday is more than dyed eggs and melted chocolates.
It is a promise. 

We, too, will rise from our graves. We will rise from the graves of sin and shame and fear and ascend to a world we could never even dream about. We will shed our linens and our skin and trade them for a life everlasting. 

All because of that faithful day that Jesus rolled a stone away.

He is risen. He is risen, indeed. 

Happy Easter. Here is to a new beginning. 

-31Women (Ansley)

Graves giving Credence his old quidditch jumper which is far too big for the boy and has the initials ‘P. G’ across it. it’s a luxurious fabric and even though old, still perfectly intact. Graves brushing it off as something completely practical to do because Credence is always chilly and goddamn, the sweater was just in a box somewhere so he may as well have it because Graves hates waste. 

Credence almost implodes and puts it on immediately, not taking it off until he absolutely has to. 

Graves seeing Credence in his jumper for the first time and the implications truly hit him, he looks unbelievably delicate and cute and just plain lovely. The thought that Credence is wearing his clothing is too much to process for Graves. At times he catches a glimpse of bare shoulder as the neck is tugged sideways and falls off.

Graves almost implodes also.


and then i made a cover to my own unfinished fanfic 87k and still going pls set me free shadow me (feel free to delete this if you reblog)

fecipher twitter, 10-2-2017: “Undead King of Despair, Chrom”

[Card Showcase] If the circle of birth and death is the law of the gods themselves, then to defy that law is a grave sin. When those ordained to sleep forever rise once more, darkness smothers hope and the world falls under the dominance of a tragic destiny. Chrom, King of the Risen… A never-before-seen figure of despair now awakens in the world of Cipher! (Illust. Setsu)

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laze (one)

prologue | one | two 

pairing: taehyung x reader

genre: fluff, comedy
words: 1.3K

a social media au featuring taehyung as a travel vlogger!

summary: Taehyung’s friends keep committing grave and unforgivable sins against him, and now you’re trying to poison him? 

“Y/N, did you pack a spare memory card?” Taehyung asks as you shove another shirt into your suitcase. He’s hovering around seemingly aimlessly, having finished packing his own suitcase. He’s surprisingly quite organised when it comes to travelling (probably from having gone on more trips than you can bother to count), so he tries to finish it at least a day before you’re set to go. And of course, he has convinced you to do the same.

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This fic has gotten so much attention. All y’all need Jesus. So do I for that matter but shhhhhh. Enjoy the sin while you can.

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