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Holy crap I love your two devimega pics! Have you got any backstory for how Kara became a demon?

AAAaaaaaoo ;w;) super glad you’re interested, ‘non! And thank you!

I’m still working on it, but the story takes place in a reincarnation!au where Oso is a demon and Kara is a human priest. Idk how the other four brothers will fit into the story, but Karamatsu is the first brother that Osomatsu re-meets in that timeline. 

Oso is very lonely as a demon, so he tricks Kara into committing a super bad deed (idk what haha) and, since Kara was a man of God, his punishment is “worse than the regular” and he becomes a demon, just like Oso! Oso will claim tricking Kara was “the Great Evil’s will”, but really he just wanted to be with his brother(s) again. ¯ ≥ ¯ )ノ That’s all I have for now!