The Evolution of Superhero Icons

Florida-based designer Eric Snapper and PicClick team have designed amazing GIFs chronicling the evolution of three iconic superheroes’ logos. Now you can sit down, relax and view the transformation of Batman’s Spiderman’s, and Superman’s legendary icons. Although they have endured modifications within several decades, each logo has remained authentic to its crime-fighting origins.

via PicClick 


The Skyforge was first discovered by Jeek of the River and his crew who were traveling south from Hsaarik Head to settle. They scouted the area later named Whiterun Hold and found a mysterious structure that was described as “a monument of a bird whose eyes and beak were opened in flame.” It was discovered that the monument was feared by the native elves and suspecting that it held great power, Jeek and his crew settled and built Jorrvaskr at the foot of the Skyforge, so it would provide their steel.


The Morgenstern family is notorious for two of its late members: Valentine Morgenstern, the founder of the Circle, and his son, Jonathan, widely known as Sebastian, the leader of the Endarkened. Both brought malevolence and shame to the family name with their plots and harsh ideals against Shadowhunters and Downworlders, thus inspiring superstition around objects or weapons connected to the family. Though both of them were also the reasons for the Mortal War and the Dark War respectively, Clary, Valentine’s daughter and Jonathan’s sister, was a crucial part of the victories against them.
According to Jonathan, he and Clary were the last direct Morgenstern descendants. Valentine’s father was killed by a Downworlder, and his father’s brother died in battle. After his death, Clary is supposedly the last of the Morgensterns; even then, Clary is not known to officially use the family name.