The thankful receiver bears a plentiful harvest.

William Blake (1757-1827) English painter and poet.

Those who appreciate what they have, place themselves in the position to discern the full productive and creative potential of what they have. Those who are unthankful, look down upon and disregard what they have; they spend this same invaluable time focused upon what they do not possess. And since one cannot use what is not within one’s possession they are stuck. Ingratitude is the ultimate thief.  It prevents one from ever fully relishing what one has, and it rots away one’s potential to produce more.

I guess what I’m trying to say is,
If I never see you again,
I hope you at least think of me from time to time
When that song comes on in the car,
Or the sun breaks through the windows a certain way
I hope it makes you smile,
And somewhere,
I hope you are grateful too
—  “Untitled” by Meredith Grace @blatantwritings

I often think that I’m not where I want to be at this age, but I need to remember that where I am is exactly where I need to be at this point in my life. If I focus harder on my passion for helping people, my path will continue to lead to where I am meant to be…

Your eyes are open as you are reading this sentence. However, do you see clearly? Do you see how lucky we are to be able to read? To learn? To experience life?
—  Nicole Addison @thepowerwithin
Humility and gratitude go hand in hand… Awareness increases so that we become grateful for everything we are given. We have to learn, literally learn, to be grateful for what we receive day by day, simply to balance the criticism that day by day we voice because of powerful emotions.
—  Sivananda Radha Saraswati
Here is my wish for you and every other child, woman, and man on the face of the earth: Spend one week saying only kind, caring things to yourself. Say thank you at least ten times an hour, direct five toward yourself and five to the world at large. Compliment yourself (and others) each time an effort is made. Notice all the wonderful qualities and characteristics about yourself and those around you. One week. You will never go back. And your whole life will be a glorious meditation.
—  Cheri Huber

They say to count your blessings
You are all I count,
Your every feature,
Your every quality,
All that makes you who you are,
All that you give me,
All of what you do for me,

The happiness you planted in my heart,
The smile you fixed on my face,
The puzzle pieces you put together,
The times you picked me up when I was down,
The unforgettable days you gave me,
The beautiful memories I will forever keep,

All the love that I needed,
All the care that I was missing,
Your precence makes my world better,
The new home you gave me, which are your arms,
Everytime you put me to bed,
Every beautiful flower you handed me,
Beautiful music that makes me feel closer to you, music that tells us the things we don’t know how to say to each other,
All the advice no one else gave me,
All the motivation I needed to become a better person,
The way you bring out the best in me,
The very best friend that I have ever had in my entire life span,
The greatest lover I have shared my life and my self with,
Knowing my heart is in good hands,

I love you for all of you, all that you do.
I am blessed in a million other ways, for having you.

Thank you God.

—  Ray.