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We've had a ton of fake stories over the years, why have we made this such a big deal? I mean it's awful and disgusting but...ok?! We've talked about this way more than we should have.

i mean… many fake stories have pushed gross ideas such as harry hooking up with someone who was underage, harry including someone’s rare name in a song without bothering to warn them so the 1d fanbase can track her down within hours, the girl’s dad hearing a song about her on the today show unexpectedly when most people interpret the line “she feels so good” sexually, and so on and so forth. like ????? people bitched for ages about the harry and caroline flack thing (we STILL bitch about it) because while it was fake, it was uniquely nasty, so of course people are also gonna bitch about the ridiculous story behind carolina because 1) it started off being gross and 2) it’s changed like five times. sorry, but i’m not gonna normalize the underage bullshit that this story started with or any of the other gross stuff associated with it by being like ‘ohhhh whatever, they lie, let’s all move on.” nope. sorry, not happening.

Love lives in me and flows through me. I am devine LOVE.
I am responsible for my own happiness and I choose happiness. I am my JOY, I am PEACE.
I forgive all who have caused me pain, and I forgive myself for allowing them to hurt me. I am FORGIVENESS.
I speak and think positively about myself and others. Light and Love shine through me. I am COMPASSION.
I only allow those into my inner circle who have earned my trust. I surround myself with people who bring out the best in me.
I feel my pain and sadness. I am OK with my emotions, and I embrace them. I choose to make my healing replenishing and restorative.
I am balanced, complete and harmonized. I am FREE.
I am grateful for every growth opportunity placed in my path. I choose to accept my journey with confidence and love making it fun and easy. I am my HIGHEST SELF.
I love my body and all that it does for me. My body is strong and I am GRATEFUL for the connection between my body and mind.
I am.

100 Things to Be Grateful For (2)

1. I am grateful for my meals today.
2. I am grateful for new beginnings.
3. I am grateful for different perspectives.
4. I am grateful for helpful information.
5. I am grateful for entrepreneurs.
6. I am grateful for a good nights sleep.
7. I am grateful for fun travel experiences.
8. I am grateful for positive comminities.
9. I am grateful for empowering friends.
10. I am grateful for fair treatment.
11. I am grateful for promoters of peace.
12. I am grateful for thought provocation.
13. I am grateful for healthcare.
14. I am grateful for fruits & vegetables.
15. I am grateful for clean drinking water.
16. I am grateful for safe neighborhoods.
17. I am grateful for sports.
18. I am grateful for creativity.
19. I am grateful for lessons learned.
20. I am grateful for cleanliness.
21. I am grateful for honor.
22. I am grateful for artistry.
23. I am grateful for great mentors.
24. I am grateful for trust.
25. I am grateful for loyalty.
26. I am grateful for healthy abundance.
27. I am grateful for beauty.
28. I am grateful for good hygiene.
29. I am grateful for respect.
30. I am grateful for empathy.
31. I am grateful for intuition.
32. I am grateful for gifts.
33. I am grateful for money.
34. I am grateful for clarity.
35. I am grateful for air conditioners.
36. I am grateful for heaters.
37. I am grateful for new ideas.
38. I am grateful for humility.
39. I am grateful for morals.
40. I am grateful for compassion.
41. I am grateful for tools.
42. I am grateful for solutions.
43. I am grateful for eyesight.
44. I am grateful for sense of touch.
45. I am grateful for sense of smell.
46. I am grateful for hearing.
47. I am grateful for sense of taste.
48. I am grateful for comfortable seats.
49. I am grateful for comfortable beds.
50. I am grateful for awesome weather.
51. I am grateful for mobility.
52. I am grateful for uplifters.
53. I am grateful for craftsmanship.
54. I am grateful for passion.
55. I am grateful for emotion.
56. I am grateful for colors.
57. I am grateful for all four seasons.
58. I am grateful for prosperity.
59. I am grateful for birthday parties.
60. I am grateful for dancing.
61. I am grateful for self-expression.
62. I am grateful for common interests.
63. I am grateful for Mothers.
64. I am grateful for chocolate.
65. I am grateful for extended family.
66. I am grateful for childhood memories.
67. I am grateful for amusement parks.
68. I am grateful for majestic views.
69. I am grateful for miracles.
70. I am grateful for blessings.
71. I am grateful for existence.
72. I am grateful for great knowledge.
73. I am grateful for unexpected help.
74. I am grateful for lemonade.
75. I am grateful for restaurants.
76. I am grateful for farmers.
77. I am grateful for business.
78. I am grateful for bartering.
79. I am grateful for skills.
80. I am grateful for value creators.
81. I am grateful for good vibes.
82. I am grateful for variety.
83. I am grateful for good rapport.
84. I am grateful for intimacy.
85. I am grateful for great connection.
86. I am grateful for architecture.
87. I am grateful for skill mastery.
88. I am grateful for miraculous recoveries.
89. I am grateful for boxed water.
90. I am grateful for compensation.
91. I am grateful for high self-worth.
92. I am grateful for fresh air.
93. I am grateful for air freshners.
94. I am grateful for volunteers.
95. I am grateful for worthwhile causes.
96. I am grateful for civil rights.
97. I am grateful for goodness.
98. I am grateful for new opportunities.
99. I am grateful for unconditional love.
100. I am grateful for great hugs.

So, I actually went into the Tony’s kind of blind this year. 

I knew a little bit about The Great Comet and Dear Evan Hansen because those are the two big shows that everyone was talking about. I was expecting to be blown away by The Great Comet, and I was… but it didn’t leave me itching to listen to the full cast album. 

Honestly, the show that stole my heart and made me pine to get back to Broadway was Come From Away. 

I knew nothing about that show before last night. 

I had never even heard that story before, and I honestly can’t BELIEVE that I didn’t know about it.

That performance left me so touched and emotional and so grateful for the kindness, compassion, and humanity in others. 

You don’t see a lot of stories about 9/11. People have certainly tried but have typically come up short, and the bad critical reception has almost made it this untouchable event that is forbidden from being talked about as anything other than political fodder. 

It’s so refreshing to see someone finally get it right. I listened to the whole cast album last night and what Irene Sankoff and David Hein were able to do so perfectly was put the world around you back to exactly where it was that morning. 

They wrote a show about 9/11 free from the political shitstorm that came in the weeks following, free from the anger and rage that came in the years following, free from cheap sentimentality and exploitation. 

They truly captured that feeling that I think everyone who lived through that day remembers very clearly - that strange and indescribable feeling of being more frightened than you’d ever been in your life and at the same time knowing that you would be perfectly safe to embrace the stranger sitting across from you as if they were one of your dearest loved ones. 

I’d like to thank them for that. But, more importantly, I want to thank the people of Newfoundland for their selflessness, generosity, and compassion.It’s long overdue - and rest assured that the next time someone around my table tries to use 9/11 as a political bludgeon I will be changing the topic to the story of your beautiful island. 

I found the surgeon who fixed my unilateral cleft lip when I was a baby, on twitter. He did an amazing job and I cannot thank this man enough for the amazing job he did for me. I read up on him and found him to be a top class plastic surgeon in the UK and in recent years he also went out to India to fix the clefts of children who live in poverty, as their parents simply cannot afford the hospital bills to get it fixed.
I think this person is amazing & is clearly so compassionate about the work he does. Well done to that human for giving me the opportunity to grow up with a smile to be proud of!

I want more fics about Saavik on Romulus, both as a child and when Spock goes there to start his reunification efforts. Her proposed backstory is so sad, but it makes her relationship with Spock by the time we meet her in Wrath of Khan so much more powerful because of it. His family saved her from complete hell, and she’s forever grateful for the love and compassion they showed her. 

They’re by no means a “conventional” Vulcan family, but their love helped Saavik heal at a time when she needed it most. She may still struggle with being ashamed of her emotions (due to spending a good portion of her life on Vulcan), but Spock proved to her that there’s more than one way to “be a Vulcan,” and breaking those barriers of expectations so that Vulcans can coexist with other species is what allows Saavik to eventually find her place in the universe. 

Also, if we are to assume that the intended half Romulan story arc that got cut from the canon content still remains true, it would only make sense for her to aid Spock in reunifying Vulcans and Romulans when the time comes. 


i am grateful for my friends;
that things turned out entirely differently from what i expected at age 15 about who would be in my life forever.


they are more than i ever could have asked for;
more than i thought i deserved, miraculous in their quality, marvelous in unquantifiable ways.

—  friendship, 176/365 (e.f.a.)
5 Things To Do When God Feels Far Away

At some point in our lives, we have experienced feeling that God is far away. And as I am writing this, I am in one of those moments. Recently, God opened my eyes as to how I’ve been living my life in sin. I’ve been caught up in a bad habit and He convicted me of my prideful heart. I was devastated to vividly see the state that I was in. I humbly asked for forgiveness and I just sat there broken at His feet. Still, I am grateful for His compassion. “…the Lord disciplines those He loves…” Hebrews 12:6

I would like to share with you 5 tips on what to do when God feels distant.

1. Don’t rely on your emotions.

It’s so easy to let ourselves get caught up in what we feel, but the Bible says, “The heart is deceitful above all things and beyond cure. Who can understand it?” Jeremiah 17:9  We can’t trust our emotions. Our emotions don’t always tell the truth but God’s Word does.

2. Identify WHY.

Identify what’s keeping you far away from God. Identify why God feels far away. Are there any barriers between you relationship? Are there distractions? Have you sinned? Is there a sin you have not confessed and repented for?

Remember that sin separates us from God. (Isaiah 59:2) But there is hope because “if we confess our sins, he is faithful and just and will forgive us our sins and purify us from all unrighteousness.” 1 John 1:9

3. Believe that this is an opportunity for intimacy with God.

I admit that being in this state of “feeling God is far away” is really heartbreaking. I have cried almost every night praying and asking God to make His presence known to me. And honestly, it is in these moments that I become vulnerable and realize that God is the truest desire of my soul and that He is all I need. These lonely times can be an opportunity for us to cling to Him, to run to Him, even when He seems so far away; trusting that He is there.

4. Seek Him daily/consistently.

I would like to suggest that you would set a time in which you can have your moment of prayer, Bible reading and worship. A precious moment to spend some alone time with God. And stick to it. Even if your emotions tell you otherwise. If we give up, spending time with God because we can’t feel Him, we might drift farther away. Talk to Him every minute of the day. Talk to Him about anything. Just talk to Him. Maintain that connection.

5. Hold on to His promises.

God has promised that He will never leave us nor forsake us. (Hebrews 13:5) And that He is with us even unto the end of the age. (Matthew 28:20) And keeping in mind that nothing can ever separate us from His love. (Romans 8:37-39)

When I was a little girl, I once read a quote that stuck to me. I never remembered who wrote it but it goes something like this. “We are like fish submerged in water. There is never a moment that God is not with us.”

Hang in there, dear friend. Your breakthrough is coming. God will reveal Himself to you. Even in these moments that you can’t feel Him, He is there. He is there. Believe it.

Sometimes it’s so easy to focus on all the “bad” people in this world, and to say, “I hate people” and complain about others, but can we just take a moment to appreciate people? People who make you so grateful to be alive at the same time as them, people who encourage you, who tell you to go after your dreams, that your dreams are possible, people who believe in you so much that you start to believe in yourself too, people who remind you that you are more than “enough”, people who make you feel as if your life is worth living, who make you feel as if you matter, who love you unconditionally, who remind you that love isn’t the same as a broken heart, that love doesn’t tear you apart, it makes you whole. People who are so kind to you even though you don’t even know them or you just met, people who haven’t let the world put out the fire in their soul, who help others out of dark times and help them shine again. People who aren’t afraid of being vulnerable and still smile at strangers. Who are by your side no matter what, who genuinely care about you, who wish the best for you. People who help bring out a different side to you, who show you a whole world you didn’t even know existed, who make you feel alive. There are so many people in this world that make life worth living. I love people so much.

Title: First Born

Pairings: Ratchet/Predaking, hints of Ratchet/Optimus

Summery: Ratchet is the first Cybertronian to give birth on revived Cybertron,

AN: For gokuma, she put ideas in my head all because of this X

hope this makes you feel a little better sweetie! :huggles:

can be viewed as part of the Predaking/Ratchet fics I’ve previously done



Ratchet couldn’t believe what he was seeing… He sat there, exhausted and shocked to his very core… After an emotionally draining, rough and complicated carriage, plus the agony of berthing such an uncommonly large sparkling… he though the worsted was behind him… But now Ratchet was faced with an utterly unnerving sight…. 

The large mechling in his arms was beautiful, there was no mistake of that. He was shiny and new and thank Primus healthy. It was clear to all gathered who his sire was. The new born spark had very tell-tail beastly traits. He bore small folded wings, spiny plating and sharp little claws. He was a deep Midnight blue with brilliant vivid red highlights and silver faceplate. But there was something about him that was unsettling the old medic… something that made his Energon run cold…

The Sparklings face… his EM field… his very spark… they all felt far, far to familiar… painfully so… a signature he had loved so dearly… that he had etched into his memory and his own spark… he’d recognize it anywhere and it scared him… terrified him… His mind and spark must be playing tricks on him… It couldn’t be true… it wasn’t possible… yet… here he was…and if he closed his eye’s… it was as if…

“Mate? What is wrong?” Came the rich concerned voice of his partner, the Dragonformer and The leader of the Predacons. The hulking mech knelt beside his small white mate, his immense servos resting against his quaking bonded frame. “My love ,your shaking…”

“He’s… He’s…” Ratchet looked up at the Predacon, his blue optics wide and cycling in panic, he couldn’t find the right words… his spark and mind were a jumble of joy and sorrow, of confusion and fear. He didn’t know what to feel or say, he felt everything and Numb all at once… his spark was fit to burst… his optics stinging as they flared with charged energy. He couldn’t explain how or why he though as he did and he was afraid of what the big powerful mech would say if he voiced all his apparent chaotic crazy thoughts… yet his mind refused to believe otherwise…

Predaking appeared to think for a moment before he looked down at the little one in his lover arms. His bright yellow optics were warm and soft as he gently running his claws over his sparkling midnight blue helm with fatherly tenderness. The bitlets big unusual Green optics focused on the Predacon and he cooed and whistled happily at his sire. The black and Orange mech gave the doctor a knowing smile.

“Is it not said that sparks do not die? That we all return to be reborn to anew… It is fitting that ‘he’ should be the first to return,” The Predacon said softly, optics full of wisdom beyond his short lived life. “Do not fear my love, for I am honoured that he has come to us… chosen us to be his protectors… we shall love him and care for him… give him a good life… the life he wanted for all… the one he should have had…”

Ratchet bust into frame racking sobs and he held the mechling impossibly close, the emotional flood gates opening wide. He didn’t think he could love the Dragonformer any more then at this moment, he was eternally grateful for his mates compassion and understanding. Relieved that he wasn’t crazy… Predaking saw and felt it too… knew who he held in his arms… and he accepted it… welcomed it… The doctor was lost for words… he would never be able to thank the mech enough for his care or tenderness.

The Predacon scooped up his new family unit, wrapping the medic up in his own warm embrace, He stoked his bonded plating in reassurance as he rumbled and purred soothingly. Nothing but utter pride and love for his mate and child could be seen on his face. He simply held his family protectively as his mate let his bottled emotions go…

“Precious little one.” Ratchet managed to get out through his sniffles and tears. He held the sparkling to his chest while he lent against his bigger lover, taking comfort in both the familiar pulses of the sparks that surrounded him. Of old and new love. He felt Predaking hold him tight, taking the doctors servo in his own clawed one. Ratchets head felt dizzy with joy as he kissed and nuzzled the little one in his arms. “Welcome home… Orion.”