grass type starter

Shiny alternative 

I am playing the game at the moment and i am loving how unique this one is. its so much fun and its a super nice change to the usual recipe of the pokemon games.

I personally chose popplio as my pokemon starter. His name is capella.

SUNMOON POKEDDEX CHALLENGE DAY 24 - Favourite Starter: Rowlet line

The Alola starters were a nice bunch all in all, but my heart was sold to the owls long before I even saw the evolutions. I really like the typing and the concept. Dartrix is definitely my favourite of the line, Decidueye was a bit underwhelming in terms of design and battle qualities (Primarina wins the place for the best last stage) but overall this family is just great.

Nothing very surprising in terms of interpretation! Just some barn owl and pueo owl here. The way I figured the “leaf” parts is the most surprising one, if you can say that. Instead of being leaves that just grow on the Pokemon’s bodies they’d be just feathers but with a different cellular structure so they can do photosynthesis. There’s this one bird that has iron in its wings, giving them either a bright red or alternatively a greenish colour, which is really cool. I think the Rowlet family could have either smaller plant growths or chlorophyll on the feathers, instead of them being separate plants. Whichever works better!

In-Progress Kanto Starters!

Which one is your favorite?

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