grasping the heart

A redraw of something I drew back in 2015 I still found amusing and as if some of y’all can predict shit, you kept asking for Axel in heels. So here you are, you thirsty heathens

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Get Out.

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Peter Parker x Reader

Request: Yes

Summary: Deciding to stay in for a date, Peter and the Reader are faced with annoying and embarrassing comments from the whole team, who are unaware of their relationship.

Word Count: 2,428

Warnings: language, fluff, annoying avengers (??), embarrassed!Peter, embarrassed!Reader, cuteness, LOTR trilogy. (Let me know if I missed any)

A/N: Alright homies, I apologize it has taken me so long to upload something. I’ve been reaally stressed. So hopefully this is okay? For the anon that requested this, I hope you like it. I’d love some feedback, as always. Enjoy reading!

Dark, gray clouds blocked any source of light from shining through the big, thick glass windows surrounding every inch of the building.

The entire tower was filled with a solemn mood that spread into every corner and room.

Most of the team dreaded days like these, since it put a damper on their mood, (especially Steve).

You, however, cherished days like these the most.

It’s where you find your peace and inner self, no matter how depressing that may sound.

It helps you relax and release any stresses that corrupt your thoughts.

But the best reason of all is that you don’t have to leave the house, even if you had a date with Peter tonight.

However, thinking that idea through, you realized something.

The whole team would be here.

With Peter and you.

During your date.

Well, fuck.

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moana: what happens after

so moana becomes a wayfinder, teaches the lost ways to her people, and becomes chief. she and maui never speak again, because there are rules

they don’t speak for the same reason that the ocean couldn’t just give maui back his hook, for the same reason it couldn’t return the heart itself, for the same reason the ocean couldn’t just simply deliver moana to it’s destination. there is a balance, a give and take, and they must make a decision. they cant talk about this decision of course, but they must make it, so they do. moana sees a red hawk above her for most of her life, but they never speak, never touch.

the ocean never forgets her, never ignores her. it answers her call, loves her, but moana only allows it to move and play with her in the dark of night, where her people cannot see her. she is already a legend, she who fought with maui, who traveled to the land of monsters, who returned the heart of te fiti with her own two hands, who saved the world. many of her people think her adventures a myth, and thats how she wants it - she never speaks of it. she won’t allow them to know how the ocean loves her, for they must follow her because she is their cheif, their master wayfinder, because she can lead them to new lands and new places. she must be followed for what she will do, not what she did.

she travels across the seas, from one end to the other. she starts three more villages, brings her people to new islands flush with greenery and hope and the promise of a future. she learns the earth as well as she knows the sea, because she needs to learn which of these islands can sustain her people, their farming, their building. and she marries. she chooses a man who has broad shoulders and smiles a lot, one who loves the sea. she has three children, and leaves him to raise all of them as she sails to find a new island. she never stops searching the ocean, the wind in her hair, the water below her.

her husband never asks for her heart, and she never gives it. she’s loyal to him, and she brings her people into a new age of discovery and trade. when her eldest son is fully grown, when her hair streaks silver, she steps down and names him chief, allows him to lead their people and does her best not to let her shadow overpower him.

time passes. her husband dies, and she mourns him. her children marry, have children of their own, and each of them love the sea with a ferocity that is born of her blood.

all but one - her eldest child’s eldest child, the girl set to be the next chief, pania

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safe haven

Summary: Eggsy’s safe haven is in the last place he would’ve thought to look.

Pairing: Eggsy Unwin x Reader

Warnings: Language, angst

Word Count: 1.7k

A/N: This is somewhat rushed, but I just had to get this out, especially after seeing K:TGC. Hopefully you all enjoy this! | masterlist

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Vanitas would try to make scary neutral faces, but he has Sora’s face so he’d look more like a sad puppy, honestly.

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Dean x Reader

Summary: Your title of “Dean’s girlfriend” isn’t as secure as you thought.

Warnings: Smidge of angst and fluff, little bit of cursing.

A/N: Here’s some flangst everyone. Let me know if you guys like this flangsty style of writing :)

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What you and Dean had was…unconventional at best.

You started out as friends who had met on a vamp hunt in North Carolina, but that didn’t last long. Before you knew it, you were tangled in the sheets with your best friend.

He was intoxicating and addictive, and you found that this arrangement would continue for the next couple months, not that you were complaining.

And then you felt it- the swell in your chest when you saw him, the flushed cheeks, the shaking hands. 

You were falling in love with a man incapable of love. 

So you did what you do best- you pushed him away. Weeks passed before Dean confronted you; it was pouring bucket loads in the small, grungy hotel room parking lot. You couldn’t help but spill your feelings at the moment like the rain spilling on the concrete, and you braced yourself for the impending rejection.

But, you didn’t predict Dean dipping you back in his arms and molding his lips with yours with every ounce of passion in his body, the raindrops seeming to sizzle on your warm cheeks.

A couple days later, he took you on your first “real” date at the fanciest restaurant in the small town you were currently staying in. You didn’t mind that the “fanciest restaurant” was a crappy diner off the highway, for you held the title of Dean Winchester’s girlfriend at last.

The next few weeks flew by quickly in a blur of soft kisses and gentle hand holding. Everything, for once in your entire life, was falling correctly into place. That is, until one night.

You had heard a lot about Sam Winchester; he was tall, dark, and handsome just like his brother with a soft heart and the best puppy dog eyes. When you first met him, however, it was a complete surprise.

After Dean and Sam had greeted each other, Sam’s eyes grazed curiously over you. Before you can introduce yourself, Dean takes the liberty of doing so himself.

“Um, Sammy, this is Y/N… old hunting partner”, he stammers out, roughly ripping his hand out of your grasp. Your heart shatters and your hands shake. It feels like someone has stuffed cotton in your ears as the noise of the two brothers becomes muffled.

How stupid could you be to love a man incapable of love? You think to yourself bitterly as you bolt to your car parked nearby. You ignore Dean’s obvious pleas and rapid footsteps behind you as you drive off to God knows where.

You drive until your heart stops pounding and your hands stop shaking. You’re tempted to get on the interstate and get the hell out of the small town, but you remember practically all your belongings are back at the hotel with him.

By the time you get back to the motel, it’s around 4 AM. Your hopes that Dean was either asleep or not there were squashed when you saw the faint glow of the lamp through the curtained windows.

Your trembling fingers sit on the door handle as you lean your head against the door. In and out, you promise yourself.

“Are you stupid, Dean?” 

Sam’s gruff voice stills your movements.

“You don’t think I know that already, Sammy?” Dean’s voice is strangled and rough, as if he was holding back tears. You can hear heavy footsteps pace the room-one of Dean’s nervous habits. 

“Do… do you love her?” Sam’s voice, much gentler now, asks. Dean’s footsteps slow and eventually stop.

Dean takes a deep breath as the bed creaks when he sits down. “Of course. I’m just not the best at showing it sometimes.” 

Sam pipes in with a humorous “Obviously”, before presumably being punched in the arm.

Both of their eyes move to the door as you slowly push it open. Dean’s immediately on his feet, taking long strides to you. His strong arms wrap around you and his lips immediately find your temple. “I was worried about you”, he mumbles in your hair, his hands rubbing your back soothingly. 

When he finally looks in your eyes and sees the tears, he drops to his knees and holds your hands. “God, I’m such an idiot”, he mumbles mostly to himself. His large hands stretch up to wipe away the tears falling down your cheeks. “I’m sorry”, Dean chokes out, his own eyes filling with tears.

Your shaking hands gently pull him up so you can wrap your arms around his neck. “It’s okay”, you mumble in his ear.

The two of you happily stand at the entrance of the motel room, swaying to an un-played melody until Sam awkwardly clears his throat.

“Oh, right”, Dean chuckles, taking your hand in his and pulling you toward his brother.

“Y/N, this is my brother, Sam. Sam, this is the love of my life, Y/N.”

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Beautiful In White (M)

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Pairing: Jungkook x Reader

Summary: Adorned in an exquisite ivory A-line dress, you’re the most beautiful Jungkook has ever seen you. After all, it is your wedding day.

Word Count: 7,182

Genre: Angst (?), smut

A/N: Everything in italics are flashbacks.


The only word that could come close to describing your mere presence as he watches you weave your way through the round tables. You’re being pulled into an awkward hug every second by guests as they try to figure out how to overcome the barrier that is your dress without ruining your hair and makeup. He watches as you converse animatedly with the guests, some of whom he does and does not recognize.

You tuck the strands of hair that frame your face behind your ear, only to have them fall back to where they were just seconds ago, but he gets a brief view of your face. Your cheeks are stained with a light pink tint, your lashes expertly curled in a way that showcased the eyes Jungkook fell in love with, face properly contoured – a term which Jungkook unwillingly learned after having to watch too-many-to-count make up tutorials with you – and your lips, smothered in god knows how many different brands of lipsticks. The end result of four hours of makeup was nothing short of perfection. Jungkook mentally curses the stupid rules and superstitions that forbid him from seeing the bride before the wedding day.

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Boyfriend! Mark

#6 of Boyfriend! Series

Taeil | Johnny | Taeyong | Yuta | Doyoung | Ten | Jaehyun | WinWin | Mark | Renjun | Jeno | Haechan | Jaemin | Chen Le | Jisung

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Word Count: 2,214 ( yea i got carried away… again… hahahaa)
Style/ Genre: Series– Headcanon
Date Posted: 17 Sept 2017

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A Sweet Offering

Anon Request: You know that cottage scene when Rhys explains Feyre how the mating ritual works and she cooks him food and accepts the mating bond? I want something like that but with Nessian D: ignorant Nesta and a self-conscious Cassian!!!

Here you are dear anon! Nesta makes blueberry muffins for the first time and offers them to Cassian which leads to a confusing mix-up and Cassian being a flustered mess.

“Why? Are you disappointed you didn’t get to catch me with my shirt off?”

“Absolutely not,” Nesta said, but the faint blush on her cheeks revealed otherwise. “I’m more disappointed that you have yet to cease your vulgar remarks.”

“Vulgar? Oh sweetheart my mouth can do much more vulgar things,” Cassian implied with a wink. “Maybe one day I can put it to use for you if you’re brave enough.”

A sweet aroma greeted Cassian as he walked into the House of Wind.  He would recognize that scent anywhere.

Blueberry muffins.

Immediately Cassian considered hurrying straight toward the delicious meal that awaited him after a long day of training. Yet his feet remained firmly planted as he paused in the doorway knowing that no one else, but Nesta should be here at this hour.

Curiosity pushed Cassian to investigate. He followed the scent through the halls until it led him directly to the kitchen. For a moment Cassian simply stood in the doorway.

Nesta was sitting at the table in front of a plate full of blueberry muffins. She seemed lost in thought as she raised a muffin to her lips and took a cautious bite.

Cassian’s gaze was riveted on her movements. Watching closely as her tongue swiped across her top lip to find any few remaining crumbs.

The Commander of the Illyrian army swallowed thickly as his mouth watered. He loved blueberry muffins, but he would like nothing more than to press his own lips against Nesta and get a taste of her mouth as well.

Just the thought of it made Cassian strain against his pants. Especially when Nesta closed her eyes and let out a contented sigh.

Cassian bit the corner of his lip to hold back the groan that threatened to release from his mouth. Before daring to enter he gathered as much confidence and composure he could possibly have.

“Never thought I would hear that noise come from your mouth,” Cassian said causing Nesta to stiffen and snap her head toward him. “But I’m sure there are other ways to bring out such pleased sounds. Perhaps I could offer assistance.”

“The only sounds you’ll be hearing is ringing in your head once I knock sense into you,” Nesta grated out. “Shouldn’t you still be out training?”

“Why? Are you disappointed you didn’t get to catch me with my shirt off?”

“Absolutely not,” Nesta said, but the faint blush on her cheeks revealed otherwise. “I’m more disappointed that you have yet to cease your vulgar remarks.”

“Vulgar? Oh sweetheart my mouth can do much more vulgar things,” Cassian implied with a wink. “Maybe one day I can put it to use for you if you’re brave enough.”

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Pt. 1 || Pt. 2 || Pt. 3 || Pt. 4 || Pt. 5 || Pt. 6 || Pt. 7 || Pt. 8 || Pt.9 || Pt. 10 || Pt. 11 || Pt. 12 || Pt. 13

Yoongi x Reader

Genre: Angst

Summary: You were always there for him. You cheered him on, supported him, but apparently, you were just a distraction.

Word Count: 1548

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“I’m sorry” were the last words you could ever remember him telling you. 

That day you were so fired up with feelings of anticipation and excitement; it was only a few days before your boyfriend was to debut after all. For as long as you could remember, music always had such a strong grasp on Yoongi’s heart. He practically breathed music, hell he probably was made of music itself. 

You had always known about how his parents didn’t take too kindly of his passion for music, but you had always been there for him. You, along with his older brother, were the only support he had until he auditioned for an entertainment company called BigHit. Although he placed second in his audition, he still managed to grab a spot as a trainee. It wouldn’t be an exaggeration if you were to claim that you were beyond ecstatic. You were practically bouncing off the walls when Yoongi had told you that he had made it. 

You both knew what it meant for your relationship when he became a trainee. He had to work hard and spend most of his time moving towards his dream. This meant less time spent with you, but you knew how much this meant to him. You loved him so much that you prepared yourself for the lack of dates, the lack of communication, the lack of affection shown towards one another. You prepared yourself because you wanted him to fulfil his dream, even if it meant putting a strain on your relationship. 

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First Day of My Life

This fanfiction will explore Rowan and Aelin’s wedding day, the wedding day they get to have when everyone survives the war. Not everyone came out as their old selves though and some of our heroes have some healing of their own to do. 

It is broken up into 4 parts with a short epilogue. Updates will post regularly every Saturday until it’s finished. Let me know if you want to be tagged in future chapters. 

Special thanks: to @paperbacktrash who is always giving me advice and the motivation to keep writing and who also reads everything I write before I do anything with it whether she wants to or not but totally doesn’t say anything to contradict it because she’s really just a wonderful human.

As well as to @cabbiescabbagecab who assisted with some ideas based on her headcannon post.

And thank you to you lovely beings who asked to be tagged in this fic <3: @highladyofthedark @verbumamantem @rayonfrozenwings @yourejustassaneasiam3 @aelin-rattlesthestars @twinklefaerie12 @foxboy-lucien


Lysandra was weaving the pine needles and baby’s breath crown through Aelin’s hair with expert precision but Aelin was fidgeting incessantly. Her nerves were shot, she knew she had no reason to be this anxious but some fathomless part of her still expected for everything to be taken from her once again. Previously, it was all she had ever known. These last few months of peace seemed like a mirage that would vanish the second she reached to grasp at the future.

“Aelin, I need you to stop moving! Sit still for one gods damned minute!”

Aelin huffed a breath, trying to shake her fears away – trying to be present in this moment. “Maybe you should be faster at this. You know I don’t care. I just want to put on my dress.”

Lysandra sighed, “You’re worse than Evangeline you know. She sat perfectly still while her hair was done.” Evangeline, sitting across from her adopted mother, preened with pride. She did indeed look the picture of perfection while holding her basket of pine needles that she would be tossing down the aisle.

Aelin had opted not to use flowers for the ceremony. She instead chose to honour Terrasen traditions, to honour home and to honour Rowan.

Aelin stuck her tongue out at Lysandra just as Aedion poked his head in, “I see you’re in full spirits today, cousin.”

Elide, who was arranging her hair in the mirror behind Lysandra, giggled. “Lysandra is a bit of a perfectionist, in case you hadn’t noticed.” Elide said, giving her friend a mischievous smirk.

“I’m done, I’m done. Get out of my chair before I throw you in the fountain.”

Aelin bared her teeth, exposing her elongated canines, “I’d like to see you try.”

Aedion shook his head, clearly exasperated. “Hair, clothes… I’m strangely glad these are your biggest concerns these days.”

Aelin’s eyes softened a fraction, allowing her cousins words to soothe that black pit she tried so hard to ignore. “What are you doing in here anyways?”

Aedion raised his hands in mock defense, “Don’t burn the messenger but… Darrow is here. He’s demanding that he attend the ceremony with every noble and their family and their families’ family… You get the point. He’s pissed that he’s not involved in the private ceremony.”

Aelin’s eyes blazed with fury, “He got to have the official one. He pulled every string and made our coronation ceremony just barely tolerable. He knows this day is for us. For my Court.”

Aedion crossed his arms across his chest as he leaned into the doorway. “I told him that. He won’t listen to me.”

Lysandra gave Aelin a questioning glance and Elide placed a consoling hand on Aelin’s shoulder. Although Aelin would have loved to sic Lysandra in ghost leopard form on him, she needed her friend here. She took a steadying breath but couldn’t help the threat that slipped passed her lips.

“Tell Darrow that if he so much breathes the same air surrounding the theatre today, he’ll find himself suddenly unable to taste anything but ash and flames.”

Aedion chuckled, “Yes Majesty.” He pecked Lysandra and Evangeline on their cheeks and ruffled Elide’s hair on the way out, much to her dismay. Evangeline ran out of the room after Aedion without a word.

Lysandra, a bit pink cheeked, moved to straighten Elide’s hair out.

“Males.” Aelin scoffed, admiring Lysandra’s handiwork with Elide’s flowing, night dark locks.

“Speaking of males,” Lysandra’s eyes sparkled as she nudged Elide with her hip, “how’s Lorcan?” She dragged Lorcan’s name out teasingly.

Elide flushed deeply and she leaned into the armoire and faced Aelin and Lysandra. Aelin grinned knowingly at Elide and raised her eyebrows suggestively. Elide bit her lip trying to suppress the spreading smile but she couldn’t resist.

“Demi-fae males… I can’t remember the last time I had a full night’s sleep.”

Aelin winked and Lysandra burst out laughing. “Believe me, I know the feeling. Your cousin never stops, Aelin.”

Aelin’s features crumpled in horror, “Lysandra! I don’t want to know that! How could you think I would ever want to hear that?”

Lysandra was beyond words as she leaned into Elide, trying to hold herself together while failing at restraining her laughter. Elide giggled along with her as Aelin continued to express her distaste. “You two are the worst. I hate you both.”

Lysandra pulled herself together enough to move towards Aelin and hug her. “You couldn’t possibly mean that. Who would make you look pretty if you didn’t have me?”

Aelin embraced her in return, squeezing tighter than necessary as the thought of losing Lysandra fed the darkness looming and trying to grasp at her heart. “Unfortunately for my sanity and my beauty, I never want to know.”

Elide wiped at her eyes and clapped her hands together. “Okay, enough of this. We are going to be late and poor Rowan will think you’ve abandoned him.” She grabbed at Aelin’s hands and dragged her to where her dress was waiting. “Come on, let’s get you dressed. Perhaps you won’t want to burn the place down because of Darrow while you’re wearing it.”

Aelin plastered a grin on her face for her friends and then sighed dreamily as Lysandra and Elide removed the protective covering from the dress in perfect synchronization. It was truly a work of art. It was floor length, sleeveless and brilliant white. There was no back to the mermaid sheath gown but the shoulders were covered with a lace applique. There was a long flowing train that had illusion lace sections in three parts. The front was simple, elegant so as not to take away from the artistry of the back. She had especially wanted the dress to be backless as Rowan had re-done her tattoos over the additional scarring left by Cairn, but the old language still looked beautiful etched over her ravaged back.

Lysandra and Elide helped Aelin into the gown and when she was ready, the other girls had tears in their eyes. Aelin took in her reflection and all she could think was that this was a lie. She was a pretty, white lie to the world when in reality, she was stained so black that it was hard to believe she was allowed to wear something so unmarred by the darkness clearly clawing to free itself. Aelin kept her face clear of her thoughts, something she had been perfecting since she came home. She would not let the uncertainty ruin this day. Each day she woke up surrounded by light, free with Rowan wrapped around her made breathing easier but something this monumental felt like it could be ripped from her. She would not allow that to happen.

She smiled and felt the vice grip on her heart lesson a little with her resolution. “Today is going to be perfect. I won’t accept anything less.”

Lysandra and Elide squealed and rushed to Aelin to hug her and Aelin decided she had one more stop to make before she headed down the aisle, one she knew would ease her weary soul.

Beauty [Rick Grimes x Reader]

Hi! Could I please request a Rick x Reader one-shot where they’re already in a relationship, she deals with low self-esteem that she’s managed to keep kinda hidden, and he somehow catches her at a low moment, and shows her how beautiful/perfect she is to him with some good ol’ loving smut? Thanks! Bless you for all these wonderful stories, btw! ❤️

Hiii so I’m not the same person who ask if you have any plus size imagines but I was wondering if you could write one where the reader (who’s plus sized and who is also in a relationship with rick) sees rick flirting with a women in Alexandria who is skinnier and “prettier” and the reader becomes very self conscious but once rick gets home he sees she’s acting different and ask why and he tells her she’s all he wants and proves it:)) P.S sorry is my English is shit it’s not my first language

I combined these two requests, I hope you both like them! This was really fun to write! 💓

Words: 2,773

Warnings: Smut, swearing, self-hatred, insecurity

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Midnight Luxe

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(Part 2) (Part 3) (Part 4) (Part 5)

Pairing: Jungkook x Reader

Genre: angst, fashion designer Jungkook AU,

Summary:  Your life was nothing but a drag until you met Jeon Jungkook, the alluringly beautiful fashion design student who asked you to model for his upcoming runway show. Soon you find yourself pulled into his eccentric group of friends and their enticing world of fashion, sex and music, a world that may ultimately leave your heart in pieces.

Inspired by the anime/manga Paradise Kiss ♥

You can still remember the first time you saw Jungkook, standing under the tacky neon lights of the nightclub, cigarette planted firmly in his hand. His black tousled hair, deep smoky eyeliner and tight fitting ripped jeans made him look like the human embodiment of lust. Even in the poor lighting, he was simply radiant. His perfection and beauty so overwhelming it was almost like a deformity, separating him from the rest of the world, making him seem alien.

You had been walking back from a late night study session at your friend’s house, clutching your phone tightly in your palms out of fear. You’d always hated walking home alone at night. It made you feel vulnerable, like someone could jump out at you at any given moment. 

Of course, your fears weren’t entirely irrational but deep down you knew it was unlikely that anyone would harm you. However, you always got particularly nervous when you walked through this area of town, “the shady area” as you liked to call it.

Your footsteps echoed through the street as you quickly walked, wanting to get home as soon as possible. Thankfully there hadn’t been many hanging around outside the bars and clubs, one girl had her arm around her friend as she vomited into a gutter and a few people stood around in small groups talking and smoking. Just as you had reached the end of the street, when the few people present had thinned out you saw him. Standing outside the very last club.

As you walked passed him, he gave you a look and smirked slightly. You don’t really remember exactly how you’d felt at that first look, but you can recall how it seemed like he knew everything about you, like with one quick glance he could analyse every detail of your life and stare into your very soul. Even then, you could tell his eyes were an endless riddle, filled with possibilities and emotions that were near impossible to read all at once.

Your pace quickened even more to escape his gaze and out of the corner of your eye you saw him chuckle to himself, drop his cigarette onto the floor, stump it out with his shoe and head back inside.

It was meant to end there. You were never meant to meet Jungkook again. He was only ever meant to be a stranger.

Of course, fate always had a way of intervening.

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