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Took a break from comics to draw my favorite ladies!! I’m not in love with how this turned out, but they can’t all be winners!

I do like how their outfits came out though. I may do more with those sometime.


Venus Flytrap - This small variant has an extremely slow metabolism, and can often be found lounging around in the sun, waiting for a Ledian or Sewaddle to make an extremely poor meal choice.  They can also be found in their owners’ gardens, being lavished with affection.

Succulent - Valued as a drought-tolerant grass Pokemon, this rugged and often bad-tempered subspecies is difficult to tame, but a fantastic companion in battle if one can actually bond with it.

Snapdragon (Elder) - As Venusaurs age, the plants on their backs wither and die.  Shortly after the plant wilts, the Venusaur will follow, but before this happens, they spend some time carrying around a browned seedpod which, once fallen, will help perpetuate the species.  No variant has a more striking seedpod than the snapdragon, whose husk looks somewhat like a skull.

Lily of the Valley - This variant was selectively bred as a contest standard, but its battle capabilities have suffered for it.  Between their delicacy and their weakened poison, they lack the edge of their counterparts.

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When Kara had first met the Danvers, sleep had been difficult.

The mattress beneath her body was nothing like Krypton or even the space within her pod. Kryptonian technology allowed for the material to mask and mold like a second skin. It calculated the appropriate pressures and necessary points the body needed to find comfort. Earth’s mattress were solid, unmoving, and Kara found more comfort and give on the living room floor or the green grass outside.

On most nights, it wasn’t uncommon for the Danvers to find Kara curled up outside, back pressed to the porch or sprawled between the couch and coffee table, staring up at the roof in longing.

The Danvers had made numerous attempts to help Kara transition to the new feel - adding extra blankets, creating mountains of pillows - but nothing felt the same and each night, shroud in darkness, Kara sought the closest comforts to Krypton.

Two months on Earth, Kara discovered Alex’s arms were greater than any grass, rug, blanket or pillow.

Fourteen years later, as Kara allowed Alex to lead her through her own living room - stripping her of the crest of El, of the burden of the blue cloth and red cape - Kara realised Krypton had never felt like this.

Under her sheets, Alex’s arms wound about her waist and the warmth of her body seeping through Kara’s skin like sunlight to her cells, Kara felt a level of safety that compared to none. Not in the arms of her mother or the comforts of her Krypton bed.


Marigolds in The Grass Rag Rug by Rose Beerhorst on Flickr.

I think I am loving these hand dyed throws more than anything other, it’s so awfully hard to explain it, but there’s something so magical about being able to take something made with nothing but love on all your adventures. Something that was made with no cruelty or harm, to humans or animals alike, it brings a sense of wonder with you always. I love mine, and I find I’m wrapped up within it all the time, an adventurous tie dye Cape of fun, that I can snuggle upon whenever I need to take a rest. It’s also the best for creating lots of groovy crystal patterns on, and I can’t seem to drag myself away from creating new ones each and every day. Channeling that beautiful gemstone energy, day in, day out.

I hate not having my carpet 😩😫 we have had to take EVERYTHING away until TJ is toilet trained…. well, just trained in general! He thinks the fluffy rugs are grass haha…. not cool 😂 he’s getting SO much better now ☺️😊 I think we’ll wait another month! ✅ Off to the gym now then to the basketball tonight 💪😍 can’t wait!!

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