Hawaii!Au!! Jean is a tourist going to Hawaii. Originally, he and Mikasa were going to go together but they broke up and he still had his ticket, so he was like: why the fuck not. So he goes to Hawaii and meets Marco. They start talking and soon Marco is basically Jean’s guide to traditional Hawaiian culture and what not. He teaches him how to dance, how to play ukulele and all sorts of stuff. They end up liking each other…A LOT.  Also…Marco is a hella sexy Hawaiian dancer especially in costume, and Jean appreciates him a bit more than he feels like he should BD

These are really scraggly doodles cuz I’ve already done things today haha

Clouds clutter the sky
Casting latticework shadows
Over ground and grass
Jean stretched on the ground
Smiles through blackened stormy skies
Escapes rainy days
In pink winter sky
Sharp streaks of cold cut to night
Shadows shrink to dark
Jean wants imprints left
His tracks in snow leave divots
Lengthening shadows
Noon has no shadow
Death exhales at 12:01
Marco doesn’t breathe
Pale summerless skin
Burning with a lick of flames;
Starless night for Jean

A story comprised of six linear-ish 140 character tweet fics in the form of six 17 syllable haikus (ish) on the theme of light.

I felt simultaneously fancy and melancholy.

Tweet Fics of the Day (2/22-2/27)