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Ghibli Movies according to the Internet (SPOILERS)

When Marnie was there: When Anna was Accidentally Gay for her Grandma

My Neighbour Totoro: 1st ever Ghibli Movie

Spirited Away: 2nd 1st ever Ghibli Movie

Princess Mononoke: Scary Deer Jesus

Pom Poko: Balls

The Cat Returns: Everyone’s Unexpected Furry Awakening

From Up On Poppy Hill: You May be My Brother But I’d Totally Do You

Ponyo: The Little Mermaid But With Kindergartners

Grave of the Fireflies: Greatest Movie Ever Made That You’ll Never Watch Again

Only Yesterday: Greatest Ghibli Movie Ever Made That Barely Anyone Has Ever Watched (j/k: Best Ending Ever)

Whisper of the Heart: I Wish My Teenage Life Was This Idyllic

Kiki’s Delivery Service: Too Many Bloomer Shots

Laputa: Castle in the Sky: Falling From Terrifying Heights: The Movie

Howl’s Moving Castle: The One With The Hot Bishounen

Tale of the Princess Kaguya: Fucking Moon People


Ghibli’s Movies Art

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Studio Ghibli (1986 - 2014) (Click images for better quality!)
↳ Ghibli means ‘hot wind blowing through the Sahara Desert’. The name was used for Italian scouting airplanes during World War II. Miyazaki, who loves airplanes (and Italy), named his studio after it.


Spirited Away Backgrounds

Japanese Fans Rank Studio Ghibli’s Greatest Tearjerkers

Of all the anime studios out there, Studio Ghibli seems to be the most adept at jerking those tears loose. Over its three decades of anime production, the studio has produced films that keep fans welling up—sometimes out of sadness, sometimes out of happiness, and sometimes for that mysterious melancholy quality unique to the films of folks like Hayao Miyazaki and Isao Takahata.

Ranking site Goo has asked its readers which Ghibli films made them cry the most, and here’s the top 10. But be warned: just looking at this list might get the tear ducts moving.

10. When Marnie Was There

9. Howl’s Moving Castle

8. Kiki’s Delivery Service

7. Princess Mononoke

6. Whisper of the Heart

5. Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind

4. Castle in the Sky

3. My Neighbor Totoro

2. Spirited Away

1. Grave of the Fireflies

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