gratuitous gpoys


Some gratuitous selfies from the last 48 hours. Also, last night after I finished my beer, Starling jumped from one counter to the other and broke that pint glass; luckily it was from the brewery in Gainesville and can be replaced easily, but it was a bummer and I cut my finger on some glass. 😐😐😐

Tumblr Basics
  • David Karp: Ang tatay/creator ng Tumblr
  • WP: Will Private
  • WD: Will Delete
  • Check Blogs: ginagawa pag may mga followers ka na hindi mo pa nafofollow back. ichecheck mo ung blog nila then, depende na sayo kung ifofollow back mo sila o hindi.
  • TTH: Titillating Thursday(nakakadiri na yan ngaun wag mo nang icheck ung tag)
  • TA: Tumblr Ask
  • FM: Fan Mail
  • GPOY: Gratuitous Picture Of Yourself
  • GPOYW: Gratuitous Picture Of Yourself Wednesday(wala na yatang nakakatanda neto)
  • MU: Meet Ups(sa tumblr lng)
  • Kada: Barkada
  • Tumblrista: tawag sayo pag nagtatumblr ka
  • Kalbo/Anon: Anonymous syempre!
  • Sabaw: Wala kang maipost. nasasabaw ung utak mo
Motherfucking Rubik's Cube Party

So we had this Rubik’s Cube party

Which means you start out in the six different colours of the Rubik’s cube

and you end the night all in one colour:

We also had matching jello shots:

I ended up blue:

Penelope was green:

Ellie came!

Unfortunately, some youths she met along the way were so frustrated by how hard she was to solve, they peeled off all her stickers!

We danced:

And drank:

And there was some light bondage:

And outdoor shenans:

And Osama back from the grave or secretly not dead, just hiding in Canada:

I think Ellie enjoyed my family:

And everyone enjoyed the party:

So moral of the story?

Throw a rubik’s cube party!