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Sunny Days

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It was a sunny Saturday the light peaked out of my window and illuminated all of her room, but the only light she could look at was the one underneath her, Niall. As she drew patterns over his uncovered chest, he played with her bush of a hair while scrolling through his phone. It was an undeniable truth that guitarist’s fingers were good at anything they did. She hummed as he massaged her scalp whilst she used his chest as a pillow rubbing his chest hair. She looked up at him and he smiled at the girl’s reaction loving when she approved every single little thing he did. He placed his phone on the nightstand, his now unoccupied hand going to her back rubbing it to. Not resisting the urge, she moaned lowly a cheeky grin forming on his face.

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The Sprinkler

El sits back in the hammock and lazily swings, toes skimming the overgrown grass below. Her half-finished Boxcar Children book lies on her chest, an old pair of Nancy’s sunglasses perched on her nose. The afternoon sun is hot, the air almost oppressive. Joyce and Jonathan are off at work and Will left the hammock a while ago.

She’s half-asleep when she hears noises coming from across the yard. She looks up to see Will leaving the shed, carrying a coil of green hose and dressed in his swim shorts. He lays something in the grass and works to untangle the hose before pulling the end toward the spigot.

“What’re you doing?” she calls from the hammock.

Will looks back at her with a glint in his eye. “Setting up the sprinkler.”


“It’s fun. Trust me. Go put on your suit.” And he turns back to finish screwing on the hose.

El is a little confused but she likes when Will is happy so she skips into the house and grabs her suit. Most of her clothes are hand-me-downs from Nancy, but her swimsuit is new and her very own, pale pink with white polka dots. When she wears it, she feels like a normal kid, one who goes to the local pool with the boys or the lake with her brothers.

By the time she’s back outside, the sprinkler is shooting water high into the air. She stands on the stoop and cocks her head quizzically at Will. The boy grins from the other side before barreling through the spray with a whoop. Wiping a hand across his eyes, he calls for her to come down. “It’s like taking a shower outside!”

Hesitating only a moment longer, El runs and hops over the sprinkler, laughing as she passes through the water wall. The cold feels good with the sun beating down and soon she finds herself hopping back and forth, taking turns with Will. The dog joins them, barking in glee. A few times they slip on the soaked grass but the tumbles only make them laugh harder.

They’ve been running through the water for maybe an hour when Will bends down to unscrew the hose from the sprinkler. El stands before him, unsuspecting, and he lifts the hose, holding his thumb over the opening to spray water at her. She shrieks in surprise and he pauses for a moment. He’s always careful to make sure she’s okay, all the boys are. But she just grins and turns to run, yelling, “Can’t catch me, can’t catch me!” Will giggles and follows her.

Jonathan gets home to find that his mom has just beaten him. She’s standing at the window looking into the backyard and silently beckons him to her. They watch as the two kids run around the grass, shooting water at each other and squealing, the dog at their heels. Joyce’s and Jonathan’s eyes meet and each knows what the other is thinking: they haven’t heard Will laugh like this in ages. Joyce blinks back a tear and goes to the kitchen to make sandwiches for a picnic dinner. Jonathan runs to his room to collect his camera.

Several pages of an photo album are eventually devoted to this day, mostly of two skinny kids and a shaggy dog and water droplets all around them. One of Joyce carrying a plate of sandwiches, her hand trying to cover her face but her smile visible underneath. One of El and Jonathan, taken by Will. One of Hopper walking around the house from the front yard, clearly surprised by the camera. One of El and Will wrapped up in towels in the hammock, sound asleep.

Supercorp Hogwarts Headcanons
  • When Lena comes to Hogwarts many people don’t see anything beyond her family’s legacy (Lex was a notorious dark wizard) and when she is sorted into Slytherin everyone thinks she is going to follow in their footsteps.
  • Everyone except Kara Danvers, who understands living under your family’s shadow.
  • She is related by blood to Kal El, the auror who finally defeated Lex Luthor. But her birth family was killed during the war and she prefers not to tell anyone the truth in fear of not being able to uphold her family legacy. 
  • Kara sees Lena studying alone in the library one day and decides to go over and talk to her. 
  • She is hostile at first, thinking that Kara is just another person trying to make fun of her but as soon as she sees that earnest and bright smile she knows Kara is different. 
  • They soon become good friends and Kara always stands up for Lena whenever anyone mentions her brother.
  • Lena is the cleverest person in the school and she loves to help Kara with her homework and any spells she found tricky so the two of them are often see in the library together.
  • Alex is wary at first and tells Kara that being friends with a Luthor is a bad idea but Kara is determined to prove her wrong. 
  • Slowly people stop behaving coldly towards Lena, because Kara is the purest person in the school, so if she likes Lena then she can’t really be that bad.
  • Kara wants to tell Lena her secret and she almost does many times but she’s scared that if she did Lena would stop liking her because it was her cousin was the one who but her brother in Azkaban and despite everything Lena did love her brother. 
  • One night when they’re up late chatting in the Slytherin common room she finally decides to tell her. 
  • Lena just hugs her and cries, because Kara had always been understanding but she never realised quite how similar her and Kara were. 
  • They talk for hours that night about their families. Kara talks about what her life was like before her parents died and Lena tells stories from before Lex turned to darkness.
  • They both fall asleep in each other’s arms and wake up tangled up in a blanket together. Kara has to sneak back to the Hufflepuff common room before she gets into trouble. 
  • These midnight talks become a regular occurrence and they almost get caught more than once but thanks to Lena’s quick thinking they avoid trouble. 
  • In 5th year they are both made prefects and are absolutely over the moon and send each other excited letters as soon as they find out. 
  • One night, when they’re particularly stressed before OWLs, Lena decides to take Kara up to the astronomy tower.
  • She points out all the stars and constellations she used to love as a child and Kara shyly admits that she always just made up her own and points out to Lena some of her favourites.  
  • Lena can’t stop thinking about how cute Kara looks as she talks about them enthusiastically.
  • “Can I kiss you” she asks without thinking. Kara looks surprised.
  • “Kiss me?” she squeals. She doesn’t say anything more and Lena’s heart starts to beat faster, suddenly worries she did the wrong thing.
  • But then she feels Kara’s lips against hers and it’s the best feeling in the world. They both go to bed that night in total bliss. 
  • With all of the exams, they don’t get to tell anyone until the exams are finally over in the summer. 
  • Everyone goes out on the grass to celebrate finishing exams and much to the surprise of everyone Kara and Lena kiss. 
  • Alex and Maggie do the same (although with the way they act around each other that wasn’t really a surprise to anyone).
  • Word travels around the school fast and soon they get many people congratulating them. There are a couple of snide remarks about how Kara shouldn’t be dating a Luthor but most people are happy for them.
  • For the next two years at Hogwarts their relationships continues and by the time they finish they are like family to each other and settle down in a nice house somewhere in the countryside where they can go outside and look at the stars and think of their first kiss.

checklist looks something like: 

 - finish grass 
- increase shrublands, color shrublands
- draw and color savannahs
- draw and color swamps
- draw and color marshes
- finish coloring mountains
- color badlands, wastelands and deserts (figure out if im going to represent badlands and wastelands differently)

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How would Hanzo, Genji, and McCree react to an s/o who gets distracted easily? Like they could be mid-conversation with somebody and they get distracted by a random butterfly going across their path?

This is honestly so so so so cuuuuute! Please like this pleeease. My writing hasn’t been the best lately.. I apologize dearly, love.


-he like to think of himself as a very serious man. Especially when around you because his idea is to impress, impress, and then impress more.

-buuuut unfortunately he got so lucky to have fallen in love with the most adorable lover he could or any one could ever ask for.

-basically my point is when he sees you he’s all ‘tough awesome protective boyfriend’ but as soon as you two have a conversation he’s a blushing mess.

-you were in the middle of talking about where you’re guys’ next vacay was going to take place when suddenly a butterfly flew close by you, and you kind of just stopped talking and stared into what he swore was the butterflies soul.

-He sort of stood there with an eyebrow up looking at you.

-After the butterfly fly away you continued your conversation right where you left off and then about ten seconds later a squirrel was eating in a in a tree and you again zoned off and looked at it.

-hanzo just again looked at you and then the squirrel and he honestly thought this was very adorable. So he just started laughing softly to himself.

Bonus: he can never be mad at you because its physically impossible when all you do is get distracted, and he ends up giggling.


-Now genji is a different story. He is not confident in any way at all. So when you two have a conversation and he sees you get distracted for the first time, he thinks your no longer interested.

-so you were two sat down Ina garden and were having a casual conversation when suddenly during his sentence you just stared at a random piece of grass. He finished talking not taking notice that your were clearly not listening, until after a few seconds of you just sitting there.

-he immediately starts worrying

-‘did I do something wrong?’ ‘Are they not interested in me anymore?’ 'What is going on?’

-he then asks you in a really soft voice, are you okay and did I say something? But you reply and explain to him he let’s out the biggest sigh of relief anyone will ever hear.

Sad bonus: he will secretly forever be happy you have a little funky something that makes you a little bit insecure because he thinks you’ll leave him if you realize your too good for him.


-he first experienced it when you were out horse riding and having a laugh when out of nowhere you stopped laughing and glanced at a bunny running by. Your head followed it all the way until it hid behind a bush then you snapped back.

-his eyes were a little widened for a few seconds and his face in the expression of 'what in high noons name?’

-he asks you what happened and as soon as you tell him, he surprised you. He started laughing and saying over and over 'that is the dang cutest thing any person has ever done! My gosh!“

-he will be looking forward to each time you do it because he finds it to be adorable plus it makes arguments so much easier.

Bonus: he will take advantage of it sometimes. In many ways. Beware.

Time With You

gif belongs to @of-badges-and-guns

Title: Time With You

Pairing: Pride x Reader

Word Count: 1,172

Warnings: Fluff

A/N: I’m in a Pride/Scott Bakula crisis, and I shipped @scribe-of-winchester with Pride last night and I was like this would make a great imagine, SO I DID IT. I hope you all enjoy this!!

There weren’t many days where Dwayne Pride had the day off.  When the opportunity came up for him to have some free time, he chose to spend it with you.  This time, he was going to surprise you with a visit.  

As he pulled up to your place, he could see your silhouette through your bedroom window.  He smiled to himself as he got out of his car.  When he looked back up to the window, you weren’t in your room anymore.  His eyes darted to the door as it opened.  “[Y/N],” Pride smiled, stopping in his tracks as he saw you running towards him.  As you jumped into his muscular arms, he caught a whiff of your perfume.  It was a scent he would never get tired of.  He spun you around, his arms holding onto you tightly.

“Pride, it’s so good to see you,” you exclaimed, wrapping your arms around Pride’s neck.

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Hi! If your requests are still open could I request a fluff/smut with minghao of seventeen about your first time? female pronouns please <3.

Thank you for requesting! I’m really sorry that it took me forever write this. You requested this like last month, I’m sorry it’s taken me this long to do it. I spent like a week or two on this because I didn’t know what to do, but I found a way! Whoaaaa is this the first smut where there isn’t a daddy kink??? I’m losing my charm. I hope you like it and if not I can always try to rewrite it. You probably will never request again because I take forever, but I hope you do soon if you haven’t already! - Maya


Pairing: Minghao x (female) reader


Genre: smut, fluff

Originally posted by camera-seventeen

You leaned up and absorbed the sun rays that were hitting your skin. You sucked on your popsicle and leaned against your friends Seoyeon and Rae. Enjoying the warm weather before class started.

“I want to stay here forever.” You sighed when you felt the soft breeze flow past you.

“Well we can’t. We have to go back to class.” Rae said pulling you up from the grass.
You finished your popsicle and threw it in the trash bin. You straightened your uniform and walked between the two. You three were a compatible bunch. Seoyeon started trouble and Rae tried to keep you out of it.

“So, are you going to that party tomorrow night?” Seoyeon asked turning around to face you. Her uniform skirt and short light hair blowing in the wind.

Seoyeon was one of those lucky girls that developed earlier than most of her classmates. She had boys trailing behind her and she definitely knew it.

“The only one who isn’t is Y/N.” Rae said looking at you accusingly.

Rae may have been more strict, but she had her fun as well. She had boys begging to be with her since middle school. She used this to her advantage. She would play her game and they would always lose.

“Come on Y/N! You can find someone there.” Seoyeon said tugging on your hand.

Before you could say anything, Rae beat you to it.

“Oh she has someone.”

“The8!” They exclaimed in a sing song voice.

You rolled your eyes and walked ahead of them. They’ve been teasing you about this for years. Minghao, also known as The8, was your childhood best friend and they knew that. It’s not like he wasn’t cute, but you’ve known him almost all your life. You couldn’t think of him that way.

“Shut up. We’re just friends. We would never do anything like that anyway.”

“You sure? I mean you two will make a pretty cute couple. It’s just that you’re eighteen, Y/N.”

“What does that have to do with anything?”

“You’re eighteen and a virgin.” Rae said casually.

You blushed and looked down.

“You don’t think I know that?”

You were the only virgin in your friend group. You were waiting, but then again you weren’t. You didn’t want to be a virgin anymore, you wanted to experience what it was like to be intimate with someone, but you weren’t going to give yourself to just anyone. You had too much self respect to do that. Not that your friends didn’t have any self respect either, you just weren’t like them.

“Just think about it. It might be fun.” Rae said pulling you inside the school.

Yeah, it might be fun.


Suddenly arms were wrapped around you and their face was buried in the crook of your neck. You repressed the giggle that wanted to be released.

“Minghao, what are you doing?”

“I’m hugging you!”

He pulled away and grabbed your hand. You thought back to what Rae and Seoyeon said. You noticed the eyes that watched your every move. You blushed and pulled away.

“Y/N? Are you okay?”

“Oh yeah I’m fine.” You answered speeding up your pace. Minghao lingered behind and watched you rush to class with your head hung low. Were you embarrassed of him?

As you walked through the hallways you couldn’t help but feel relieved. You felt flustered. Rae and Seoyeon’s words getting to you. Not only that, but afterwards you got an idea. An idea that made you feel ashamed, but excited at the same time.

It scared you.

“So are you coming?” Rae asked smoking out her eyes.

“Actually I’m gonna go over to Minghao’s.” You said quietly.

“Be safe.” Seoyeon teased.

“We’re just gonna eat pizza and watch movies. Why would we need to be safe?” You rolled your eyes and removed yourself from Rae’s bed.

“Just saying. Have fun, darling!”

You hummed in response and grabbed your car keys. You were either going to have fun or never see Minghao again. Let’s hope it’s not the latter.

“Y/N, you’re here!” Minghao exclaimed opening the door.

“I brought pizza, ice cream, and movies!”

You set everything down onto the table and placed the ice cream inside the freezer. You turned around and realized how close you two were. You blushed and looked down.

“Do you want anything to drink? I bought some soda yesterday, it’s in the fridge.”

“Uh sure.”

You hurried to get out of his way and sat on the floor in the living room. Were you gonna be like this all night?

“Here you go.”


You both sat in silence for awhile. You didn’t know if it was comfortable silence or awkward silence. Maybe you shouldn’t go with the idea.

But you were so curious.

“Did I do something wrong?”

“No! No, you didn’t do anything. Why would you ask that?”

“You’ve been acting strange. Was it something I did.”

You sighed and moved closer to him so you were leaning against his arm. He buried his face into your hair and you played with his fingers. Maybe things won’t be so weird after all. You two are already super close. Maybe he’ll accept it.

“It’s not you. Trust me you didn’t do anything wrong. Let’s just enjoy the pizza and watch the movie.” You said grabbing his hand.

The pizza was almost finished by the time the movie ended. You could tell Minghao was a little drowsy. Maybe this was the best time to discuss it.


He hummed in response and leaned onto your shoulder to show he was paying attention.

“What’s it like?” You asked quietly. Your cheeks turning into a bright red. It wasn’t the subject that made you embarrassed. It was what you were going to ask him later on.

“What’s what like?”

“Sex. What is having sex like?”

He jumped up and looked at you in surprise. Why would you want to know that? Who were you planning on having sex with?

“Y/N, why would you want to know that?”

“I’m tired of being a virgin, Minghao. I’m eighteen, I’m graduating soon. I want to have some experience.”

You paused and closed your eyes. This will either end well or very badly.

“Which was why I was wondering if you wanted to help me get that experience yourself.”

“You want me to have sex with you?”

“I know it’s a bad idea. I’m sorry for even thinking it. You probably think I’m a horrible person! Maybe you don’t even want to be friends-”

You were cut off by his lips connecting with yours. His hands cupping the back of your neck. His body against your own, your lips molding together, taking your breath away and filling you up with desire.

“If this is what you want.” He whispered against your lips before pulling you onto his lap. His hands running up and down your waist.

You straddled his lap and he snuck his hands underneath your shirt. They creeped up and stopped when they reached the top of your abdomen.

“Can I?”

You pulled away and removed your shirt. You guided his hands up to your breast and latched your mouth onto his neck. You moaned at the feel of his hands massaging your breast. You unconsciously rolled your hips down, wanting to get some form of satisfaction.

“I think it’d be better if we were in my room.” He whisper trailing his hands down to your thighs.

He lifted you up and carried you to the room. You were actually going to do this. You were going to have sex with your best friend. Damn, that was a pretty big turn on when you thought about it. You may not be in a relationship, but you trusted Minghao with your life. There was no one else at the moment that you’d rather do this with. 

He laid you on the bed and you moved up to the headboard. He pulled off his shirt and crawled towards you.

“Are you sure about this, Y/N?”

You nodded and tried to pull him closer.

“I trust you, Minghao.”

He rolled his hips down to meet yours. You groaned and threw your head back. You could already feel your panties getting wet, the need to be touched getting stronger. You tried to pull him down further, but he resisted your demands.

“You’re so needy. Then again, that’s what got you here in the first place.”

Minghao unbuttoned your jeans and pulled them down. His eyes taking you in. From the wet spot that was displayed on your panties to the way you bit your lip in anticipation.

“You have no idea how long I’ve wanted to do this.” He said pulling down your panties in a painfully slow manner.

“Y-You have?”

Why did this turn you on so much. Your juices running down your thigh. He wanted this?

“I’ve wanted to see you writhe under my touch. Just like this.”

His tongue licked your wet folds. You thrusted your hips and grabbed his hair. An euphoric feeling being released the moment physical contact was made. He lifted his tongue and leaned up.

“We’ll save that for another time.” He whispered in your ear.

You groaned and turned your head over. Now that you got a taste of what your best friend is capable of, you wanted more from him. He can’t just tease you like that. It wasn’t fair.

Minghao removed his jeans and his boxers. You took a good look at his length. How thick it was. Your pussy throbbing at the thought of his thick cock filling you up.

“You like what you see, baby?” Minghao asked kissing your jaw and making his way down to your neck, leaving a trail of purple bruises behind.

“Minghao..” You whined running your fingers through his hair.

“Say that again. Say my name.”

“Minghao please. Stop teasing me!”

You felt the tears swell up at not being satisfied. You didn’t know Minghao could be like this, but then again you’ve heard rumors about your childhood best friend. You knew his sex life was quite active. Another one of your friends who had their classmates trailing behind them. He kissed your cheeks and reached for a condom inside his bedside table.

“I’m gonna finger you, okay?”

You nodded to let him know it was okay. You gasped when his finger plunged into your hole.


He went in and out. Curling it to find that special bundle of nerves. His other hand working to unclasp your bra. You arched your back when he hit your g-spot. This was so much better than using your own fingers. He added a second one and scissored your hole.

“You still have time to back out, Y/N.”

“Minghao, I swear if you don’t put your cock inside of me!” You groaned reaching to grab his hips.

He chuckled and put the condom on. You moved your hands and placed them around his neck. He lifted your legs and placed them over his shoulders.

“Just tell me when you want me to stop and I’ll do it.”

Minghao aligned his hips with yours and thrusted inside of you. His cock stretching you out more. You clawed at the back of his shoulders, your mouth left agape.

Fuck, Minghao!” You exclaimed throwing your head back.

He thrusted in and out powerfully, his bare chest pressed against yours. Your hips moved with his. You could feel how careful he was being, but still so aggressive. You could see what all the girls were talking about. Minghao was someone who knew how to move his hips in all the right ways, how to please a girl that makes them turn into jelly, how to get them to do whatever he wants. What he did weren’t rumors, they were facts.

“You’re so beautiful like this! I’ve been wanting you for so long, Y/N!”

“You have me, I promise! Just please!”

“Please what, baby?” He asked kissing your breast. His tongues flicking your nipples before taking them into his mouth. You were almost at your peak. Just a little more and you’ll get there.


He repositioned your legs so he’ll be able to thrust at a different angle. Your mind was in a cloudy state. You lost control of your senses. Your entire body tingling at the feeling.

“I’m so close!”

“I want to see you come. Come with me!” He demanded softly in your ear.

He kissed you gently and began playing with your clit, wanting to bring you closer to your orgasm. You couldn’t keep it in anymore. You held onto his shoulders, your nails digging into the flesh, preparing yourself for the most intense climax you’ve ever felt.

“Minghao!” You exclaimed thrusting your hips.

“Fuck!” He muttered coming moments after you. He rode out his high and fell on top of you.

You laid there, your body in shock. Where was this coming from? How could your sweet and quiet Minghao be capable of doing this? He was always so shy, but here here he was so dominant. Where did he learn how to fuck a girl so hard their entire body turns to lead? You couldn’t even move if you tried.

“Was that enough experience for you?” He asked cleaning you both up.

You didn’t even realize he left. You were too busy trying to grasp what happened.

“Definitely! Thank you for being my first. I know it was probably weird, but it means a lot that you’d do something like that with me.”

“I meant it Y/N. I’ve wanted to do that for so long, but I didn’t want to weird you out. You’re my best friend, I can’t lose you over something stupid like having sex with me.” He said giving you a glass of water.

“And here I was thinking you’d never talk to me again when I mentioned the idea.”

“Y/N, why would I ever do that? Nothing is going to keep me away from you.”

He placed small open mouthed kisses on the side of your neck. Your body shivering in response.