gratitude everywhere

If you know film and/or photography, you probably know the name Muybridge, the man who effectively invented cinema by taking photos in rapid succession of a horse galloping in order to settle a bet. And then went on to film endless movement sequences, mostly walk cycles, of various animals and human subjects (to the enternal gratitude of animators everywhere).

Apparently this is what happened when he got to cats.

OK but by far -- BY FAR -- the most radical thing to come out of the WE book is

the out-loud, in-public discussion of menopause. It’s an inevitable biological fact, but nobody wants to think about it, nobody wants to go through it (except in that it does involve the cessation of periods, but at a pretty high cost), and NOBODY in pop/entertainment culture thinks of women as sexual beings during or after it, except as comic relief: Menopausal women are invisible at best, and either dried-up prunes or “hilariously” hound-doggin’ grannies at worst. But you can’t just dismiss Gillian Anderson – the fact that somebody who looks the way this woman looks, and whose image is so sexy (to all ages and gender identities), will speak about it on the record? Is fucking radical, in the actual dictionary definition of the word.  

(tagging @chewiesgirlfriend on this, in humble gratitude)

i would just like to take this opportunity to thank you totally fuckin’ rad people who make fic aesthetics. @lydiia-martins and @theladywolves have thrown a couple my way, and i cannot express how excellent it makes me feel–it clears my skin, waters my crops, adds ten years to my life, lifts ancient curses from my family name, and just looking at them motivates me to keep cranking out the updates. 

this is especially relevant today, a day when i woke up and felt absolute blech and didn’t want to do anything, even though i’d promised myself i was going to write. i spent three hours disappointed in today’s lack of follow-through. and then… i hopped online, and there was a new fic graphic waiting for me. 

it’s just so fucking NICE and LOVELY and so cool to have people who enjoy a work so much that they channel that into their own creative pursuits. and it’s this amazing pick-me-up to see that something i’ve done inspires that in some way. 

it’s the ultimate in inspirational circle-jerk, which lbr is the only acceptable form of such a thing

“We have thus reached the lowest point in our political lives: a pseudo-choice if there ever was one. Yes, the victory of Marine Le Pen would bring dangerous possibilities. But what I fear no less is the assuagement that will follow Macron’s triumphant victory: sighs of relief from everywhere, gratitude that the danger was kept at bay, Europe and our democracy are saved, so we resume our liberal-capitalist sleep again. The sad prospect that awaits us is that of a future in which, every four years, we will be thrown into a panic, scared by some form of “neo-fascist danger,” and in this way blackmailed into casting our vote for the more “civilised” candidate in meaningless elections lacking any positive vision” - Slavoj Zizek for “The Independent”, 5 May 2017 (x)