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last hours snippet

Will had been sitting on the floor, the rug bunched up under his feet, with his back against Tessa’s legs. He looked up when Jem came in, and Jem, in his Silent Brother robes, went over to Will and sat down beside him. He drew Will’s head against his shoulder, and Will held the front of Jem’s robes in his fists and he cried. It was the first time it had ever occurred to James that his father might cry about anything. — Chain of Gold, The Last Hours Book 1

I just pictured Tessa Gray seeing Alec Lightwood sitting with Magnus Bane and for a split second she thought she saw her husband laughing with his old friend and Jem asks why she’s crying but then he sees it to and he smiled softly and wipes away Tessa’s tears and I just died a little

Will and Jem (With Tessa)
  • Will: I just feel like telling everyone living in the institute that I love them so much!
  • Tessa: What happened, Will?
  • Will: And tell every human being on this planet how beautiful they are..
  • Tessa: What happened to him, Jem?
  • Will: I want to hug every creature in the Hyde park except the ducks.
  • Tessa: Jem?
  • Jem: Cecily slapped Gabriel.

female awesome meme; [2/10] lead female characters
⇁ theresa ‘tessa’ gray, the infernal devices (2010-2013)

i am theresa gray, daughter of a greater demon and elizabeth gray, who was born adele starkweather, one of your kind. i was the wife of william herondale, who was the head of the london institute, and i was the mother of james herondale and lucie blackthorn. will and i raised our shadowhunter children to protect mundanes, to live by the laws of clave and covenant, and to keep to the accords. once, i lived among the shadowhunters. once i might almost have seemed like a person to you.