graphicy things

Thank you so much you guys! I’m terribly sorry for being completely inactive on this blog over the last year but I’ll do my best to get more involved in making new resources and helping you out with any photoshop questions you might have! So, to thank you for believing in this blog and to celebrate the 800 followers, you’re more than welcome to make any requests regarding photoshop resources and I’ll make a big special resource post:

  • PSDs
  • Handwritten Textures
  • Tutorials 
  • Overall mixed texture packs
  • Themed texture packs
  • anything that might tickle you
  • go over to my main blog to request graphics or other graphicy things

Okay, so I’m terrible at graphicy things but since everyone else does the icon promo, here’s one for this boy!

If you’re okay with following vain, rude, self-entitled, beautiful little assholes, then may I introduce you to Prince Louis Philippe Jean “Adam”? Established on Tumblr 3.20.17 (originally as shesstillhere), this is a multi-verse, multi-ship, selective blog.

Adam is written by Katie, a nerdy almost 30 with 4 dog kids and a full time job that doesn’t always leave her at the computer, but, she is known to RP via IM and Skype when the chemistry is too good to miss out on, honestly. Katie is a founding member of the Luke Evans Thirst Squad 2k17 and holds occasional streams of Luke movies.

Adam and Katie are AU and Ship hoes and prone to do a lot of sinning (with people over 18). Chances are if y’all hit it off, you’ll have lots of fun!

If you’d be so kind, reblog this post if you’d be willing to interact with them!