So my friend arby-id10t tagged me for this handwriting thing, and yeah, here you go dude. It’s not my neatest, but anyways. I’m supposed to tag 10 more people, so here you go: whats1dor2d , phasewalker , ebenus-lupus , kinghiccup , dean-is-cas-unicorn , myruggedheart , quillscribbles , poplitealqueen , i-am-ironmaiden  , aspiringyouth

You don’t have to do this, if you don’t want to! :)


Stats from Sign-up week! 

Weight loss only accounts for 14% of primary motivation among entrants. Starting a routine, improving overall fitness and building strength account for the top 3 motivators for #ProofOfWorkout Challengers. Cool!

[Not Pictured] Of the users who listed building strength as a goal, 48% of them used “get swole” or “get ripped” to describe their challenge. Neat!


Two months and counting. Still satisfied and happy to have a job that deals with stuff that matters. Though I still find myself lost sometimes especially when things become too technical, all’s good.  I know I’ll learn all about it in time with patience and hard work (or not! Haha :p) 

The endless readings makes me feel like an eternal student while the programs I’m picking up here makes me feel smart. Feel being the operative word–the mathematical program is soooooo alien to me. It was fun to make 3D graphs though. Yet not as fun as making informative maps!!! ;) 

Hoping for more fulfilling tasks ahead!