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everafter93  asked:

Asked for Q's and I wanted to discuss this. <3 So jensen is doing beer w/grauls and gen is doing a lifestyle blog. Do you think this is to cement them further in closet or is this a way for the beards to be taken care of after a divorce besides child support and stuff like that? I hope the latter but I've been losing faith and w/out Jared would gen's blog even work? No one cares about her outside of Jared. Basically, what are your thoughts on them ever coming out?


So first of all, i think it’s great that Jensen has the beer thing and Gen is doing her thing with the blog. Personally i don’t feel that the two connect with cementing j2 into the closet or vice versa. Although, i agree that Gen’s blog will most likely not work that great without Jared. 

On the topic of j2 ever coming out…. the chances of it happening isn’t very high in my opinion. With everything going on, eg. Jensen’s baby twins and Gen expecting, i think that both J and J are just to far stuck in the closet. I do really hope that the two of them will eventually be allowed to be themselves completely in front of us fans but i don’t see it in the near future. 

I hope that answers your question and thanks for sending it in! <3

- S.J xx

anonymous asked:

Now that Ds brother is involved in the brewery business with Jensen.. The idea of a future divorce is pretty uncertain isnt it? The division of stuff can cause hell lotta trouble if considered

Hello, dear anon!

I’m not sure Gino’s involvement means further commitment to the Graul family. I don’t really know what his position in the company is/will be, but perhaps he’s Jensen’s employee? Maybe Jensen has finally decided to make Gino earn his upkeep.

I’m assuming J/D have a prenup of some sort. I guess that’s common practice in entertainment business marriages? I can’t imagine that D would be in a position to rip Jensen off during a divorce situation, but I’m not exactly an expert on the field. I imagine she could make things difficult when it comes to the children, though.

As for the divorce, it might be years and years away… Or maybe it’ll never happen. I find my predictions usually crash and burn, so perhaps it’s best I stick to my day job and refrain from starting a side business. ;)

In any case, I hope both of the J’s businesses will flourish. It’s good to have a plan for when the show inevitably comes to an end. As for you, sweet anon, I hope your week is treating you well and continues to do so!

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