grass finished

i dont sleep i join lol xD…. cant wait to start squares *.* 

i want to take a photo outside on grass once i finish the whole blanket! I cant stop thinking that it will look like a lotus flower lake<333

 it makes me think about 4th prince fave place in  Bu Bu Jing Xin ;__; even if  photoshop/edits were so fake it was so beautiful<3 

Sneak peek of a Korrasami fanart I’m working on.

Obviously is not finished, I just felt the need of share something. So please, be gentle xD.

As you can see I’m working on the background thing… (That damn tree is gonna be my undoing… and the grass…). I need to look for new brushes, definitely.

Initially this was gonna be a two frames fanart but… somehow it turned into six, SIX!… (Why do I have to be so ambitious?…) I already have the sketches and lines of the other ones, just have to add color and stuff… I hope I can finish the whole thing by this weekend. Fingers crossed!


Finished another huge commission: I was asked to make an outfit similar to the one on the screenshots, for Soom Idealian male. I offered to make one belt and one collar in the same style that can be worn with different skirts - and you see the colors that my customer chose.

The red skirt consists of 4 pieces sewn together, and its bottom edge is not hemmed but painted with golden acrylic. The grey skirt is the one of my sari silks.

The collar and the belt jewelry are created of filigree pieces, a lot of seed beads, chains and lace. All that is sewn or attached to the fake leather - black for a better contracs.

The sleeves are made of a golden mesh tulle with a huge cells, and as the fabric is too fragile and runny I had to glue it onto a thin golden-beige, much finer tulle. The sleeves are cut open and laced, because the customer’s doll has a simple non-jointed hands.
I added two bracelets and adorned the lower edges of the sleeves with beaded dangles.

I also was asked to make two everyday slave collars (leather, buckles) and a had piece, that would match with the rest of the jewelry.

All the jewelry stuff can be worh without the skirts, in a frivolous harem style.

The mold on the photo is Whispering Grass Chris on Soom Idealian body.
You may order a silimal clothing or to buy your Chris head on my Etsy:


It was a clear, sunny day of early March. Yet up on the Astronomy Tower it was still a bit cold thanks to a light breeze coming from the Black Lake. A blanket was on the floor, just like if it were a picnic out on the grass, and Marion was finishing setting down on it plates and food for their lunch. From the spot she had picked, they would have a view of the Lake, the mountains in the distance and the Forbidden Forest. 

As she heard someone approaching, Marion turned around to greet Charlus with a big smile. “Hey! I hope you’re hungry.”