offreef42  asked:

What do you think nomads do all day everyday?

SM seems to want us to think that they are just constantly traveling and running through the woods eating people (just like she wants us to think that the Volturi and Romanians literally sat on thrones not moving for 100s of years at a time???) but that’s hard for me to accept. lol. 

While I do agree they aren’t generally all that interested in the human world, I can’t really accept that they never participate in it. 

Sometimes they kill someone, or just find an empty house (abandoned, or people away on vacation) and they have some fun with it.  Take a shower, because why not? Try to figure out how to work the TV and cable and DVD played. Make love in a nice bed.  Wash their clothes (and flood the poor human’s house because oops). 

Sometimes they kill someone and find money in their pocket and turn to their companion and are like “You wanna go catch a film?  You think it’s still 5 cents or is it more expensive now? I haven’t been in awhile.” “OMG they are in COLOR NOW!” “AND THEY TALK!” 

Or else they use the money to go spoil themselves with some nice clothes instead of hand-me-downs from their victims. 

James and Victoria were probably not the only ones to play epic games of hide-and-seek, although with their powers and personalities it did take on another edge. 

But for the most part I think the human world is more of a place they visit than somewhere they really care about living in. They don’t really NEED a house because they don’t sleep, or need shelter from the heat, cold or rain. I don’t think they care about human events like elections and fads.  Wars, maybe, but that’s because it affords them opportunities to feed and I’m sure they hear about it through the vampire grapvine rather than CNN or Fox or a newspaper. 

I also like to think that a lot of the mysterious stuff that happens in the world that we can’t explain is bored nomads just messing around because they have literally nothing else to do. 

“Look at this cool design I made in this field.” “Why did you do that?” “Meh. I was bored.” And thus, crop circles. 

Christmas Party- Jack Gilinsky

A/n: 25 Days of Christmas

“Y/n stand up straight” your mom reprimands as you stand at the door ready to ring the bell. “Chill out mom I look fine” “I need you to look better than fine these people haven’t seen you in a year” she says fluffing your hair. You roll your eyes and ring the bell. 

Stepping in the house the clock starts. You told yoour mom you’d give her 30 minutes of excellent behavior. You’d smile and recount the same stories about how great college is and what an opportunity it was to travel before ducking out and finding some corner to hide away in for the rest of the night. 

When you finally snuck away you were exhausted. Apparently college had changed you more than you realized because tonight was an evening of compliments. You had managed to fight off the freshman fifteen and the campus gym became a great stress reliever and it seemed like everyone was taking notice. 

Your mother had done the honor of choosing your outfit and thank God her fashion sense was on point. You looked classy with a hint of sexy a style completely different from your usual comfy casual attire. 

Surveying the party from the kitchen you see a fair amount of kids from high school but the host’s golden child is nowhere to be seen. 

In the car ride over your mother took the unnecessary liberty of updating you on all of Jack accomplishments, information coutesy of book club. 

 Although you hadn’t seen them since you graduated high school facebook and twitter  served as easy updates on his life. You never flew in the same circles back then but that didn’t stop you from developing an unhealthy crush. He was never a player only the finest piece of eye candy around. The damn jawline and that smile and don’t forget that thing he does with his eyebrows. He made you swoon from across the room. It’s hard to look someone in the eye after you’ve imagined them in less than pure situations.

“I don’t believe we’ve met I’m Jack” he says interrupting your thoughts. You nearly choke on your drink. “Jack we went to high school remember” you chuckle lifting you hair to shoulder length mimicking the awful and distinctive cut you had back then. “Wow Y/n I didn’t recognize you.” “Thanks..” you trail not sure how to take the compliment. “You look fantastic, I mean very beautiful” he said sincerely taking your hand and encouraging you to spin. You giggled spinning around. “God damn girl” Your eyes lock on the ground unable to attempt eye contact.

“I’m going to stop gawking at you. What do you say we sit down for a bit” You smiled at his words as he lead you out of the kitchen on to the back patio.

“Jack you’re staring” you say shifting shyly folding your arms across your chest. “Here are you cold” he offers already taking off his jacket. He drapes the coat over you shoulders his fingers touching your skin for mere seconds. “I’m sorry it’s just you’re so..” he gestures with his hands struggling to find the right words. “Different?” you venture pulling his coat tighter around you. “Yeah but a good different” he grins showing his teeth. 

The two of you spend the next hour catching up on the last year of your lives. He shares your snarky sense of humor and his wild tour adventures beyond fascinate you. 

“I can’t believe we’ve never talked before now” “It’s a true shame” you whisper leaning closer to Jack. “How long are you home for” he asks touching his knees to yours. “A few more days” Jack bites his lip glancing down at yours. “We should meet up again then”

Just as you both lean in the sliding door to the patio whooshes open your mom poking her head out. “Time to go dear, hi Jack” she smiles sweetly “Hi Mrs. Y/l/n” Leave it to your mom to ruin a perfectly good moment. You stand up handing his back his jacket. “Until next time” he coos kissing you on corner of your mouth.