Gentle Mother, font of mercy, 
save our sons from war, we pray, 
stay the swords and stay the arrows, 
let them know a better day. 
Gentle Mother, strength of women, 
help our daughters through this fray, 
soothe the wrath and tame the fury, 
teach us all a kinder way.

                                                                            11. soundtrack

jack-o-lantern man by the bravery [ i was only seventeen / stir the blood & spill the seed / psilocybin all the time / dirty water spill the wine ] na na na na naa by kaiser chiefs [ it does not move me  it does not get me going at all / it does not shift me, it’s not the kind of thing that I like ] jenny was a friend of mine by the killers [ and then you whisper in my ear / i know what you’re doing here / there ain’t no motive for this crime / jenny was a friend of mine ] if only bythe kooks [ if only if only / he wasn’t so lonely / he’d have someone to play with / instead of bombing our neighbors ] dust bowl dance by mumford & sons [ yes sir yes sir yes it was me / i know what i’ve done cause i know what i’ve seen ] trouble by natalia kills [ hey lover come and be my alibi / i’m gonna burn down the house tonight ] control by halsey [ all the kids cried out please stop you’re scaring me / i can’t help this awful energy / goddamn right you should be scared of me ] [ uprising by muse ] [ if you could / flick a switch and open your third eye you’d see that / we should never be afraid to die ]