grass bench


Isabella is JJ’s QUEEN you know how extra he is, he treats her like actual royalty: Picks her up bridal style to carry her over A SMALL PUDDLE, takes his jacket off and puts it on the grass or bench or whatever for her to sit on SHE CAN’T GET HER PANTS DIRTY! No, he’s not cold, it’s fine. For that matter, it’s around her shoulders in .01 seconds if she goes “br.” Isabella doesn’t want him going out of his way like that but He Cannot Be Stopped. She’s given up (and has secretly grown to love it.)

Sheldon was at the park with a group of mothers.  He had found that he liked the competitive atmosphere here much more than Amy did, so he was the one who usually brought Allison to the park to get some fresh air. Little Ally was only six months old, so she didn’t do much playing, but Sheldon still spread her special park blanket out on the stretch of grass near his bench.  Then he laid her out to let her do her thing.

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