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Here are the official prompts for Erwin Week 2015, which will run from October 10 - October 16. Thank you so much to everyone who voted in our poll or sent us prompt suggestions, we had almost 2000 votes cast! Here are the most popular prompts as well as possible topics for each. These prompts can be as specific or broad as you like. All forms of media (fanfiction, fanart, graphics, cosplay, meta, etc.) are accepted. Be sure to use the tag #erwinweek.

  • Day 1: Childhood (including anything relating to kid!Erwin, trainee!Erwin, his childhood/trainee days, his father/family, etc)
  • Day 2: Happiness/Vacation (including smiles, humor, little indulgences, taking a break, vacation AU, etc)
  • Day 3: Canon Divergence (anything that deviates canon: titan!Erwin, finding the basement, defeating the titans, or post-canon, etc)
  • Day 4: King (King of the SC, king of mankind, king of your heart…)
  • Day 5: Birthday (Oct. 14 is his official birthday so please celebrate!)
  • Day 6: Death/Mourning (his death scene, SC/friends/fans mourning him, finding closure, Erwin mourning his losses, etc)
  • Day 7: Afterlife (reincarnation AU, heaven/hell, paranormal, etc)

Please reblog this post to spread the word! If you have any questions regarding submissions or prompts, don’t hesitate to contact this blog or any of the mods: thirstylevi, he1chouarts, and commanderbolo.

[banner art by @seitsensarvi, used with permission]

anonymous asked:

Hi! I don't know if this's been asked before, but who do you think are the canonically gay characters in SnK?

Hi anon! :)

First of all I’d like to preface that post by saying homosexuality in Japan is more of a private matter and a taboo than anything else: it’s not the topic you can out to the wide audience. As such, you’re never going to hear Isayama declare explicitly characters to have a preference for the same gender.

What’s nice is Isayama giving us LGBT characters who aren’t drawn from offensive cliches: they feel real. On top of that, the SnK universe isn’t set to appeal to romance, so you can leave certain bounds undeveloped, because any ship who has the potential to be endgame has one of its components killed off, sometimes in the most brutal way.

Short addendum: Mangakas can’t simply put LGBT characters in their series, because the staff still holds some authority over them, leading mangas like HxH to be cancelled in some cases. It’s already exceptional Isayama manages to put LGBT characters who don’t look like complete caricatures and is actually fond of same-gender relationships.

About your ask, there’s canonically three confirmed gay characters in SnK: Reiner, Ymir and Levi.

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