Hi, everyone! :D My name’s Ru Xu, and I’m working on a graphic novel series called NewsPrints. It will be released January 2017 by @graphixbooks!

I just got the OK from my editor to reveal the cover, so I thought I’d round up some WIP I’ve been posting on my Twitter. Now, what’s NewsPrints about? 

A newsboy named Blue (a girl, actually) who, during a war, befriends a reclusive inventor and one of his inventions – a boy who is the prototype for a flying metal soldier.

I’m really excited about the first book because it explores a lot of eye-opening feelings I had toward fitting in while growing up, gender identity, and dealing with the expectations of adults. I got to draw a backdrop inspired by the early 20th century and dieselpunk, with a big diverse cast! 6(>u<)9 

I’m also excited to announce that I will be at San Diego Comic Con 2016 with Scholastic and previews of the book! :D Come visit me!

And finally, if you want to read something by me RIGHT NOW, I have a webcomic called Saint for Rent, which features cool girls, cute guys, and inns for Time Travelers.


I have no idea who sends them. all the marking seems to be is a crude representation of my gem scraped onto the box or whatever they give as a way of addressing it. 

I started getting them almost a year after we settled in. its usually small toys and objects for the lapeeps to play with and chew up, but there is the occasional… surprise.

A lot of the things I got early on seemed to be essentials that I didn’t know were essential, like how the lapeeps really enjoying playing in and around the water. in fact, water seems to behave very strangely around them. it was one of the things I didn’t bother with researching when trying out different elements of basic bird care from the start since gems don’t require it like organic life.

Who knew gems like these would enjoy these toys so much? I mean, I guess this person does. the mental stimulation seems to have greatly improved their health with the bonus of keeping them occupied while I can work nearby.

Oh yeah, sometimes theres something in the gifts for me too.

I wish I could thank them.