everything we know about supernatural season 12 so far

general info:

  • “Season 12 is actually going to feel like we’re getting back to the show’s roots…It’s going to feel a lot like earlier seasons of the show, which I’m excited about. And the same really goes for my character in particular.” Misha Collins (x)
  • The season will focus on the brothers taking on the British Men of Letters chapter
  • Jensen stated that he has read the scripts of three or four episodes and the brothers have not reunited within those scripts meaning that they will most likely reunite in episode 5 or later.
  • “You don’t get bigger than God,” Singer said. “We’re going to try to get back to basics a little bit. Tell smaller stories. Some good old-fashioned horror stories. We’ve set up the British MOL and they’ll be part of what we’re doing.”
  • The first part of the season, there will be a hunt for Lucifer.
  • “We will find out more about Toni, who is part of the British MOL and more about their worldwide society. We’ll also find out more about what they want from Sam and Dean in the episodes to come.” Jared Padalecki
  • Will any old characters return? Jody and Donna will be back, as will Claire and Alex. Crowley’s son, Gavin will be back as well.
  • The Return of the Thule - They have something really cool coming up in episode 12.05 – it will be the “triumphant or not-so-triumphant” return for the Thule, who have decided to bring back Hitler. But the SUPERNATURAL version of Hitler is described as a “psychotic Richard Simmons.” Apparently “Sam and Dean are going to find Hitler,” Dabb teased. “And I think that’s opening up some interesting doors for us just in terms of doing more crazy stuff.” (x)
  • The Monsters of SUPERNATURAL - Singer said that there aren’t many big new monsters to tease for season 12. But there “a great demon in one of the early [episodes]. We do our best when you take monsters that the audience knows about and you give them personalities or you put a different spin on them. Eric Kripke used to say ‘every villain is the hero of his own story’ and that’s something that we try to do. To give them a story as well. And that’s what I think have worked for us best.” (x)


  • Jared confirmed that Sam has been shot by Toni Bevell. - “She shot him, I don’t know where, but I know she shot him.” Jared Padalecki (x)
  • Sam doesn’t know that his brother is alive and as he is being tortured, thoughts are running through his head telling that Dean won’t be coming to rescue him because he sacrificed himself to take down The Darkness.
  • The search for Sam takes over the first “couple of episodes,” Singer said. Sam is king of going through hell with the British MOL. One thing they found interesting with this situation is that Sam thinks Dean is dead. “As far as he knew, the bomb blew up and that’s what saved the world. So he’s really excited to see Dean when Dean shows up.” Plus, Toni tells him his brother is dead. “That doesn’t take up too many episodes. We get that over with pretty quickly but I think [those episodes are] action-packed and all our characters are involved. Everybody has their own piece in those stories.” He thinks we get season off with a bang and will see everyone involved. (x)


  • Dean will be much more affected by Mary’s return. "…because Sam was so young [when she died].“ (x)
  • Dean Goes “TAKEN” When Sam Gets Captured - Dean doesn’t know what’s going on with Sam at first, but Sam thinks Dean is dead. Ackles said that Sam got shot at the end of the season and we see in the trailer for season 12 that he’s been captured. “[Sam] has no reason to believe Dean would even be coming for him. Dean’s got to figure out quickly what has happened, where [Sam[ is and it turns into a bit of TAKEN [the movie].” In fact, Ackles said the writers even kind of plagiarized a line from the TAKEN film. Not the “particular set of skills” line, but more like the “when I find you and I will find you” speech. (x)


  • Cas’ main focus is saving Sam.
  • ‘Guilt sits heavy in the heart of Cas and apart from rescuing Sam, he considers it one of his top priorities to put Luci back behind bars. Cas’ low self-esteem allowed Lucifer to break off his supernatural cuffs. But Cas wants to set things right.’ (x)
  • Executive producer Robert Singer has also teased about his current state of mind. He said that Cas feels like it his mission to make that right. (x)
  • We will see the return of Cas’ soldier side as well as his sex hair.
  • Cas will meet Mary very early on in the episode when he delivers the news about Sam and Toni Bevell.
  • Collins said that Cas is back to a little bit of “Cas from season 4″.  He thinks Cas’ wings are still broken, but he’s got a lot of his mojo. He’s angry and he’s got a fighting spirit and he’s after Lucifer.  Collins also joked that Cas is tattling a lot to Mary.
  • “Cas is family and Mary has to get used to it.” Jared Padalecki
  • ‘Cas will have a cool dynamic with Mary’
  • “For my character, we are finding Cas at the beginning of season 12 in a fighting spirit. He is trying to take Lucifer down and he has his mojo back, he’s at full power, so he’s a force to be reckoned with. And he’s pissed off. And perhaps a little aggressive. For instance, there are several lines early in the season where Dean says “Cas!“ because I’m being too violent, unnecessarily.” (x)


  • ‘Crowley is seething with revenge as the archangel made the King of Hell his personal slave. It was a huge insult and Crowley is in no mood to forgive. Andrew Dabb, executive producer, has said that he wants payback. It is very personal for him and in such a way that a lot of stuff is not.’ (x)
  • Sheppard said there’s a hint that “my family dynamic might be returning in a slightly more expanded scale.”.
  • For Crowley, he’s been dethroned by Lucifer. Early on, revenge will be a driving force. In the future, Crowley’s relationship with the boys will keep developing.


  • ‘Mary Winchester’s Supernatural resurrection will have her sons completely turned around as season 12 begins.’ (x)
  • ‘Although Sam only knows his mother from photos and the occasional trip back in time, that doesn’t mean he never spent time yearning for the family he never had. Dean’s “Dark Side of the Moon” memory proved just how much each of Mary’s children wanted to be close to her, and season 12 will explore that desire from the perspective of two 30 something’s who have done everything up to and including meeting God.’ (x)
  • “It’s funny [when] you see some people from your past an it’s like, ‘Oh my gosh, seeing you I remember where I was in my life when that happened, and I’ve grown a lot but this might explain a lot…We’re going to kind of get into more…I don’t want to say emotional…but more getting into the minds of the boys because you finally see them with their parent. I think we’ll learn a lot about who Sam and Dean are and who Sam and Dean thought they wanted to be. More Dean than Sam because Sam didn’t know his mom.” Jared Padalecki (x)
  • Sam “would like to get some answers” about his mother, about whom he only “knows a little bit,” thanks to time travels back in season 5. - “I think a part of Sam is very curious. He’s a thinker, he’s an intellect. Part of him wants to have some sort of closure with his father, with his mother” Jared Padalecki (x)
  • “Sam is one of these interesting people who feels the void, even if he didn’t ever know it. They say, ‘If you don’t know something, you don’t know what you’re going to miss.’ But I think Sam knows what he’s missing.“ Jared Padalecki (x)
  • How will the boys respond to Mary’s return? Ackles said that it presents itself with a dynamic we have never had. When Mary died, Sam was a baby and Dean was a child. “Dean grew up and Sam just got larger,” he joked. The children that she know, they’re now men, so the relationship is “kind of non-existent. It’s going to be an interesting situation of them trying to bridge that massive gap that occurred over the past 30 some odd years”. But how will she plug herself into their lives? Will that leave the brothers vulnerable? For the longest time the best way to get to one of the brothers is to trap one and get the other to come running, but throwing Mary into the mix can make them vulnerable too.
  • Dabb said that Mary has been mythologized to the brothers. They’re meeting someone who they have some knowledge of, but they don’t really know her. “We didn’t want things to be super easy”. She was raised a hunter and walked away from it like Sam did. But now she’s getting back into it. This is something they deeply want, but they understand family can be a vulnerability. Cas knows how important Mary has been to Sam and Dean, so he has a specific response to her as well.
  • “Mary will change the Winchesters. She’s a third element in the mix that will leave them vulnerable.” Jensen Ackles
  • Padalecki says that we have never seen the brothers have a proper dynamic as “being sons”. Sam and John had a contentious relationship, so they get a chance to be boys again with Mary.
  • Ackles says he’s looking forward to seeing the hunter side of Mary and the similarities in how she deals with the supernatural and how the boys deal with it.
  • “With Sam and Dean really, Sam probably a little more. We’ve never seen Sam Winchester be a son. I know he had John, but he wasn’t really like a father and son with John. It was more like ‘F U’ and anger and resentment so I’m excited to see Sam be someone’s son cause’ he’s kinda’ been a lone wolf. You know as soon as he could leave the house, he left. He was like ‘Alright, Dad, Dean, do your own thing, I’m going to college’. But now we get to see him with his Mom who he never knew. Who he loves but doesn’t know so I’m really looking forward to exploring that.” Jared Padalecki - Nerd HQ
  • “It’s a unique situation that there really isn’t a relationship that the sons have with their mother ‘cause Dean was four and Sam was a baby, so the fact that she’s back, even from her standpoint, here are two grown men, who are technically her children, but she has no relationship with. So she’s not only going to have to try to navigate this new world that she’s just found herself in, but she’s also got to deal with the fact that both of her sons grew up to be exactly what she was trying to protect them from being, which was hunters and living in a hunter world. That being said, from Dean’s perspective, I think that having her around is obviously super cool and interesting, but it also, I think, makes him vulnerable now because it’s another thing in his life that he was sacrifice himself for, when before all he really had to worry about was his brother. Now he’s got his Mom, it opens itself up for a lot of different, interesting situations.” Jensen Ackles - Nerd HQ
  • “She’s also a hunter so if we’re out on a hunt, she’s not gonna’ sit around and knit, or like make us to-go sandwiches in a lunchbox, she’s gonna’ wanna’ hunt.” Jared Padalecki (x)
  • Dabb said that we’ll see Mary’s presence “for a while”. She’s not intended to be a one episode character and we will explore more about her “over the course of the season”. We will also learn more about parts of Mary’s history that we haven’t seen before. For example, we’ve been under the impression that once Mary married John she settled down and stopped hunting. “But we’re going to find out that that’s maybe not the whole story.” Expect to see flashbacks to explore this. (x)

the winchesters:

  • “One of the things we noticed that fans really like is the relationship between Sam and Dean when they’re on the same side, so this year, at least in the begging, we’re going to explore a lot of what makes the boys tick.” Jared Padalecki (x)
  • Padalecki said that one of the things that SUPERNATURAL has been able to do is to explore “both sides of the equation”. One of the biggest things about the show is family and it will be an interesting dynamic to see someone who is 100% of Sam and Dean’s blood, we’ll find out more about how family is formed and what it means. “I think exploring that dynamic between two brothers and two sons again. Sam always had an issue with John for obvious reasons probably. But he dealt with it. Now Sam and Dean with their mother is starting anew.”


  • Dabb said Rowena had a big move this season. She wanted to be the power behind five different thrones since we met her. In season 12 she’s taking a step back and we’ll meet her “in kind of a funny and cool mindset”.  But then she’ll be drawn back in.
  • Ruth said that she’s “not sure she’s ready to a be ‘glamorous grandmother’”. Ruth Connell


  • Singer said that Lucifer is going to try out a few different vessels, but he needs a strong one. The first vessel that he feels comfortable with is a rock star who is trying to make a comeback. His name will be Vince and we’ll see him in a few episodes early on. It will be Rick Springfield.
  • ‘Lucifer will have a prominent presence and his story is still not over. His enemies are chasing him big time. It is claimed that the fallen angel is out there somewhere and in the coming season, Cas and Crowley will be seen following him closely.’
  • Dabb said that ruling Heaven or Hell lacks an appeal now. But being Lucifer comes with baggage, so he’s trying to take a bit of a vacation.

episode 1:

  • The episode is titled ‘Keep Calm and Carry On’.
  • Written by: Andrew Dabb
  • Directed by: Phil Sgriccia.
  • The episode will pick up from the exact point Season 11 left off.
  • The first episode of Season 12 will reveal what happens to Sam after he gets shot in the finale, and what their mother’s return will mean for Dean and Sam. (x)
  • Jensen has stated that the shock of Mary’s return will be addressed in the first scene.
  • Jensen and Misha were seen on set for more days during the shooting of this episode then Jared suggesting that the episode predominantly focuses on Dean and Cas.
  • Sam is tortured in this episode.
  • In the first episode, Dean is going to return to the bunker with Mary and panic when he realises that Sam isn’t there.

cast and crew:

  • Jensen will not be directing this season.
  • Richard will direct episodes 12 and 20.


  • September 13th has been declared ‘Supernatural Day’ by Warner Brothers. More information will be released soon. Supernatural premiered on September 13th back in 2005.

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