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The Baudelaire’s refusal to be grateful for their unfortunate events seemed like such a good message for kids - so I made a thing.


Come Home - Theo Raeken

Summary ;; it’s been a very difficult past couple of months for y/n since theo was taken to hell by his sister, and liam notices, so, he goes against the pack just to make you happy once again.

Warnings ;; death (kind of), sadness, angst, s6 spoilers

Words ;; 1.7k

Published ;; 30th march ‘17


Stay safe + ily🍃

You still remember how it happened, clear as day. 

You remember running as fast as you possibly could down those dark tunnels; you remember your shoes slapping against the damp ground loudly as panicked breaths left your lips and tears stung your waterline, threatening to fall. You remember catching up with the rest of your so-called ‘pack’ as they all stood in a circle, determined looks etched into their faces. 

You remember being too late. 

You remember hearing Kira’s cold words. “The Skinwalkers have a message for you, Theo. Your sister wants to see you.“ 

You remember watching her wield her katana as you rushed past the others and stopped short in front of the angered kitsune. "No! Kira, please!” You remember shouting, your voice laced with desperation as Theo glanced your way, his eyes filled with unmistakable panic and fear. 

“(Y/N)…” The whispered words escaped past his lips as he attempted to take a few steps toward you, the girl he loved, but came to a hesitant halt when Liam and Scott bared their teeth and growled at him from directly behind your shaking body. 

You remember Scott grabbing you by the waist and pulling you back as you begged your friends not to do what you knew they were about to. The feeling of complete dread filled you when they continued to ignore your screams, the heavy tears rolling down your cheeks as you struggled to escape from the True Alpha’s grip. "Please! Don’t do this! Kira!“ You cried out, your heart pounding in your chest as alarm increasingly flared up inside of you. 

“It’s for the best, (Y/N),” Scott’s voice rang through your ears as he held your fighting body tightly against himself. 

“No! Please! I-I love him,” You rasped out, your cries dying down when you looked at your boyfriend. His wide eyes were glued to you, those three words had sprung the sudden feeling of regret for all he had done to put him in this final position onto him as it ran through his veins and he watched the tears fall from your beautiful eyes. If he hadn’t acted the way he did to the rest of the pack, he wouldn’t be about to lose you. But he couldn’t change that now, he reminded himself harshly.

You remember being too late. 

Kira’s sword had already come into contact with the ground by the time you finished your confession, a harsh glare in her glowing eyes. The wet, paved stones cracking and rumbling under your feet. You remember the floor caving in, Theo’s sister crawling her way up from under the rubble, your breath hitching in your throat as you watched her with wide, frozen eyes snatch his legs with her hands, yanking him to the cold, hard ground. 

“(Y/N)! Help me! Please!” His distraught voice echoed through your head and shook your body to the core. 

“Theo!” You remember the sobs that racked through your body and the way that your chest heaved heavily as you tried so hard to get past Scott’s hold on you, as you tried so hard to save the only person who’s ever really loved you. You remember hearing his pleas and watching as his grip on the edge of the ground slipped, and he fell into the epitome of his own hell.

“No!” You remember the scream that erupted from you, your vision blurred with tears and your chest tight with the pain and the loss. Scott let go of you and you immediately scrambled to the giant, gaping hole in the stone, gasping breaths leaving your parted lips hysterically.

You remember being too late. 

The ground swallowed him up just as quick and magically, it was whole again. No cracks, no rubble, no flaws. You remember feeling numb. Your wide eyes locked onto the ground as your knees gave way, leading you to land upon the cold concrete where the boy you loved had just been taken from you. 


You had decided to split away from the pack when the sun rose the very next day. There was a hole, a darkness, a void, in your chest where something was missing, from where Theo was missing… That darkness hadn’t been picked up by light, not even months down the line. It hadn’t changed. 

You hadn’t spoken to anyone; you had barely left the house. You rarely ate, your once glowing skin, now a sickly pale. Your parents were incredibly worried; they knew about the supernatural and the fact that your boyfriend was a creature of the night. 

They knew that he had betrayed the pack a few times but they had regularly seen you and him cuddled close together in your room, his fingers softly running through your hair, your head gently rested on his chest and his arm wrapped tightly around your body as you both gazed at the tv, a comfortable silence filling the room; they knew that he would never hurt you. They knew how much Theo meant to you and vice versa.

Now, everything felt wrong. 

You were convinced that none of the pack had noticed your absence at school, even though your leave was extremely abrupt. They all assumed that you were grieving and that you would need time and space to heal and so they left you alone. 

Liam noticed more than anyone, however. Ever since he moved to Beacon Hills, there had been no one who was more welcoming and supportive of him than you and he would never forget that. You two had been good friends all throughout his time in that county and he hated not being able to see you but still knowing how heartbroken you were over the pack’s rash decisions.

So, he decided to do something about it. Getting in touch with the Celestial kitsune, Noshiko Yukimura, had been easy. But, convincing her to come back to Beacon Hills for the sole purpose of her delivering Kira’s katana to them had been slightly more difficult but do-able after some pleads, nonetheless.

Back again, you thought begrudgingly. The underground tunnels seeming even darker and even damper than the last time you were here. The last time you were here.The last time you were here, you lost Theo. 

You folded your arms across your body, shivering as the cool breeze of the evening flowed throughout the maze of tunnels. All the bad memories resurfacing against your will as you stood opposite Liam and Hayden, in the exact area in which you saw your boyfriend get dragged down to his personal hell. 

“What are we doing here, Liam?” Your voice was small and quiet as you glanced around at your dank surroundings, tightening your grip on yourself as if you were attempting to comfort and shield yourself from the nightmares those tunnels bring.

Liam let out a steady huff of air, his eyes flickering to Hayden’s and then back to yours as he brought his hand out from behind his back. Your breath got caught in your throat and as you stared at the item he beheld. Kira’s sword. “W-what?” You stuttered out roughly, your heart hammering in your chest as you took a step closer to your friends. 

“Use it,” His demand was soft and kind as he reached his arm out towards you. You let out an inevitable breath of chilled air before reaching out with shaky hands, grasping the grip of the sword in your fingers.

You looked up at Liam with teary eyes before throwing your free arm around his torso and bringing him into a long overdue hug. His arms went around your shoulders and you muttered out a quiet and muffled but appreciative, “Thank you. Thank you so much.” You pulled away and gave a grateful nod of your head Hayden’s way as the two of you barely knew each other; she returned it with a small, happy, smile written on her lips.

You turned away from the two, sighing shakily as you readily positioned the sword above the ground. Not even hesitating once as you lifted the katana up before swinging it back down onto the concrete with as much strength as you could muster.

The ground did as it did before, cracking and rumbling, giving away to create the same wide and immense hole. The stone explodes as a clawed hand shoots up and into the air; a gasp tumbled from your lips as you watched Theo painfully slowly clamber his way out of the rubble and onto safe ground.

“T-Theo?” Your voice seemed to get lost in the cool wind when your glistening eyes connected with his vibrant and glowing, golden ones. Low growls emitted past his sharp canines until his eyes locked onto your frozen body, and his breath gets caught. The gold in his iris’ slowly fading out until the soft hazel colour that you fell in love with is restored. 

“(Y/N)…” He breathed out, his voice hoarse as he took a few steps towards you. Kira’s sword fell out of your grip and clattered onto the floor, the noise echoing and bouncing off the walls of the tunnels but you didn’t notice as your legs carry you as fast as they could back into his warm arms.

Tears that had been collecting on your waterline slowly made their trek down your rosy cheeks as his arms tightly wrap around your waist and his head settles in the crook of your neck. The sadness that had been sitting on your shoulders and weighing you down ever since he was taken away from you, dissipated into thin air and you couldn’t help but let out a sigh of relief because of it. 

Then, you felt his tears on the skin of your slightly exposed collar bone and heard the almost inaudible sound of his sniffles, so you hugged him tighter and ran your fingers through his messy, dark hair. “I-I love you too,” You could only just make out his hushed and muffled words through your elated cries of happiness but your heart swelled when they ring through your ears, like music.



Not my cleanest work :(

But it’s as close as it can be to what was stuck in my head since the trailers came out. Will redo these again when I can get my hands on my computer.

Big thanks to @unwinthehart who has kindly reminded me that its currently hard to find clean HQ screencaps of the trailers, and also a shout out to @vanhelsing7 (<- jhkasdkasdgh I remember you well from my 00Q manip days and I know we’ve never talked but thank you always for the reblogs and likes)  and @mannersmakeththekingsman for your kind reblogs.

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i have too many au ideas in my head, and i want them gone. SO I'LL GIVE THEM TO YOU! C: inukag modern au where kagome gets attacked one night and decides to take self defense classes, with out favorite hanyou inu being the instructor OR kagome rushing a dog she witnessed getting hit to the local vet/shelter only for inu to be the one working there and fighting because "maybe you shouldn't hit dogs" and kag has to defend that she didn't hit the dog but trying to save it. URGH take them away pls

I like the idea of them training together I am so so so always for that. I like the reverse too where she’s his trainer. 

I’m so weak to the pet shop stuff. IDK there’s something about my OTP being surrounded by puppies that really gets my squeal on. 

I wasn’t sure what to do with this ask. I am so grateful for the head canons so thank you for tolerating my this. 

pacific northwestern gothic:

  • you drive an eco-friendly car and you recycle, but you leave the lights on all night, just in case. 
  • you find yourself lost in an endless sea of coffee shops, unable to tell corners apart, trapped in a tightly woven web of independently owned shops next to smaller chains, kiosks in every open place they can be wedged. you lose time, lose sleep, and in your delirium, you fill another bunch card, redeem your free latte, and continue your fruitless search for a way out.
  • there’s a new starbucks down the street. there’s always a new starbucks down the street. 
  • no one’s ever heard of your favourite band, because they don’t exist. you could’ve sworn they did, you had all their records - real records, on vinyl, you’re a collector - just last week, but they’re gone now. you try telling a friend to look them up, but you find yourself unable to remember their name. 
  • on sunny days, you feel ill at ease. some things should not be seen in such clear light. your eyes are not adjusted to such brightness.
  • children on a field trip watch the salmon run, their flesh deteriorating from their living bodies as they beat themselves against rocks in a macabre last battle upstream to lay their eggs where they first hatched. the children watch for hours in the cold as the fish, some almost as big as they are, fight to reach their spawning grounds before their bodies fail and fall to pieces. on the bus ride home, they laugh as if they had seen nothing. 
  • your neighbours, your friends, even you, discuss proudly how progressive and open-minded you are, how different this place is from the rest of america - as they decline, we shake our heads, grateful to live in such a liberal utopia. here, things are greener. here, people are kinder. we don’t have dark secrets. you smile, because the state history curriculum doesn’t talk about the laws that stayed on book for far longer than we care to admit. you laugh, blissful in ignorance, or in avoidance, of the fact that we are no better, no brighter, than anywhere else. 
  • you’re tell yourself you’re a good person, who doesn’t judge on appearances. you applaud yourself for your open-mindedness. there must be another reason you feel so disquieted when someone who looks too different from you gets too close to you in public.
  • mount st. helens begins to smoke. something stirs at the bottom of crater lake. there’s a wailing sound coming from behind multnomah falls. 
  • a friend mentions that they’ve been hiking a lot lately, and you say you’d love to get out there more, it’s just hard to find the time. the truth is, you’ll never forget what you saw out there, in that deep part of the woods, at twilight, having long lost the trail. 
  • there’s a flavour you just can’t place in the newest limited edition holiday ale from your favourite microbrewery. you buy another six pack, and drink until you can’t taste it anymore.
  • you laugh at the religious, but some part of you wonders if it would be easier to sleep at night, believing something, anything, was looking out for you.
(35) Ignis’ pick-up lines.

Ignis: …
Ignis: Wow, Gladio. You look terribly hot from up here. ;)
Gladio: …
Gladio: Iggy, it’s not the appropiate moment. Now you two try to get down.

preference #1- how you met (marauders)

im actually kind of proud of this one :’)

James: The day you received your hogwarts letter was the day your life changed forever. You, being muggleborn, had never imagined yourself being a wizard. The only time you ever really heard of magic was when you read, which you did a lot. But now you were here, standing in front of the Hogwarts Express, nerves taking over you as your parents left after giving you a final goodbye. You climbed onto the train and tried to find an empty carriage and when you did you quickly put your luggage up, sat down with your book in your lap, and stared out the window until the train finally started moving out of the station. You were a little sad that you didn’t have friends or at least another person in the carriage that you could share the ride and experience with, but that feeling quickly dissolved when someone knocked on the carriage door. You turned your head quickly, startled by the sudden noise, to see a brunette boy, wearing glasses, returning your gaze. “Sorry to bother you, but do you mind if my friends and I sit in here? There weren’t any other carriages available.” You shook your head, grateful to at least have some company even if the four boys walking in might be noisy. You scooted over right against the window, and the brunette boy sat next to you, with his three friends across from the two of you. “I’m James, and this is Sirius, Remus, and Peter.” he said, gesturing to himself and the other three. “I’m (y/n), pleasure to meet you. Is this your first year as well?” They all nodded, muttering “yep”s and “mhm”s. “Would you like to hang out with us when we get there? You seem really pleasant to know.” said James, looking at you with a hopeful glint in his eyes. You smiled shyly, nodding your head. “I’d like that.”

Remus: You stood up from your seat in the Great Hall, grabbing your shoulder bag full of books and parchment for your homework. You left dinner early, knowing very well that it would take hours for you to finish the load of homework you were given. It was crazy the amount you and your classmates were given, considering it was only the second week of the school year. As you walked out, you could see many other students had the same idea as you, getting up and leaving to their common rooms or the library to do their homework so they could get some rest tonight. You walked to the library, luckily being one of the first people there and getting a seat, immediately taking out your parchment and getting to work. -4 hours later- Rubbing your eyes out of tiredness, you put your finished homework back into your bag after what felt like forever. It was almost 10 pm, which seemed late, but you knew you were lucky as there were still many students packed in the library not even close to finishing their work. You walked down the halls to your common room, your head and sight cloudy from being so exhausted. Your walk clearly showed that you probably fall asleep standing if you really wanted to, that or it looked like you were failing at a straight line test. You turned a corner as you yawned, shutting your eyes and enjoying your peaceful yawn, until it was sadly interrupted when your body crashed into a much larger and muscular one. Your bag fell on the ground, your parchment scattering everywhere, and you were about to join its place on the ground when suddenly two muscular arms wrapped around your waist, pulling you up onto your two feet. “Woah, woah, woah! I’m sorry, love, are you alright?” Your eyes darted up to meet two beautiful green ones, returning your gaze, and suddenly you felt wide awake. “Y-yes, thank you. I’m sorry, that was my fault. I’ve just come back from the library an-” “Don’t worry about it love, let me help you with those.” He interrupted as he bent down to help you pick up your parchment. You felt your face heat up at the nickname he has apparently given you. He handed you half of the papers and you put them all together and quickly stuffed them back into your bag. The two of you stood up and he quickly met your gaze again, smiling. “I’m Remus.” he said, stretching out his hand to you. You shook it, returning the smile and replying, “(Y/n). Pleasure to meet you.”

Sirius: You frantically ran down the halls toward the quidditch pitch, where the try-outs were being held. You were going to be late which made you feel like you had no chance and that all the practice and lessons you had taken over the summer had been for nothing. You had always been interested in quidditch, although you were never really good at it, so you told your parents about your interest and they signed you up for lessons so you could make the school team and see how it went. You’d have to admit, you weren’t half as bad by the end of the summer and you thought you had a pretty strong chance of making the school team, but hopefully those chances wouldn’t be ruined by your timing. Rushing into the girl’s locker room, you changed, and made it out to the pitch with 2 minutes left to spare. You spent those minutes stretching and warming up on your broom, flying laps around the pitch. You had noticed some people in the stands watching and tried not to let your nerves get the best of you, thinking you might mess up or something stupid. The house captain blew his whistle, and you all huddled up to listen to him. They basically told you how they were very happy with the outcome of people and assigned you all positions, before starting a practice match to see how you all could actually play. You tried your best, flying swiftly around the field and feeling confident in your abilities. You made several points, making the people in the stands clap for you each time, and by the end of the match you were almost certain you would make the team. Your guess was right, and your captain had called your name first on the list. You left the pitch with a bright smile, and heard someone call you from behind. “Hey, you! Wait up!” You turned around to see a boy around your age, handsome may I add, jogging towards you. He caught up to you and smiled, his eyes locked on yours. “You were really great out there, amazing really.” You smiled even bigger and stretched a hand towards him, “Thank you, it really means a lot. I’m (Y/n).” He shook your hand, “I’m Sirius, and may I say your eyes are absolutely stunning. I’d enjoy looking at them again, how about this weekend at Hogsmead?” You blushed, looking down. “I’d love that.” He smiled wide, satisfied with your answer. “See you this weekend, (Y/n).”


Character(s): S.Coups (Choi Seungcheol)

Genre: Fluff!! Soulmate AU!!!!

Word Count: 1,866

Summary: Lapsing - When you first meet your soulmate you two enter a lapse, a lapse is when a day repeats over and over again until you meet a specific requirement “make a connection” if its getting their number or asking them out to coffee just make a connection. Only you two will realize its happening. (x)

Request: great! i was wondering if you could do a soulmate s coups scenario? or something just really fluffy with coups hes so cute. either way thank uuu <3 - @kookiexdae​ (Thank you for requesting!!! <3)

A/N: I have no idea about the dorm situations, so I’m sorry for my inaccuracies! 

Originally posted by fandoms-blog

Transferring dorm rooms in the middle of the year would be easy they said, it’ll be super fun and easy to adapt to they said. Lies. All of those reassurances were lies you concluded. Despite being in the Pledis Entertainment building for nearly half a year, you still could not find your new dorm area. You sighed. Trainee life wasn’t hard in only the actual showbiz and practice. You were the leader of a new “group” too! How could you let this happen?

“Have I been down this hall before?” You asked yourself. Something about it seemed vaguely familiar. Or maybe it looked like every other hallway you found yourself in. Groaning for the hundredth time, you turned around and headed to a new direction.

You passed by a couple of windows. Shoot. It’s already dark out. You hoped that the rest of your group had already found the dorms and were already sleeping. You also wished that at least one of them would be out looking for you. Why did you have to go out on a food run by yourself this time round? Another person passed by, smiling to you in acknowledgment. He had some fluffy looking hair and bright eyes that accented his smile. You smiled and nodded back, the two of you going on your merry, or your not-so-merry, ways.

“There you are! We got worried,” a voice spoke out. You looked towards an open door, spotting the heads of three of your members poking out. You sighed with relief and rushed towards them. “You forgot your phone so you couldn’t get the directions to the new dorms, huh?” A sheepish nod and a shuffle later, you found yourself inside.

“For someone who graduated high school, you don’t seem to be too responsible with your basic belongings.” You laughed.

“For someone who’s still in high school, you don’t seem to be too responsible about maintaining those grades.” The member, the youngest of the group, flushed slightly.

“Hey! It’s just that you haven’t been around to tutor me often so I get really confused about this stuff…” You ruffled their hair and told them that you’d help out later. You were exhausted and wanted to get to bed.

You felt a hand on your shoulder, stopping you from beginning to unload the groceries. “I can take over from here. Get to bed, I took a nap anyways.” With a grateful nod, you head off to bed. It only takes a couple of seconds for you to fall asleep.

When you wake up, you’re being shaken. Your blurry vision cleared slightly, and you saw some elderly woman nudging your shoulder. She said, “I think this is your stop.” Outside was the shopping center. You looked back at her with a confused expression. “Aren’t you shopping for groceries?”

You finally realized you were holding onto a paper with lots of food items scrawled onto it. Didn’t you just go shopping the day before? Maybe you were too exhausted from practice that you dreamt you did. You gave her a nod of the head. “Right, thank you!” You jump off of the bus after paying. She looked familiar.

Shopping was a breeze, but you had the feeling of déjà vu when you saw a little child whine over not getting red apples instead of green ones. With enough food to last a week or two for the band, you started to head back. A bus ride and a 15-minute walk later, you found yourself at the Pledis building. You looked up at it, smiling. It’d become your new home almost. The sun and red sky reflected on the windows. It was going to get dark soon.

You walked into the building with multiple plastic bags on hand. All that dancing made your hands pretty strong. Multiple trips were for losers anyways you decided. Or something told you that if you left some of the bags out, one of them would have been stolen.

“Right, the new directions to the place were-” You stopped short. Cringing, you stomped forward. “They were on the phone that I left back with the kids… great.”

Now it was time to test your memory and instinct. You passed through multiple halls, and they seemed even familiar than before. You sighed heavily.

Transferring dorm rooms in the middle of the year would be easy they said, it’ll be super fun and easy to adapt to they said. Lies. All of those… wait a second. Haven’t you been here before?

“Haven’t I been down this hall before?” You turned around, quickly walking over to the windows. It was dark. “Strange.”

You heard footsteps down the hall. It was that guy again, the one with the bright eyes. He smiled at you in passing, to which you smiled back and then went to the door you apparently knew was the new dorm. It was from the hall that guy just came from, so you assumed he lived in the dorms there too. You stopped in front of the door just in time for three heads to poke out and then pop back in once they came into contact with your body.

“Didn’t expect you to actually find this place. You left-”

“My phone, yeah. I’m tired, this day has been weird.” You walked in, placing the bags in the kitchen area and then rubbing your eyes.

“You know what’s weird is that a high school grad-”

“-graduate doesn’t seem to be responsible over basic belongings? Don’t worry, as a high school kid you don’t seem to be too responsible over keeping your grades up.” The youngest stared at you for a second.

The other two members laughed. “That’s the leader for you. Get to bed, you have school tomorrow. I’ll take over from here, get to bed too. I took a nap anyways.” You nodded. Trudging to your bed, you huffed and closed your eyes. The sleep that took over you almost seemed to forcefully suck you in.

You woke with a start. You looked to the side and saw a somewhat startled elderly lady, her hand hovering over your shoulder. “I guess you’re a light sleeper? It’s your stop.” You rubbed your eyes and tried to suppress a deep groan, trying not to seem rude. Mumbling a thanks, you planned to get shopping done and over with as quickly as possible. Waiting in those lines for perhaps a third time would be excruciating. You even told a mother that the skin of the green apples were a little too soft, so the red apples would be better suited.

You made it to the Pledis building. It was going to get dark soon and you had to get these bags to the kitchen. Somehow you made a beeline for the dorms. You weren’t exactly too surprised by now. You almost made it to the hall when you heard footsteps. Must be that guy again. And it was, he flashed you another brilliant smile.

“Shopping again?” You quirked a brow. He stopped walking, and so did you. “I’ve seen you carrying the same amount of bags the last couple of times. It looks like a lot of food for you to have to be shopping every day.”

“You’ve… noticed?” He nods, seemingly relieved. For some reason the calmer expression made you feel calm as well, almost glad.

“Yeah. I thought I was the only one seemingly repeating this day over and over again. I’ve had to deliver the same instructions to my members so many times today. But hey! At least I was able to be there and prevent one of them from kicking a hole in the wall.”

You laughed. It was a sound that made the boy feel fuzzy inside and the heat rise into his cheeks. “I’m so glad. I basically had to shop and wait in so many lines so many times. And deliver the same comeback at least twice now.” It’s his turn to laugh. This sound made you feel butterflies erupt in your stomach and a strange urge to hug him tightly.

He stopped laughing and allowed a smile to rest on his face. He motioned to the bags. “Need some help carrying those in?”

“If it’s not too much of a bother.” He chuckled and easily took the majority of the bags from you, leaving only one in each of your hands. The soft feel of his hands on your felt amazing during those few seconds.

“Please, I insist. I’m supposed to be grabbing all of the members drink from the vending machine. There’s thirteen of us total, I’d much rather do this than have to lug an armful of cans over to the dorms again.” He gestured for you to open the door. You walk in just in time for three members to start walking to the door.

“You’re back! We thought you got lost! Since you lost your phone.” You smiled, leading your new companion into the kitchen to set all of the bags down. You couldn’t help but stare when you saw those arm muscles flexing in his t-shirt.

“You know… for someone who-”

“Save it, I heard it twice now. I don’t want to have to embarrass you in front of our guest.” The youngest pouted, mumbling under their breath about you having no actual comeback and didn’t want yourself to be embarrassed.

“Who’s this?” You looked over at the man, who moved some hair out of his eyes and used the same hand to wave.

“I’m Seungcheol, or S.Coups, from SEVENTEEN. Pleased to meet you.”

“Ah, so you’re our seniors then!” You grinned. It felt so right when he grinned in return.

“Trainees?” You all nod. “It must be rough having to move dorm rooms from across the building. Sorry, that’s our practice room that your previous dorm is being turned into. It’s a lot closer to the music studios, they saw it fit since one of our members composes our songs.”

“That’s cool! Wait, weren’t you supposed to be getting drinks for your members?” Seungcheol’s eyes widened some.

“That’s right! They’ll get suspicious. Sorry, I have to go!” The four of you waved. Seungcheol backed up quickly, however. He turned to you, cheeks slightly pink. “Would you mind it if I gave you my number?”

You adverted your eyes and felt your own cheeks growing a pink hue as well. It certainly did not help when the other members started to make some suggestive gestures with their eyebrows. “Sure.” You both managed to exchange phone numbers quickly, as your phone was lying out on the counter. He put his number in and left with a goodbye, even going as far as to give you a cheeky wink.

In your contacts a new name was put in with a string of heart emojis attached to it. You laughed at how silly it looked and went to bed when the others told you that they would handle the groceries.

You woke up, but in your bed. A text message roused you from your sleep this time. It was from Seungcheol, and it read: ‘When can we meet up again?’