grass type starter

Shiny alternative 

I am playing the game at the moment and i am loving how unique this one is. its so much fun and its a super nice change to the usual recipe of the pokemon games.

I personally chose popplio as my pokemon starter. His name is capella.

I thought it might be fun to make some Fakémon, but as it turns out, IT’S REALLY HARD. There’s so much research to do to find out about animals and stuff that could be Pokémon. But anyways, I’m really satisfied with the ones I’ve come up so far, so have the first starter Pokémon of the Orama Region, Arburr!

#001- ARBURR



0.6m / 8 kg

“In order to survive in the desert, this Pokémon can store water on its body. Its thorns are usually soft, but they become very sharp whenever Arburr feels threatened, as a defense mechanism. It’s very popular between Trainers due to its appearance. However, as it’s still very young, it can’t properly control its thorns, so it might hurt its Trainer in an attempt to give them hugs.