::throws up hands and tosses away the stylus:: That’s it! 6am! I cannot allow myself to work on this any longer! I’ve been nitpicking at this for several hours now and if I do anything else to it i will surely over-render it some more lol

Daily paint is a day late thanks to me sleeping for a glorious 10 hours yesterday along with other daily tasks that needed my attention. But here’s hoping i can catch up before I go to work later on tonight!

…Oh yeah, suppose explanation is in order: I’ve always headcannon’d Wheeljack to have like this monstrous visage behind that mask of his, kind of like a counter point to the “oh no he’s hot” or “he’s horribly disfigured” trope that’s been following him about (mind you this was before TFP when I thought of this.) 

Anyways i’m off to bed! Sorry for the unfinished quality of this but that’s how it goes sometimes!