SnA Anime vs Manga

Where Mahmut is an angrier and more frustrated little birb than you think xD  

There’s a huge difference already of how he interacts with Ibrahim. In the anime, we see him more friendlier and less serious. 

Srsly, the characters in the anime are much nicer to him….I rather have Ibrahim making fun of Mahmut in public :D

“Get out, please…” vs “GET THE HELL OUT OF MY ROOM!” xD

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“SNA: A Letter You’ll Never Read”

This crack is a collaboration between my brother and me as he really wanted to participate in Royai Week, but only if we could write outtakes for my crackfic, Survivor: Not Amestris. So we came up with this idea as an apology for….my actual entry for this prompt.

Unfortunately, this probably won’t make a lot of sense to anyone who didn’t read the fic because it happens between the scenes of Episode 11 (Part 2). (Mentions of Carlos the dolphin, Lan Fan and Roy’s rocky relationship, and diva!Ed) 

Anyway, I hope it gives you a laugh if you read it!

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Shoukoku no Altair Ep. 1 Thoughts 

-WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAyyyyyyy too fast! Maybe slow down a bit?! O__O

-Gorgeous animations as usual though :D

-Genderbent Mahmut is already in the opening xDDD (he srsly looks like his mom!)

-They should have started with Mahmut capturing the thief like in the manga instead because it makes it more exciting. (The plot is all over the place to be honest.)

- I can hear Allen Walker (Mahmut has the same VA) haha.

-I feel like Mahmut in the anime is more passive than his usual assertive self. At the beginning of the manga, he is depicted as more serious and socially awkward (he was quieter/ more contemplative yet more open when he is with someone who he is close with) but definitely has that air of confidence when he does his tasks. In the anime, Mahmut is more… errr…..friendlier and chattier? I don’t know how to describe it. LoL xD

- “The summer triangle scene (July 7th -Tanabata Festival)”  We all know that Mahmut is associated with the Altair star in the summer triangle but the story of Tanabata Festival is about the reunion of the lovers, Orihime (Vega) and Hikoboshi (Altair). I read some posts before saying that Orihime and Hikoboshi could be very well Shara and Mahmut (Shara having the Lyre symbol and Mahmut being associated with eagles…). Its funny because now that the show has been aired you will see that Shara is actually in the beginning parts of the first episode when she should not have and oddly has a bit more screen time. I mean think about it…..Ibrahim also pushes Mahmut to find a girl already and eagerly suggests Shara right away (this scene did not happen in the manga at all).  So I cannot help but also think that the reason they aired it on this special day because Mahmut and Shara meet in this very episode as well. 

- “A Town is Born” Poem: (Seen when Mahmut was with Ibrahim on the rooftop.) This is from chapter 7 of the manga when Mahmut begins his journey after the Hisar Incident. Why the heck is it in the first episode already?! This makes me believe that the anime will not cover the Town of Oasis & Thief of the Slums chapters :( 

- I like the ending song more than the opening (sorry SID but your opening song for Magi is way better than this) xD

- In the end, I have mixed feelings about the anime….but hey its just the beginning, right? I have read the manga so I already know the plot but I wonder how it is for first time viewers? Did they find it fast as I did? Confusing? Or just normal? 

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ljKAHSGLKJASHGLKSAJH! Thank you so much!!! I actually have some more SNA stuff planned just because it’s such a fun crack world to play in. Mostly just drabbles of extra scenes and outtakes and things like that! I’m in the middle of writing a reward challenge (which wasn’t in the fic, but is a huge thing in Survivor!) Here’s a preview: 

“So the first question,” Jeff Probst begins. “Who is the most annoying person on camp? Remember, now you’re showing me the name you think was written down the most.”

Roy smiles, displaying the name GREED, however, bristles when he looks down the line. Every single person holds his own name.

He glances next to him at Hawkeye’s vote and nearly drops his booklet from shock. “You too, Hawkeye!?”

Riza shrugs. “Sir, you’re widely disliked.”

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NOOOOOO I totally recommend reading the manga for Shoukoku no Altair if you can. The pacing is slightly better I hear and the art is even MORE detailed and gorgeous. You won't regret it! <3

uh oh there goes my lazy hope of sincere literal adaption… and there begin the dilemma of “manga or anime first??”.. will see things both ways for now thank you for the heads up dear!

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Soleil 11 and 18 for Claire!! :0c it's not much I'm srry ajshajsh alas im on mobile and thus would probably forget more

Tysm Snaaa!!

((Btww here’s an old ask from a few months ago, if you haven’t read it yet))

11. Do they have any special diet requirements? Are they vegetarian? Vegan? Have any allergies?
Sol doesn’t really have any problems with food! I think the only ones he tries to avoid is seafood out of respect for his merman buddy Gale.

18. What’s their favorite genre of: books, music, tv shows, films, video games and anything else.
Aw shoot. I should’ve marked this down as one of the questions that don’t really apply;; q[d’pwa;kofsjid
I mean. Claire reads spell books? She doesn’t really have time for anything else. She struggles a whole lot in her studies, so she’s constantly researching and training so she can pass her certification exam ;v;

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