It was a bead of light that expanded as it flew, expanded into a circle holding multiple images. Simon saw a piece of azure ocean, the corner of a satin dress that belled out as its wearer spun, a glimpse of Magnus’s face, a boy with blue eyes–and then Azazel opened his arms and the circle of images vanished into his body, like a stray piece of trash sucked into the fuselage of a jet plane.

City of Lost Souls, page 238.

My favorite quote for day one of Malec week. It’s a small moment, but I noticed that when they all had to sacrifice a happy memory, Simon saw one of Magnus’s face, which had to be from Alec. The fact that Alec’s immediate choice of a happy memory involved Magnus was so beautiful and so sad that he had to forget it.

Words seemed to explode out of Alec in a rush, though judging by his expression he wished he could hold them back. “It was my fault. I got everything wrong even before I showed up, and you knew how to order at the restaurant and I had to stop myself laughing at that song on the subway. I have no idea what I’m doing and you’re, um, glamorous.”


Alec looked at Magnus, stricken, as if he thought he’d got everything wrong again.

Magnus wanted to say, No, I was the one who brought you to a terrible restaurant and treated you like a mundane because I didn’t know how to date a Shadowhunter and almost bailed on you even though you were brave enough to ask me out in the first place.

What Magnus actually ended up saying was, “I thought that terrible song was hilarious,” and he threw back his head and laughed. He glanced over at Alec and found him laughing too. His whole face changed when he laughed, Magnus thought. Nobody had to be sorry for anything, not tonight.


The Bane Chronicles: The Course of True Love (and First Dates)

Malec Week -  August  1: Favourite book scene


Fictional character aesthetic –> Alexander Lightwood

People fade. Over time you’ll forget. You’ll forget my face, my eyes, my laugh—you’ll forget me. The memories you have of me will just become passing thoughts. Maybe you’ll think of me when you see an ugly sweater or when you pass a coffee shop, but it’ll be brief, a simple shrug and it’ll be gone.  But that’s okay—I never expected to be anything else to anyone. I’ll be happy to be a memory in a box.

It’s still about the hair ...

Imagine Alec being really pissed after Izzy got him to get a haircut because they had to almost drag him inside and when he gets out he’s like ‘Well, okay, I got a haircut, stop getting on my nerves now.’ Izzy also had to promise him not to complain about his sweaters if he gets an undercut. :3

Then he gets home and Magnus who is working on some spells is instantly a fan of the haircut. So, when Alec comes inside and just wants to let Magnus know that he’s back because he knows to leave Magnus alone when he’s working (apart from the occasional coffee). But Magnus abandons everything the moment he sees his boyfriend …

… about two hours later Alec texts Izzy that he’s not mad anymore while Magnus leaves lazy kisses between his shoulder blades. :)

Major Follower Appreciation Post ...beware the cheesiness

Alright, so I’ve been through hell the past few months. I had various existential crises, major break downs, periods of having nothing to eat, lost my home and hope for a good future. But man, when things really hit rock-bottom you were there for me. As friends, as supporters, giving advice and courage. You helped me in which ever ways were possible to you. My inbox was full with well-wishes and so much positivity that even when I was so fucked up I smiled when I got online here. Some of you made it possible for me to have decent meals when my fridge was empty. Some of you cared when my family abandoned me. I made this post where I said that when we’re at our worst, we turn to those who have known us longest, who’ve been there for us, because home resides in people, not places. Well, this is fucking cheesy but man, this place and you guys have been home to me. Thank you, from the bottom of my heart.