ok so on the topic of Floraliens i have another. A Witch Hazel, her nickname is Elphaba/ Elphie

colors are temporary.

she’s a spider lolita, her job on HW is a secretary but her side hobby is a seamstress. once she sides with Earth she’s gonna have a tiny tophat for every occasion

being an experiment of sorts she’s currently the only Witch Hazel (at least the only one that looks like this that’s cus i haven’t made any other Witch Hazels besides her)

hiding in the dark | original mystery twins au x reader

so i totally copped out because i have no idea how to write threesomes and i’m Trash so i apologize for the lack of the smut scene, i had zero clues on how to figure that one out. but here’s what i did write, i hope you like it! – anon rosie

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Happy 22nd Birthday Paige!

Thank you for being a rolemodel for every WWE male/female fan. I have been now watching you for almost 5 years.I’ve been astonished by most of the grapplin’ and wrasslin’ you can bring to the table at such a young age. I am proud to be a RAMPAIGER. Your pale skin and piercings is what keeps me going everyday and encourages me to be myself. Don’t change for anybody because you’re the mischievous history maker WWE is craving for. Stay humble and hungry, pumpkin.