the data of long distance lovers
$(function(){ $('#keywords').tablesorter(); });It is a truism to say that relationship is hard to maintain. It might be even more difficult when the Atlantic Ocean separates them. But thanks to internet and those big data companies that feed themselves...

Cool data visualization of a variety of behavioural dimensions found in texting. I’ll be sure to refer to this in my data course 2nd semester.
Let Me Tell You About My Aesthetic - Top Six Forwards
Said one fan girl to another fan girl, “Man, I love his puck possession AND his face.” (Spoilers, that fan girl was me.) (I might have been talking about Jamie Benn.)

As the “I’m in this for the fun and the jokes and the occasional rant” side of 2BL, when the subject of graphing the attractiveness of our players came up (we might have been drinking but honestly probably not) I jumped all over the chance to bust out my colored pens. Fake graphs about hot men? I’M ALL OVER THIS LIKE … SOMETHING ON SOMETHING ELSE.

Then I sat down to look at exactly how to frame this, and ended up assigning metrics anyway. Hey! Actual stats ftw! (Subjective stats in categories I’ve only recently made up, I’m like an actual statistician now.)

SineRider is this brilliant graphing puzzle game that is brilliant. It starts with basic tutorials about functions and how to transform them in time and space. Then it’s on to a slew of increasingly complex puzzles based around getting a sled to go through all the boxes. I don’t see many educational games that are this clever.

What’s your Favorite Food? (Add your birth sign!) + Graph

Help me make a statistical graph (for fun) >W< And I really need your help! Please reply or reblog and comment (do not tag your answer or i can’t see it right away) this post! You can also send me fan mail/ask me the answer!

Please send in your answers (your personal information will not be revealed– only your favorite food and your birth sign!

I will make this graph and post it so you can guys can see the statistics >W<

Please participate and have fun with it >W<


Put in your birth sign, and what is your favorite food?

Wedding Planner, Make Your Coalition Memorable

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Value in Relationships – How Graphs Make Databases Fun Again by Michael Hunger August 19, 2015 at 10:33AM

We’re in luck again, the last VirtualJUG session in July was an excellent presentation “Value in Relationships – How Graphs Make Databases Fun Again” by Michael Hunger. During the day Michael works for Neo Technology on the Neo4j graph database.

Friday Freebie: 100th Day of School Activities

Friday Freebie: 100th Day of School Activities

100 Days Shape Graph by Fun Classroom Creations on Made By Teachers

Free graphing and shape recognition activity for the 100th day of school.

This is a wonderful activity for Kindergarten and 1st grade students. Children color the shapes, then they complete the graphing activity by counting the shapes in the 100 days of school picture. Have a great winter and February!

100th Day of Schoolby…

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