I will defend piracy till my dying breath, BUT ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME???

We haven’t had anything TS4 related since Get Together came out. NOTHING. Literally NOTHING. ABSOLUTELY FUCKING NOTHING. 

And then, some godsend, some beautiful creature from heavens cracks something. A few of the packs are missing, but SOMETHING! But it comes in a whole game package, you have to dl 11 GB all over again. 


You are a bunch of spoiled little brats. When faced with a choice of nothing and something, YOU STILL BITCH AND MOAN FOR IT TO BE ON SILVER PLATTER!

You’re getting it for free, AFTER 7 MONTHS! Take what you’re given. Fucksake, gratidute, EVER HEARD OF IT. 

When you get a present, do you complain about a wrapping too? When your daddy buys you a BMW, do you complain about the colour? 

Finally, those less fortunate of us can have the same fun as the rich ppl, and you complain about something so arbitrary! 

And here I am, actually happy to be given an opportunity to play my favourite game, silly me! Should start a riot because I’m not a fan of blue colour.

I’m lying, I fucking love Blue. Both Sargent and the colour.