grasshopper your skirt is just lovely

i-willcreateyou  asked:

Holy cow, you've stayed alive for a solid 19 years!!! That's impressive! Also ur an beautiful human for doing these hcs and I hope you live for like another 2000 years I'm a real hag for tom, 5'9", 18.5 yrs, Aussie, Bio nerd, and prob part grasshopper cos my legs make up like 75% of my body. I got short curly (dyed green) masculine hair and blue eyes. I'm also agender w/masc leanings-binder, no skirts etc. I kind of dress like a twink 😂 Also I got u a band to serenade you! 🎶🎷🐓🎤🐖🎸🐑🎶

thanks love!!! honestly neither can i :’)

  • and also that youre (probably) taller than him
    • he just loves you so much ????
    • and hair
    • so just you in general, bc you seem pretty freakin amazing
    • tom loves the way you dress ofc
    • you guys would trade tops and clothes all the time
    • its like having one huge ass closet
    • tom ofc would support you no matter what bc he loves and adores you so much