Gratifly is creeping up on me, I cannot believe how distracted I have been. I look back fondly on the memories I made almost a year ago with these amazing people at the first Gratifly. I dove into a life-changing experience, having no clue what I was doing and honestly being confused about everything in my life. I cannot wait to revisit this festival with a more focused and open mind, eager to learn, in a few weeks<3

Camped in an RV park night before last,
Slept in a $20 mill house last night,
Camping at music festival grounds tonight.
Be humble for we are made of dirt, be noble for we are made of stars.
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Working with what you have

As I was preparing for Gratifly yesterday, painting my CD ornaments to hang in the woods of Avalon, I realized I was doing the work that I was meant to do. I painted those old CDs with love, using acrylic paints that I had basically received as gifts and donations from friends, rather than having bought the paints new. I often pour too much paint for what I need for a particular design, and then feel the need to use up every bit of that paint if I can so that it is not wasted. So ultimately my art is not created through something I envision from the get-go, but is merely a process of working with what I have. I think that is absolutely wonderful, because these days I am distressed by the waste we burn through. I will continue trying to discipline myself and inspire myself through what I feel is one of the biggest lessons we all need to learn right now, and one I know will resonate throughout Gratifly and other festivals like it: Work with what you have.

Gratifly family, I can wait to spend the weekend with you. If you see CD shaped art pieces spinning in the wind, know that they are for you!! <3

Tomorrow I am off to South Carolina to participate at Gratifly Music n Art Featival. I will be showing art, live painting a mural onstage, doing a slideshow speech, artist panel, etc. stoked to see some of you down there!! #gratiflyfestival