comparisons of my tokyo ghoul x persona 4 crossover graphic

i had fun with this ^^ it was a pretty straight forward edit and the animations weren’t too tedious to recreate. of course i couldn’t do everything exactly on point, but i like how it turned out T∇T

reblog if you’re okay with me ( yourunhappyending ) tagging you in random starters.

this may sound like a really really weird request. but the truth of the matter is. i’m a shy turtle and there are so many blogs i wanna just – tag in things and start rps with. but i’m too shy to. so i guess just – give this a reblog if you’re okay with it. this isn’t a starter call, it’s just — a permission slip. basically telling me to stop being dumb and just rp with people. sidenote, not only will i use a random number generator to write short starters, but if i’m in a graphicy mood – some people might win stuff. 

credit to the wonderful Elena for the beautiful graphic

I’ve finally hit 500 followers and I can’t believe I’ve managed to trick so many users into following me, so as a huge thank you for making my dash a beautiful place, this is my 1st follow forever ♥ 



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I’ve probably missed a tonne of people but ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ I still love you. Oh & message me if I have.

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mindcrankismycommander i see your board graphic, and i raise you a pink board graphic

listen no one ever taught me how to play magic right so now i do things like just throwing my cards everywhere and you gotta figure out what kind of organizational system i’ve got going on here

HEY, SO I’M in need of some money. i have an apartment to pay for ( a little over five hundred dollars per month ) and i’m also saving up to study abroad at my university’s affiliate school in france so i can get my international business degree. the trip alone will cost $5,000 and i have to pay for class credits on top of that. needless to say, i need to rake in some money while i’m in this odd, jobless limbo. i’ve been applying for different jobs but in the meantime i’m willing to put my ~talents to use! 

prices and what you’ll be getting.

$20 customized theme without pop-up pages
$25 customized theme with pop-up pages
$15 100 icons
$8   50 icons 
$4   25 icons 
$5   promo graphic

i request that the money gets transferred through paypal and i’ll provide the information for that after everything has been settled. being a broke eighteen year old, i totally understand not being able to afford stuff. if you can’t afford anything on this list, i’m willing to negotiate a price! and if money is tight all around, it’ll still mean the world to me if you can reblog this to spread the word! thanks for reading, guys!! if you want to contact me, you can hit up my ask on my roleplay blog ( adeloes ) or on my personal blog ( mvthics ). 

icon examples.

theme examples. 


I started trying myself on doing graphics again and have a lot of fun with url inspired graphics so I thought why not. I also reached 1,9k yesterday so maybe we can celebrate with this a lil bit :P


  • mbf ramblingsammy (aka me)
  • Reblogs only (likes won’t count, they only make me cry)
  • Must have a fandom related url please*
  • check out my other url graphics here

I’ll pick:

  • Several urls that inspire me for a graphic
  • I’ll do about 5-10 (maybe more depending on notes)


*if you are currently using a halloween url etc and want me to use your usual url, please tag the url you want me to use