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“Wish Vessel” by Gabe Tomoiaga - It’s not enough to wish, dream, hope. Even children know this. We must set sail into the sea of uncertainty. We must meet fear face-to-face. We must take our dreams as maps for a greater journey. Dreams, to come true, need a good story. So go live one!

Teiko no Pokemon

Aomine: A wild Midorima appears!

Kise: A grass type Pokemon? Kurokocchi, I choose you!

Midorima: What are you doing, nanodayo?

Aomine: Tetsu uses Misdirection!

Midorima: *tick mark appears* 

Midorima: *throws an eraser at Aomine*

Kuroko: *flicks eraser back to Midorima*

Midorima: *gets hit by eraser*

Aomine: It ( Midorima ) hurt itself in confusion!

Kise: *throws net at Midorima and catches him*

Aomine: Midorima was caught!

Nijimura: This is why I quit being captain

My little baby budew I named Jared in my pokemon diamond game
(Top left) him in a bed of butter cups
(Bottom right) him eating a basket full of poffins of all flavors (his nature is docile so he doesn’t mind)
He’s currently the strongest in my team at lvl.16 in a team with a ralts, shinx, and a zubat
I’ll prob draw more while waiting for new asks

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Ask box is open!!! Scenes with Nebuya, Hanamiya and Haizaki in which they are caring and loving with their s/o (I mean, in which they are not rough or 'bad boys' [as it usually is in Hanamiya's and Haizaki's case]). Love you!!! ♥

HAIZAKI: “You’re being weird.” You narrowed your eyes suspiciously at him. He raised an eyebrow in confusion. “You never do all these things. Hell, you hate Valentine’s Day. And suddenly all of this? Are you pranking me?”

He rolled your eyes and tugged you down onto the blanket next to him. He had dragged you out in the middle of the night to an area, which looked pretty shady at first, but turns out had a nice park with a little hill. He had draped a blanket over the grass, a picnic basket on top of it, and even music serenading the two of you. “Shut up,” he muttered, shoving a sandwich your way. “I can’t cook shit so sandwiches.”

Your lips twitched in amusement as he shoved small sandwiches into his mouth. He munched, seemingly angrily, crumbs lining up his lips. You laughed, using the pad of your thumb to brush them away. He jerked back in surprise, glaring at you. “You’re such a five year-old, can’t even eat properly.”

“Back off,” he grabbed your hand and bit down on your thumb gently. “I’m trying to be nice here okay. You like this romantic shit right.” He grumbled, pulling you close to him and wrapping his arm around your shoulders as he fumbled with the radio. You couldn’t suppress the smile that spread across your lips. He really was an idiot.

HANAMIYA: Your eyes scanned around for cameras around the room. It wouldn’t be surprising to find a few hidden at this point. Hanamiya had been nothing but sweet all night. While his parents were gone, he invited you over and even cooked a meal for you. Hanamiya, who did not give a shit about anything, cooked a homemade meal for you.

And it was so good.

Then he cuddled with you in front of the television. Cuddled. With your favorite movie, which he hated terribly playing. He hated all movies so it wasn’t all that surprising. But what was surprising was that he didn’t make a single comment throughout the whole thing. “Would you stop fidgeting?” He growled. “It’s distracting.”

“Where are the cameras? Or are your friends gonna pop out any second now?” You narrowed your eyes at him. Despite your struggles to get up to search for the cameras, he had a firm grip around your shoulders which kept you in place.

“There are no cameras and there’s only us here alright. Now sit your ass down and watch the damn movie.” He growled. You raised an eyebrow, silently asking if this was a trick. “It’s no trick, dammit. Can’t I treat you to something nice for once?”

“You don’t do nice.”

“Well, I’m doing it tonight. Don’t make me change my mind.” He huffed. Weird.

NEBUYA: The big oaf wouldn’t let you go. He’d been sitting there for thirty minutes now with you in his lap, chin tucked onto the crook of your neck, and face nuzzling against your warm skin. “Ei-chan, get off me.” You groaned. He merely tightened his arms further, holding onto you tightly. “I can’t breathe.”

“But you’re so warm and snuggly.” He smiled. Suddenly, a tongue darted out and splatted against your skin. You shrieked and he just let out a loud laugh, pulling you closer towards him. “I like it. It’s cold out today and the best cure to that is to cuddle.”

“I’ll cook for you if you let me go.”

“But you can’t coo—ouch! I’m kidding. But I’ll do dinner tonight. How does instant mac and cheese sound?“

You made a face, “Please. We’ll look up recipes online. We’ve got this.”

“Yes, we do.”


MODie: HEY LOOK! ITS A TEASER FOR THE 1200+ FOLLOWERS STORY THINGY! I bet your thinking: Why are they dressed like that?! Because you guys look good and your BEAUTIFUL! DUH! And yes you ALL will be dressing fancy throughout this whole arc. (may God give me strength) More information will arrive shortly :D amp-crystal chippedtune ask-artstyle ask-dazed-timid ask-hyperbrony ask-sparksandfriends comicpanel-pony


Happy Easter you guys! Here’s some Domestic!Nalu celebrating the holiday because, come on, how was I supposed to pass up my babies being parents? also i felt bad about puppy natsu and needed something a little happier

“How about a bunny?” 

Lucy sighed as she shifted the easter grass around in the basket, carefully placing the plastic eggs in the free space while trying to save room for the other little knick-knacks she and Natsu had collected earlier in the week. 

“Natsu, for the third time, we are not buying her a bunny.” 

He didn’t respond immediately- too caught up in placing the final touches on one of the dyed eggs with his tongue poking out to the side in concentration. He took a second to admire his own handiwork before pouting at his wife’s words. 

“Fine, what about a baby chicken?” 

Lucy snorted, picking up a tiny, stuffed bunny and gently placing it down on the green-colored strands. She adjusted its floppy ears before side-eyeing the man beside her. 

“And just what will we do when the baby chick isn’t a baby anymore?” 

He shrugged, “Eat more eggs?” 

“We are not raising a chicken.” 

Natsu rolled his eyes and groaned, ignoring his wife’s warning look as he unwrapped one of the chocolate eggs and popped it into his mouth. 

“Come on, Luce.” He said in-between bites. “Every kid needs a pet.” 

“She has Happy.” 

He blinked, swallowing loudly. “Okay, there was so many things wrong with that statement that I don’t even know where to begin, but I will anyway. Firstly, Happy is not a pet, he is a friend. And secondly, which just so happens to be the most important, he is my friend.” 

“Don’t worry,” the blonde teased. “You’re not gonna lose your ‘bff’ to a toddler. Although,” she smirked and pointed to the couch in the adjacent room. “I’d say she is gonna give you some competition.” 

Natsu popped another chocolate egg in his mouth- already knowing his hand would be slapped if he tried reaching for the chocolate bunny- and his smile softened at the sight in the next room. 

His baby girl was curled up on the couch, asleep, lying on her stomach with her head resting on a snoozing Happy- whose tail was wrapped loosely around her middle so she couldn’t slip off the side. 

“Yeah,” Natsu hummed, eyes now falling back on his wife as she struggled to perfect the easter basket for their two year old, despite the fact the toddler was still a little too young to really get excited over it. “She’s definitely more adorable than I am.” 

And she sneaks Happy her leftover salmon.” 

“Shit,” he laughed. “Guess I am gonna have to find a new little buddy.” 

Lucy grinned, “I already knew that. No way could you compete with those eyes.” 

Natsu laughed again and stood, bending down to peck the blonde on the cheek before stepping into the kitchen. “Of course I couldn’t compete with those eyes. She has yours, after all.” 

Lucy grinned, finishing up the final knot on the bow before rolling her eyes. 

“Nice try, but you still can’t have her chocolate bunny.” 

But she won’t even finish it!” He whined, and Lucy laughed at the sulking man she’d chosen to spend the rest of her life with. 

“Tough. You can have whatever she doesn’t eat.” 

“Gross,” she heard him grumble behind her, “gonna have slobber all over it by then. No one likes gross toddler slobber on their chocolate.” 

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Here’s to the decorating of eggs with song lyrics and dye and fluffy baby chickens and ducks and jelly beans and bunnies and people saying Hoppy Easter and fake grass in little baskets and Cadbury and the slightly smelly smell of hard boiled eggs that won’t leave your house and the search for hidden treasures with strangers and tired faces from early morning and the general confusion as to how the holiday became exactly what it is and the overall slightly creepiness of the Easter Bunny now that we are old enough to admit there was always a slight creepiness.

However you celebrate it, or if you don’t at all, I hope you are loved and happy this day. Enjoy your Easter, whatever you choose to fill it with.
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