Gorgeous concept art from Snowpiercer

The upcoming dystopian science fiction film Snowpiercer by Bong Joon Ho is set to make the viewer think about themselves as it tackles the hard questions centred around our social hierarchy. Set in a post-apocalyptic world where a new ice age has ravaged mankind, the remaining few who survive are forced to reside within a train that circles the globe. Inside, the residents live in a vicious social pyramid wherein the wealthy and the privileged live in the forward carriages while the rest are squashed into the dank, dirty rear sections. 

The concept art created in the film’s production showcase the level of imagination involved… with everything from aquariums and botanical gardens to swimming pools and luxury lounge suites featuring across the train’s length. 

See more, plus an interview with the film’s production designer, at: The Creators Project


Brilliant visual ads for recruitment agency show alternative take on our everyday conveniences

Stumbled across this set of graphic advertisements for recruitment agency Jobs In Town. I absolutely love the idea that inside the machines we use every day there could be someone slaving away to provide the conveniences we seek. Such a fun little idea brilliantly implemented. 

Images from: Design Taxi


Wife draws on husband’s Nissan Skyline and the result is incredible.

Armed with just a Sharpie pen, this creative wife took to her husband’s prized Skyline and transformed it into something amazing. Originally her doodles had been intended to cover up a few simple scratches on the bodywork, but once he saw how intricate her designs were, he asked her to continue and cover the whole thing. The result is a beautiful skin of complex patterns like old symbols. The design took around a hundred hours to finish in its entirety, I just hope she weather treated it when she was done!

Images sourced from: Awesome Inventions


Digital etchings from the International Architecture Biennale in Rotterdam

Johan Voordouw and Aisha Sawatsky have produced a series of twelve digital etchings, each of which contains a folly that articulates a particular weather condition, in a project that explores the impact climate change could have on our architecture in the future. Each image is set in a different province of the Netherlands and contains a particular weather condition, in a particular month of the year, with an activity centred around those conditions; representing the country of a whole. 

The images were digitally produced and transferred onto a polymer plate before being printed on 250gsm Arches Cover paper.

See the full set at: eVolo