@renan_ozturk and @conrad_anker enjoying a fine moment after our @merufilm NYC premiere and party at the MOMA. Never in our wildest dreams….An incredible screening and evening w friends, family and supporters of the film. We owe so much to so many. Surreal to watch the film take its first step out into the world last night and know it will be releasing to the public next week into theaters nationwide. #gratitude #MeruFilm #August14 @mochinyc @krakauernotwriting (at MoMA The Museum of Modern Art)

Hello August :)
16 days till top surgery. The waiting is finally almost over, 10 months ago I didn’t think this was going to be possible. I’m so blessed to have so many people stand behind me and show their support over and over again. This journey hasn’t been an easy one but it has been worth it. You can achieve whatever you set your mind to, start slow but stay consistent. Keep going and don’t give up until you reach your goal, you’re strong and you’re going to get where you need to be. I love you all, I have so much love and gratitude you guys.


2 Week till Surgery:
Top Surgery Post Op appointment went really well, got together all the money I needed for the surgery. A big shout out to flavntstreetwear for helping me raise the money I needed. And thank you to everyone who has messaged me and showed their love and support throughout this process. You guys mean so much to me and so does your support so thank you for always being so amazing 💙✌️

How can we ever stop looking? How can we ever turn away?

Form is certainty. All nature knows this, and we have no greater adviser. Clouds have forms, porous and shape-shifting, bumptious, fleecy. They are what clouds need to be, to be clouds. See a flock of them come, on the sled of the wind, all kneeling above the blue sea. And in the blue water, see the dolphin built to leap, the sea mouse skittering, see the ropy kelp with its air-filled bladders tugging it upward; see the albatross floating day after day on its three-jointed wings. Each form sets a tone, enables a destiny, strikes a note in the universe unlike any other. How can we ever stop looking? How can we ever turn away?

- Mary Oliver, Staying Alive from Blue Pastures

Today is World Ranger Day.

Please join us in thanking the unsung heroes for their incredible efforts in the field. Our Rangers work tirelessly every day arresting poachers, removing snares and seizing weaponry to ensure a safer habitat and future for wildlife. Meet one of them, Stephen, at: http://thedo.do/1DV64eV

Please share widely today.

[Via: The David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust, 31 July 2015.]

Day 5 on #4weeksOfCoreTreats and the struggle is real with #lolasana . @cyogalab @lulumelon

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