Hockey Graphics Battle ↣ SIDNEYC vs. JONATHNDROUIN


  •  lost light: 2 or more former teammates + light 
  •  old blues: a hockey team/moment/player from before 5 years ago + blue
  • oh captain my captain: a current nhl captain + pastels
  • not from around here:  a player that is from outside north america + their national colours. [[could be NHL, AHL, or even CHL]]
  • on top of the world: happy players + dark colours (contours and shadows)
  • welcome to the big league kid: a rookie or prospect + isolation (silhouettes/shadows/alone/etc…)
  • sing it: any player/team/franchise + song lyrics
  • texture porn: any player(s)/team/franchise + textures
  • started from the bottom: a team that didn’t do very well this season
  • up close and personal: any player + close up
  • on the big screen:any player + movie poster
  • 8tracks or more: any player + fanmix

— This post will be updated with links to the graphics as they are made.

— More prompts may be added along the way.

— Each graphic will include “Hockey Graphics Battle ↣ SIDNEYC vs. JONATHNDROUIN“ as a way to indicate which graphics are used for the battle along with the name of the prompt under it.

— The opponent will be tagged in the graphic so they can see the work.

Good luck!