the way Spock basically runs to Uhura when he gets back from the narada (ever wondered why he gets out of the pad asap and what he was looking at?)

it looks like they ran so fast to each other that they just missed each other hands and he clasped her wrist instead (my fav this also is the way his focus is on her even as she’s looking behind him concerned for poor Pike)
the cutest thing is that they put that in the videogame too LOL

daww watch his face when he notices she’s there? :DDD (at this point the crew knows they are together so subtlety be damned). It might as well be the single cutest thing in that shitty video game tbh (that, and him cooking for her)


here you go! no eyeliner bc like I could be bothered XD I am coping with the heat, but mostly by not going outside if I can help it! I have a fan though which is awesome

and apparently my dog likes it too because I came up here to take pictures and found her on the bed :T



This video makes me so happy. I have watched it no kidding about twenty times this evening. So much adorableness.

ok kids story time

so my new friend ben, who i met during the first week of college, turns to me today before a meeting and says “So Arianna, I have a question for you. Could you…”

and internally

i’m thinking please let this sentence end with “watch star trek with me” since we did watch an episode while staying up all night once at 4 am

and okay, i tell myself, calm down this has nothing to do with that

he then finishes his sentence with, and i kid you not:

“…get a list of all the episodes with Spock and Bones? I need to get their dynamic down, I’m writing fanfiction.”


Story-time with Rowan Athena (via hesitanthousewife)