One of the better animes I’ve seen: Witch Hunter Robin. The story is a little different every time I watch it, like reading a book ten times and gaining new details every round. Like many great works, it ended all too soon, with a slightly dissatisfactory ending. All in all, it’s an excellent series if you’re into cops/government drama, supernatural/esoteric/religious stuffs, and complex characters with little time to expose them. 26 episodes in all, like Cowboy Bebop, without a followup movie. In fact, some of the same people who worked on CB also worked on WHR, so they have a similar melancholy feel.

Spontaneous Robin Sena Fanart! Robin has always been one of my favourite characters, and it’s been a while since I last went back to her. Also I won’t be able to finish my Toph pic before school starts, so I did this as a quick pic in the meantime (also as a break after struggling to fix Toph’s fist).

Also watercolour brush, WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN ALL MY LIFE. I loved colouring with it, it’s great for blending. I am going to use it more, and somehow I have to incorporate it with colour instead of the black and white I did here.

Witch Hunter Robin Nonsense
  • Robin:Do you have any information about a witch with certain powers committing crimes?
  • Informant:Yea there's a witch running around named Single Eye.....SIIIINGLE EEEYYYYEEE.
  • Robin:Cool thanks!
  • Random Dude:Oh! Sorry I bumped into you at this high profile crime scene that I just happen to be hanging around...but I have this SINGLE EYE you see, so it's hard for me to see where I'm going while lurking about suspiciously...
  • Robin:...
  • Random Dude:...
  • Robin:...Cool! See Ya!!