gratuitous photo of my library

Today’s Gratuitous Photo of My Library: The University of Louisville photo archives curator & print manager found this lovely set while shelf reading. It is a stereo viewer with glass positives from WWI. You see something similar to this quite often but the images are printed on cards. The glass retains massive detail, which makes the viewing quite intense. You definitely feel like you’re there.

Flat Files

Today’s Gratuitous Photo of My Library is from the UofL Archives. I had two shots left on the roll and crappy lighting so this will have to suffice for now.

But most importantly: OMG, you guys, you guys! I had the nerdiest dream last night! 

     I dreamt that I went back to the late 40’s - early 50’s and was wandering around Midlothian, TX. I run across these two junior high age boys and notice that one of them is carrying a couple of cameras. Of course I immediately bellow “Rolleiflex!”, which mystifies them until they realize that it’s not an insult and I’m referring to one of the cameras.

     We chat for a bit. Because it’s me I’m grilling them about the cameras and their work. They’re brothers—shy, homely, rural guys who were taken aback by the intense female attention. It was clear they were thinking “Oh, wow, an older girl is TALKING to US!”

     I decide to take advantage of my more experienced feminine wiles and make them promise to take LOTS of photos of everything and everybody. “Some people might tell you it’s expensive or a waste of money.” I say. “Trust me—it’s really not. Save up for the film and development, ask for film and development mailers for Christmas and birthdays, pace out the development as you have the money.” (My subconscious mind’s nod to Alice Sebold’s ‘The Lovely Bones’.)

     My sexual power continues to hold them, and I continue to make my demands. “Label EVERYTHING! When, where, who—but with pencil! And organize! Put it all in albums and keep the film!” The boys ask “But are albums good for the prints?” I consider this but I realize that at this point the power is beginning to go to my head. How can I explain how bad glassine envelopes are when Print File sleeves don’t exist yet? Too confusing. “The most important thing is that they’re organized—anything is better than leaving them all loose and jumbled!” I cry.

     The younger brother emerges from the pheromone fog long enough to ask “Why do you want us to do this? What do we do with it?”

     I think for a few seconds. “This is REALLY important, guys. Uh, I’m, um, a librarian and I’m working on this project about local photos and, uh, learning history and geneaology through them. You guys just take photos for a few years and then send them to me at the University library.”

So…yeah… I have no idea where that came from. I blame all those Back to the Future posts I’ve been seeing lately. The dream eventually morphed into cats, comme habitude, so that’s ok.