Lily Gray

Lily Gray (misspelled on tombstone) rests in a Salk Lake City graveyard. While the other graves around Lily’s have inscriptions that read “beloved husband”, “in loving memory”, “devoted mother”, etc., her particular tombstone reads: “Victim of the Beast 666”


The Columbus Mental Hospital

The State of Ohio buried the residents of the mental hospital whose families either didn’t claim them or were too poor to afford to do it themselves. All the graves are the same sizes and most just contain a name, birth date and date of death.

Two of the graves are just labeled “SPECIMENS”

Here Lies John Renie

John Renie was a house painter who died at the age of 33. He is believed to have carved his own grave-stone. People were confused when the gravestone was first erected. They could read the words “here,“ "lies,” “John,” and “Renie” but they didn’t understand the reason behind such a complex carving.

170 years after his death, a local tv station brought in an expert who came to the conclusion that it is an acrostic in which “Here lies John Renie” can be read 46,000 different ways.

Some believe this was his way of “tricking” the devil while others believe that Renie, a founding member of the Oddfellows Friendly Society, had created proto-Masonic code.