Graphic T-Shirt Friday!

New shirt alert! For those of you who may not know, this is a play on the state’s tagline: Virginia is for Lovers. And based on how many people run around my area, saying it’s for runners is definitely accurate.

Including me! I am RUNNING again! Tentatively. Short distances. I should be doing them on the treadmill but it’s way too nice outside and now that I can run again, going to the gym just makes me sad. But I am trying really really hard to hold back because I know my bone is still in the healing stages. Rebreaking it would be…disaster.

For right now, I am doing five miles or less every other day (ish). Still swimming, biking, and all that too. 

It’s been a busy week for me. I actually spent 24 hours in Chicago for work and got to hang out with tumblr dogs Zito and Ollie! Not pictured is @a-yogi-who-wods who belongs to Zito and is cool too.

It was fabulous but such a whirlwind. I wish i could have spent more time in Chicago but honestly, work is just too crazy to be traveling a lot. 

Speaking of Chicago, GOOD LUCK TO ALL THE MARATHON RUNNERS! @breatherunlive, @runsforredvelvet, @excelwithpassion @runningforbiscuits @seechrisrun ETA: @runningfurtherfaster and I’m sure I missed someone but HAVE THE BEST TIME! I will be thinking of all of you taking on those gorgeous roads. If anyone wants to post their bib number I would love to track you!

Graphic T-shirt Travel Friday!

It’s finally happening! I am at National Airport waiting for my flight to board. If everything goes well, I’ll be in San Francisco tonight and tomorrow I head to Dubai!

And not a minute to soon. My gym is part of the county community center so it was cowed this morning so naturally, I sucked it up and ran outside. It was about 10 degrees without the windchill bringing it down to the negatives. Luckily I have a layering system now so i survived. But let’s check out the weather forecast for Dubai and Harare:

YES. Between the snow and ice and 10 degree run this morning, I cannot wait. I predict my poor body is probably going to go into shock because of the dramatic change but I don’t care. What does it feel like to be warm outside?

Plain White T-Shirt Friday

I knooooow, It’s all ruined. This is not the graphic t-shirt post you have come to expect. I am the worst. But I didn’t even really think it through when I packed my bag last night (I ran and then changed at work not at home today). So here we are. The opposite of a graphic t-shirt: the plain white tee. 

Worst of all, I haven’t been posting regular Friday updates! I guess I just feel like I have less to talk about when I’m not doing any organized training. Trust me, I think I’m working my butt off but not talking about it as much? I’ve added spin classes into the weekly training and it’s so freaking hard. I mean, in a good way but still way harder than I thought it could be.

I’ve noticed that my legs move slowly over all disciplines: swimming, biking, and running. I get away with it in running and swimming because I’m tall (and maybe part of the problem is that I am so tall?) but it’s hard to hide behind when you have to pedal. My main goal right now is to just pick up my cadence in all three sports but mostly running because it’s my favorite.

The big news of the week is that I picked my spring marathon! “Mallory, why are you going to Ohio of all places?” Well, one, it’s a short/cheap flight to a nearby airport (less than two hours to Detroit), I figure it’ll be cooler there in April than here and it’s pretty darn flat! ETA. and MOSTLY because @elkay723 is running it as well! Runner friends are the best kind of friends.

 All these things should, fingers crossed, get me at least a BQ and hopefully a new PR! Yes, I will be doing Hansons again. It’ll be a little off since I’m not sure how I’m going to be able to run for two weeks in Zimbabwe but…we will see!

I’ll do a goals post sometime in the next few weeks but I am feeling MAJOR inspiration from everyone who has smashed their PRs this year. 

Okay happy Fridays to all!

Graphic Tank Top Friday!

GUESS WHAT? I am leaving for my trip to Europe TODAY! In about six and a half hours to be exact. And I am so so so excited! 

I am gone for nine days which is nine days to not think about work which I think is the best part. And nine days with the family, that’s also great. I land in Brussels early tomorrow morning and then take the train to Germany. We’ll go from Germany to London next Wednesday and then back to Brussels Saturday, head to DC on Sunday. In all that time I’ll meet my cousin’s new baby, see Harry Potter, and eat as much delicious German food as I can handle.

Somehow, between all of that, I’m going to do my very best to stick to my training plan. However, some of it will be adjusted or interrupted since I am traveling all day tomorrow so probably can’t run then, and Wednesday I’ll be on my way to London instead of running a tempo. However, I’ve already scoped out some running routes in London so I think I’ll get a few good quality runs in.

I’m mostly packed but now running out of time to get my work stuff sorted so this post is gonna be short. Happy Fridays!

Graphic Dress Friday!

Summer dresses are the best: one piece of clothing and GO. Especially if it’s something that is stretchy and doesn’t involve zippers or buttons … :hearts for eyes: AND the sun is shining, it’s only in the 70s and humidity is low. So basically, today is wonderful.

I’m sitting at my desk instead of standing these days because it’s all about less pressure on the foot I guess. Heal, baby, heal! Sitting is awful though, I much prefer standing now after years of having the standing desk.

Exciting news is that yesterday, the tape stayed on my toe while I was swimming laps and it felt perfectly normal! So that means lap swimming is a go! Which means I will be swimming a LOT for a while. Honestly, it’s not like running but I like swimming okay.

I think I’m going to actually try joining a master’s swim group after Labor Day. I’m a little nervous because they use all sorts of weird lingo on boards that make no sense to me. And the group here requires that you can swim freestyle 2:00/100yards. Which is basically exactly the pace I do in the pool so I’m kinda worried  that they’ll think I’m slow? 

But since I have a summer pool pass through Labor Day, I’ll just keep doing my own thing until then.

Anywho, happy Friday-ing and a blanket good luck to any workouts you all are doing this weekend!

Graphic Pants Friday!

I cannot even tell you all how much I love these pants. I am sad to report, however, that they are getting a liiiiittle tight in the thighs these days. Which makes sense because I am just continuing to roll through marathon training and my leg muscles are being built up! At least that’s what I’m telling myself. 

I am tired today. I think it’s a combination of training, staying up late to watch the Olympics and just plain old STRESS. It’s been a WEEK on so so many fronts.I think one of my biggest issues is that I can’t unplug anywhere. If work is stressful, then I get in my car and hear the news, then I get home and talk about the news or work, hear from my friends about their stresses and it just gets. To. Be. A. Lot. Does that make sense?

Tomorrow I have a 15 mile/150 minute run to do. I have to admit, my last long run wasn’t great mentally–I got bored and cranky so I am hoping tomorrow goes a bit better. I think we have the tendency to forget that part of marathon training is mental: the long runs condition you physically AND mentally. I’ll try to keep that in mind when I get irritated that I’m still running after two hours while other people are sleeping in and going to brunch.

Other than that, the running is going pretty smoothly and I’m halfway through training! The marathon is just over 60 days away! I’m still hitting my goal paces on the track and in tempo runs. My body hurts but not in a bad way. I just need some SLEEP. So you could say your girl’s got goals! Will she hit eight hours tonight? OR will a cat sit on her face at 3am and wake her up? We’ll find out, coming up!

Yep, I’m tired. 

Graphic T-Shirt Friday

Nevertheless, She Persisted.

Political AND motivational. My running has not improved since Wednesday so I did some pool running this morning. Just keeping on, keeping on. This is not the position I want to be in but I can’t do much other than hope my hip heals up by race day. Let’s just say I’m doing an extreme taper right now.

Graphic T-Shirt Friday

Fridaaaaaay! Thank GOODNESS. This week has just dragged by. 

I have spent the majority of this week sore and exhausted after Sunday’s marathon. I seriously don’t think I have ever been as sore post-marathon as I was this time around. Probably because I didn’t really run for a while leading up to it? You know, that’s sort of a key thing. So I’ve heard.

Today is the first day my muscles feel almost normal. The exception is my dang hip. That pain was hidden among all my other muscle pain but it’s very clear that it didn’t magically heal. So I’m doing the PT thing for the foreseeable future. They’ve been starting with a massage on my abductor and HOLY. SHIT. It hurts like a bitch. It is painful and sore and now bruised. I think that’s a good thing?

I’m signed up to run the National Women’s Half Marathon in DC on Sunday morning. I’m like 80% sure I am not running it. I’m still too tired and it’s not worth it if I just hurt myself more. Also…sleep. I want it. 

I’m still digesting the marathon and everything from Sunday. I’ll put up a race report next week. But I am really proud of my performance. It went better than expected but not as well as I hoped. However, I don’t think I’m going to try for a marathon PR this year. As my body is telling me, I need some rest. 

Graphic Tank Top Friday!

It’s too damn hot for a t-shirt and I felt like channeling some of that Olympic strength today!

Honestly, this week has been truly not great. Work has got me stressed out due to things happening outside of my control which is never fun. While these things aren’t my fault, they are my responsibility to fix (and pay to fix) which sucks. But I guess, as long as the clients are happy at the end, we’re good. But ugh.

I’ve also been dealing with “what am I doing with my life” stress and it’s gotten worse in the past few weeks. Maybe because I turned 30? I think it’s actually because a lot of people I know are doing exciting grown up things (marriage! babies! house buying!) and it makes me feel left behind a little? Hard to say for sure so I’m gonna blame the weathe.

You may have heard, there’s the heat wave. Actually, and I might be jinxing myself here, it hasn’t been totally unbearable, running-wise. This is why I run in the morning when it’s cool! But the heat is still really draining. 

This weekend will be the real test: I’m running a six hour relay tomorrow with @cupcakeconditioning and @butterfliesandairplanes from 7:30a,-1:30pm and then I have my long 15 mile run scheduled for Sunday morning. Super duper excited for the relay because yay running with friends and also, trail running aid stations are the BEST. Less stoked for the long run on Sunday but it’s all part of this process. Why did I decide to do a marathon again?

So the most important thing on the agenda right now is getting to bed at a decent time tonight and Saturday night because I have to wake up EARLY this weekend. Not sure if I’ll actually pull it off though…

Graphic T-Shirt Friday/Week 11

FUN FACT: I have owned this shirt for at least 10 years. And before that it belonged to my sister. It’s still one of my favorites because it fits well, has a fun graphic, and is very soft (immediately after taking this picture, I put on a graphic hoodie because I knew SOME people here would criticize me for taking a picture of something other than a graphic shirt. I won’t name names but it rhymes with grivial gob).

I am nearing the end of week 11 of marathon training and my first 16 miler is tomorrow. It’s funny how 14 and 15 milers are normal feeling but the 16 miler is SO hyped up when it’s only an extra 10 minutes of running (I run based on time instead of actual miles). I’m still not having a fun time with these long runs mentally. However, I run my 16s as a loop instead of an out and back so that usually helps pass the time. 

Tomorrow’s run will be extra interesting since we are getting some crazy wind right now. Today is the main event but tomorrow is still supposed to be pretty windy. My run takes me along the Potomac which I’m sure will be extremely gusty! Because of the wind, I decided to run at the gym this morning. Of course, on the drive home I saw a couple of people running outside and immediately felt like a baby. 

I’m still living on that NYC Marathon acceptance high this week. I have my airbnb booked already and started scoping out the course and transportation options. I probably should focus on the marathon coming up in April before making plans for another marathon but I feel like New York is just going to be FUN! But I am going to be training all the time. Especially if I BQ and get into Boston for 2019. 

Graphic T-Shirt Friday!

It’s that time of year when i start getting really really homesick so this seems appropriate for today! Home DOES mean Nevada–even though, truthfully, I only lived there “full-time” for three and a half years and I’ve lived in Virginia longer than that! But if home is where the heart is, then Nevada wins.

Unfortunately for me, I am not getting my Nevada fix this year: because I have my big trip to Zimbabwe (maybe? There’s a not-a-coup coup happening so who knows!), I cannot afford the vacation time or money to fly home this year. It will be my first year ever not celebrating Christmas with my family and I’m sad, not going to lie. However, I am sure it will still be a nice cozy time here! 

In other news, I am getting back into shape and it’s sort of pathetic how happy this makes me. I had a really good couple of weeks of running and then for some reason my motivation got OVER-excited and I went to a 6:30am spin class yesterday morning. I’m not sure that I need to make that one a regular habit but it did feel good!

Being the overachiever that I am, I asked @mrcarlosbc if he wanted to run with me again last night! I think I said this last week but…he’s so fast. I just could tell that I was barely hanging with his easy pace. BUT, I selfishly used him to push me into some faster miles. Admittedly, we were going downhill at the time but hey, my legs still work! 

I realized that I have run ZERO running races this year. I did a sprint tri and an aquabike over the summer and that was it. Who am I? So next week’s turkey trot will be my first race of 2017. The last time I ran it, in 2015, I did it in 22:01. No pressure.

 But it’ll still be nice to have at least one old-fashioned road race to my name this year. Next year, I’ll be back for more!


I KNOW. I am in fact, wearing a graphic t-shirt under my graphic hoody but it’s COLD you guys. In case you had all missed that despite all the “it’s !@#$-ing cold” posts floating around.

Naturally, we are in some sort of historic cold snap and therefore, I am training through it. I haven’t run in above freezing temperatures since this past weekend. Yesterday and today were in the mid-teens. I have complained a lot about it so that everyone knows how hardcore I am for running in this weather.

At least it’s not snowing or worse, freezing rain. So I am sucking it up, wearing layers and heading out.

So training is going about as well as one would expect in week two. I went out too fast on the track, went out too fast during the tempo (only to be reined in by a closed trail and then SURPRISE hills). I think this is pretty normal for me now. In a few weeks I’ll be so tired that I running at pace will feel daunting and hard. So I’ll enjoy fresher legs while I can.

I start my epic journey to Zimbabwe a week from today and am anxiously watching a potential major storm brewing for next week (could be huge, could be a miss). But we got our itinerary and list of hotels today and I am super happy to see a lot of them have some sort of fitness facility available! I really want to run outside but I can see how that may not always be a safe option for me. 

Finally: goodbye 2017, bring on 2018! I’ll work on resolutions later. 

Graphic T-Shirt Friday

It’s certainly graphic but not a traditional graphic shirt. Whatever. My blog, my rules.

I skipped out on last week’s post because I had the day off from work and it was 78 degrees and sunny and honestly, I had zero urge to update any sort of internet related things.

But here I am again and I’m in my second week of actual training for the Cherry Blossom 10 Miler. Of course, it’s in like four weeks so I am doing this way late but the mileage is there–just not the speed. Why yes, I have actually gone to the track twice now. The first time sucked. The second time sucked but in an uplifting sort of way if you know what I mean? 

I also have run two tempo runs–short ones. But I’m aiming for a 7:20 mile pace so even the short ones are killer. All of this combines into me thinking, do I really REALLY want to try this marathon thing again? So things are going well.

Unrelated to running, the boyfriend has now been moved in for over a month and things are good. Actually, very good. I feel so much more calm at home than I did before. We have our own spaces and I can actually just be there without having to do anything or react to anything.  I can watch the TV I want to watch! Or not.  Plus, I like having him around! I’ll  keep him for now.

Otherwise, I just need to get the eating back in shape. I have good intentions and then for some reason decide that I really should eat that bagel and then those chocolate chips and what is one more piece of leftover candy? It’s like some weird self-sabotage. It’s not a big big deal but my 30th birthday is Memorial Day weekend this year and you better believe I am hosting a pool party. So I need to look good! 

Graphic Sweatshirt Friday

It’s chilly here again so I’ve had to dig out my hoodies and sweaters all over again. Thank goodness I have so many. This is from one of my favorite coffee places in Reno–a gift from my dad from last Christmas.

On that note, in about two hours I’m heading up to NYC to spend the weekend with my dad. It’s weird, I was in Reno a week and a half ago and now I’m seeing him again. Not used to all this father-daughter time! I’m happy to do it though: he’s been really really lonely this year since my mom and youngest sister are in Germany until August. Luckily, my other sister is coming home from college this weekend so he should be good after this trip.

My dad is doing the Five Boro’s Bike Ride on Sunday but that means I am going to run around Central Park while he’s out! I’m excited, I’ve been there but haven’t run it yet. I assume I’ll be the only person in the city to think of this so it’ll be totally empty, right? 

Speaking of running, we got absolutely hammered with rain last night into today and I ran through it this morning. It was raining hard as soon as I got onto the porch and then just…got worse. I felt EXTREMELY hardcore but came home completely bedraggled. I’ve run through heavy rain but near the end, it turned into something else. But I’ve been riding that smug runner wave all day so…worth it? At least it wasn’t cold. I don’t mind running in the rain that much but cold and rain, no thanks.

On Wednesday evening I went on a bike ride and a thousand gnats died from impact upon my body. It was so gross. How do people do it every day? I just tried to keep my mouth closed the entire time but still, ew.

Marathon training, week one starts in two weeks. I think I’m ready. September is the earliest I’ve run a fall marathon so I’m definitely training ALL summer long. Combined with two triathlons, I’m going to be doing all sorts of sweaty athletic things this year. Yay?

Floral Friday!

In the spirit of current events I decided to wear my floral romper today. It has POCKETS so it’s practical.

I’ve been doing aaaall the things this week. Seriously, I haven’t actually been home with nothing to do any evening. And you know what else, I’ve been riding my bike like crazy! I sort of love it and the weather is great for it right now. On Monday I rode to a community meeting, on Wednesday I went to a women’s only group ride, and this morning I went to the local Bike to Work Day stop (yes I cheated, I don’t care haha). I’m trying to get used to using it as an alternative means of transportation to walking or driving my car. I’m lucky in that Arlington has an extremely robust system of paths and bike lanes so I feel pretty confident in getting around.

However, since I’m also still swimming and running, I noticed all these things were taking a toll on me during my regular run this morning. Tired tired legs.   I guess it’s sort of lucky that I forgot my extra sports bra today so I am not going to yoga after work.  Marathon training starts officially THIS Monday so I need to either sort out my priorities or hope my body can handle all the extra stuff (note to self, it probably can’t, calm down and focus). (Except I just emailed the Arlington Masters swim group too. I just really love doing things, okay?)

It’s a sunny Friday, I’m jazzed up on cold brew so I’m feeling really good about life right now. Yay! 

Graphic T-Shirt Friday

I apparently donated my Boston Strong t-shirt so this is the closest I have to an encouraging message: Nevertheless, She Persisted. 

I am desperately jealous of all the people heading to Boston this weekend to spectate or to run the marathon. I think this really is a sign I need to get back up there for the race SOON.

Work is so crazy that a Monday feels like it should be Thursday. My head feels like exploding at the end of every day. It’s a frustrating feeling because I’m fairly convinced I have dozens of things slipping through all sorts of cracks. It’s good overall though. We were pretty slow for the first few months of the year and it was definitely freaking my boss out. So: busy is good. Stress is less good but currently a necessary evil. 

Luckily, I am not sick anymore so I’ve been back to running and swimming and last night I died a little during spin class (in a good way). Is it weird that a solid exercise schedule gives me a sense of control? Probably.  Steady exercise also lets me feel less guilty about all the Easter chocolate I’ve consumed. My mom sent me a care package from Germany and I know we all know this but, German chocolate is the best chocolate.

I’m also going to have to write out my marathon training for Berlin soon! Should get started sometime in mid-May which is crazy. Obviously, I’m going to continue doing Hansons. The question is just, what’s the goal pace this time?

Aaaand there’s the phone. Again. At least I’ll be in Reno soon! I mean, still working. But with mountains around me so it’ll feel better. 


Graphic Tank Top Friday!

@trivialbob, see, now you can tell I have on a tank top! Also, this was a gift from @cupcakeconditioning and I seriously love it.

My legs feel so tired this week. I blame the ladder workout from Monday. But they are just not super peppy. This morning I basically walked up every hill while pumping my arms to pretend I was running. I mean, I was trying to run but I just could. not. even. It’s slightly disheartening because it’s not like the training is getting any easier. Plus, I have been downing beets, tart cherry juice and turmeric like it’s my job! Come on anecdotal evidence on recovery, cooperate!

I think part of the problem may actually be that my strength training has been really spotty the past month or so. I get in maybe one post-run strength session a week instead of three right now and it really does make a difference.

Either way it’s not a great feeling going into a triathlon tomorrow but at least it’s just a sprint (can’t believe I just said “it’s just a sprint” and meant it like, oh hey, I just casually do some triathlon every now and then. WHO AM I). I am actually legit excited for it. I think it’s because I have no expectations for myself. I know I’m not competitive. I don’t have a wet suit or a real road bike so this isn’t at all for time, it’s seriously just for fun (again, who am I?). 

I am still bummed out my Suunto isn’t working for this triathlon since it has an actual tri setting. My Garmin will have to fake it but it’s not the saaaaaame. 

So, since I’m tri-ing tomorrow morning, my 14 mile run will get pushed back to Sunday. Which means I should probably push back all my other runs (cough track and tempo cough) but… not sure how I feel about that idea yet. I really really hate getting off my schedule because when it works it works, ya know? I’ll see how I feel Sunday night. 

Anyways, happy Friday and a big CONGRATULATIONS to @emilydoesscience who is not only a kick-ass Ironman but now also a kick-ass MOM!!! 

Graphic Hoodie Friday

I actually had to take a pretty stealthy selfie today. We have hired a few new people so my empty side of the office has filled up! Luckily, I like these people and even if they saw me taking a pic, the probably would only silently judge me.

I overslept my swim this morning which was irritating. I’ve been doing this more and more and I think I have figured out why. My boyfriend moved in with me in January and so, instead of just hitting snooze over and over until I get up, I tend to turn off my alarm instead so as not to wake him. However, not all was lost, I did get in a 45 minute run before work! Remember back in the day when I was running 12 miles before work? Ahahahaha. 

So here’s confession time: running is kind of freaking me out right now. I am so wary of every little twinge in my plantar fascia or my toe. And I can tell I am not in the same shape I was before I got hurt (obviously). I want to train and run fast again but what if I CAN’t? My regular week day run feel like i’m just plodding along. I do the occasional fast strides and…they do not feel good.

Part of me knows that this is just a phase and I’m still getting my body back into running shape. The other part of me is just terrified that I peaked and that was it and there is no coming back and I will never PR in any distance again. And that’s silly too! Because I can still run even if I’m not as fast as I was before. Would it really be the end of the world? Eventually, I will slow down anyways.

Argh, my brain is thinking too much again.