grassroots brewing

so, the other night, at the beer dinner, i got into a bidding war over this beer, for the silent auction to benefit the smilow cancer center. i lost.

my boss came into work tonight & handed me a bottle. he said “here. this is the one you were about to drop 80 bucks on, right? enjoy.”

seriously. the world’s best boss.


On the Wednesday night before Thanksgiving, I had a few friends over before heading into Newburyport.  A friend brought up so brews from DC and I broke open some treats I had in the fridge.  Solid drinking was had by all!  Some of the beer we enjoyed were:

Neshaminny Creek Punkel Dunkel - great label, great beer!

New Belgium French Aramis IPA - brought this back from ATL; floral and earthy; really good!

Grassroots Brewing Arctic Saison - collaboration between Hill Farmstead and Anchorage Brewing; good.

Night Shift Mainer Weisse - sweet and sour; the blueberry wasn’t as present as I’d thought it would be; good.

DC Brau The Citizen Belgian Style Pale - drank it out of the can; solid brew.


Michelle Alexander: Locked Out of the American Dream

After civil rights lawyer Michelle Alexander published her book The New Jim Crow in 2010 on our dehumanizing system of incarceration, she ignited a national conversation about justice in America and sparked a movement. In her book, Alexander explores how the war on drugs, “get-tough” sentencing policies and racism has created a caste system similar to that of our segregationist past.

Since then, Alexander has traveled the country to meet advocates and everyday Americans working to end mass incarceration in America — home to 25 percent of the world’s prisoners, despite representing only five percent of the world’s population.

She tells Bill that she has seen a grassroots movement brewing in communities across the country, “There are enormous victories that are being achieved precisely because the people whom we have written off and viewed as disposable are reclaiming their voice, standing up, speaking out, organizing even as they struggle to survive.”