Figure Skating AU - An old piece among various others tba soon

Note: This was done back in early 2015 (yes, before YOI. I’ve always loved the sport) in conjunction with Nicole’s lovely birthday gift for me that year (Read it on AO3: HERE). It belongs to an art log full of pair-skating Eruri illustrations. Hopefully I will finish it all sometime this year orz

So sorry for the silence for the past 2 months. >_<  I’ll jumpstart again within the next month!

Sour lies/Dark whispers

A trail of darkness is all that follows her around, through every corner, every step forward, every pause, every victory and loss, thicker than the wall of isolation surrounding her, darker than the life she’s been cursed with. It’s a ghost—or a collection of many, of those she stained her hands with their blood, of those she betrayed, and of those she left behind. It’s a soul that feeds off of death, that creates death and spreads it through her lungs and veins, consuming her body with every second that passes, and it’s the only reason she doesn’t look back. For all the waste and damage that have been done, it will render all of it pointless; her existence, her sad existence which cost the death of many, even for the sake of a single life that was never hers, and it’s a vague mixture of selfishness and selflessness all at once.

Cold is what she claims to be, but instead is what she feels, frozen in an endless loop of guilt and regrets, of mistakes and flaws she wishes to fix, but still she doesn’t look back—can’t look back.
It’s a vast world with many choices, none that were ever in her reach, for her path has been destined since the day she opened her eyes to that vast world, clear and straight, even if it weren’t empty of some small bumps on the road. Bumps like friendships she didn’t know she’d make, bumps like the truth behind all the lies she’d been told, bumps like a love that never blossomed, for its spring never came.

What remains are memories, of the loved ones who hated her, of the hated ones who loved her, of the clash of the two, the rise of one and fall of the other, but she doesn’t look back, even when failure is the only fate that awaits her, she won’t look back.

So even if her heart is weak and fragile, and even if she kills, hurts, and betrays, even if she doesn’t look back, her humanity is the sole thing that remains, with all her perfections, and all her imperfections outweighing them.
All the sins committed that tears won’t wash away, only a dying wish for a divine force to pull her out, almost nonexistent; or perhaps, at the heart of it, that force is human, one that is greater than her, one that she can never become, but one she can look up to and admire. And because of that, she knows… beauty exists even in an ugly world, even if rare to come by.

Sorry, she says to herself for she has no power to say it out loud.
I’m really sorry, and the words taste sour, a flavor that doesn’t go away no matter how many times she washes her mouth.

Please, forgive me.

Credits to @kenken-chan for the beautifull monologue.

i know you’re dying to meet me, but I can just tell you this
baby, as soon as you meet me, you’ll wish that you never did

We made a new snk punk/band au (our last one was four years old?!) and I’m super obsessed with this version of hitch as per usual ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ 

Ymir, Annie, and Hitch are in a girl band called ‘Second Chance’ and there’s a lot of lesbian ust.

anonymous asked:

how many years have annie to live?

We don’t know that exactly.

Reiner has 2 years left, which means he got the power 11 years ago at the age of 10. He is now 21. If Annie got her titan power around the same time he did, she was 9 when she got her powers.

She was 16 after graduation, that means she had her powers for 7 years, which leaves her with 6 years.

Putting all these numbers together, approximately 4 years have passed, counting from the time Annie caged herself inside the crystal.

In conclusion, we have 3 possibilities to consider:

  1. Annie has 6 years left in case she: a. doesn’t age inside the crystal and b. is still inside the crystal up until now (which I kind of doubt).
  2. Annie has 2 years left in case the crystal doesn’t freeze the aging process.
  3. Annie has less than 6 years left in case she: a. came out of the crystal during the time-skip, and b. the crystal freezes the aging process. This could give her 2-3 years left minimum, a little less than 6 maximum if she only came out recently.

I hope this was helpful!

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snk manga: constantly shows how much armin and eren mean to eachother, also shows that armin is the reason why eren started dreaming about the world outside the walls and why he realized he wasnt free, shows how eren and armin both dont mind being physicially close to eachother, shows how much they trust eachother and would literally die for eachother
snk anime: ok how can we make all of this 0% gay & 100% hetero

AOT babies as told by my gay friend
  • Eren: deadass gay
  • Mikasa: seriously gay
  • Armin: happy and gay
  • Jean: obviously gay
  • Ymir: really gay
  • Historia: am I gay?
  • Levi: tch gay
  • Erwin: eyebrows on fleek gay
  • Hanji: titan gay
  • Marco: reason y obviously gay is gay gay
  • Reiner: the next dude is gay gay
  • Bertoldt: the prev dude is right gay
  • Annie: im friends with the prev dudes gay

Day 4: Youth

My entry for rivamikaweek on instagram but I still want to share it here tehee

It’s not one of the prompts AND I’M LATE ASDFGHJ but here it goes. Young!Mikasa and Levi (although you can’t call him young here😂) but still younger

An AU where Levi didn’t meet Erwin and Mikasa was saved by Levi in the underground city.

Probably Levi lifting her to see the sunlight.

I really love this kind of story 😍😍