“My very first day, Darren Criss was giving me a lot ― because I had never even been on a set with cameras or anything, so I didn’t know what anybody’s job was. I didn’t know what the hell was going on. So Darren was amazing, walking me through kind of everyone’s job on the set, what was going on, what things meant that were probably very elementary that I didn’t know.” - Grant Gustin

Talk Dirty To Me

Grant isnโ€™t quite sure when he became Darrenโ€™s go-to drunk dial.ย //ย Rย //ย {notes} because darren totally missed grant at the 100th party right/right?

When Grant gets woken up in the middle of the night by the tinkle of the Skype dial tone, heโ€™s somehow not even remotely surprised to find that itโ€™s Darren on the other end of the line. Itโ€™s coming up to four, and even with his brain foggy and clouded and his eyes sticky with sleep, he knows that the Darren who is about to pop up on screen will be rather tipsy, if not well into the boundary of drunk. Only drunk Darren calls him at bizarre times of day. Sober Darren is a little more considerate. Most of the time.

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anonymous asked:

OH MY GOD PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE ALWAYS WRITE DARREN/GRANT IM GONNA FAINT GOD also could you rec me some darren/grant please?? im dead on the floor

I love your reaction, anon. So. Much.

As for Darren/Grant recs, there are shamefully few of them out there (that I’ve found anyway, and I consider myself somewhat of an expert on these things) but here’s the best of the best!