Moby’s New Music Video, “Don’t Leave Me,” Is the Animal Rights Anthem of Our Time

Yesterday, Moby & The Void Pacific Choir released a brand-new music video that features some pretty powerful animal rights messaging.

Featuring compelling undercover video footage by Mercy For Animals, the music video shows the cruel reality that too many animals face on a daily basis.

See for yourself.

We can all take a stand for animals that are abused and neglected by the meat industry by leaving animal products off our plates for good.

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This beautiful female slow worm was brought into us recently after being attacked by a cat. Luckily, she proved to be uninjured, but was given a precautionary bath in antibiotic solution to combat the bacteria found in a cat bite (this is absorbed through the skin).
She was moved into a tank and will now receive round the clock care from our volunteer and vet teams!

Kurt Angle & Cody Rhodes
[August 27th, 2016]

The Rhodes List continues to gain check marks, as Cody Rhodes spent last night facing off against Olympic gold medalist and former WWE and TNA Champion, Kurt Angle. Northeast Wrestling presented Wrestling Under The Stars last night in Wappingers Falls, New York, an event that featured Jerry Lawler, Matt Hardy, Jeff Hardy, The Big Guy, Jushin Liger, and more. Rhodes defeated Angle with the Cross Rhodes, which you can see here! Congratulations, Cody!

Olha, eu realmente não sei mais o que somos, se somos amigos, conhecidos, colegas, ficantes, amantes, namorados, casados, ou isso tudo junto, mas talvez não somos mais nada. Eu não sei. A única coisa que eu sei é que eu gosto de você, mas não é um sentimento comum, não é um “eu te amo” ou “eu te adoro”, vai muito além disso. É um “eu gosto de você” com uma intensidade tão grande que eu não consigo escolher uma palavra pra descrever a força desse sentimento. Eu nunca fui de ficar com esse papo de sentimentos, esse estilo romance melodramático nunca foi a minha praia, você sabe disso, mas também eu nunca menti sobre o que eu sentia, sempre fui sincero, não te enganei, pois todas às vezes que eu respondia “eu não sei” é porque eu realmente não sabia, desculpa. Sinto muito. Mas, agora eu sei. Eu sei que gosto de você. E gosto de verdade. Se isso não for amor, eu não sei o que é.
—  Meus dilemas.
Love me, set me on fire and consume me. Suffocate me with your love until it kills me making me alive again. I want butterflies in my stomach and the voices in my head in deep slumber. Love me hard until blood runs from my ears, my eyes roll to the back, and foam floods from my mouth. Tell me you love me and promise to never leave so I can be stupid like everyone else. Poison me with those eyes and spare me your empathy. Engrave your love in my soul I want to be owned. Teach me your ways, baptize me in your chaos and let the currents take me straight to hell. Love me good now while I’m young, tomorrow I’ll be gray and won’t remember. Interventions with my demons, explaining I don’t need them anymore I’ve found your amazing grace. Bounded and mesmerized, I want to be twisted enough in your love I can feel each of my veins snap loose from my spine. Fill this gun with your love and stick the barrel in my mouth, I want to smile like a child contentment is never enough. Rested on my mind all day, stern and rooted blossom and never wither away. Wrap me around your finger, start in my mind and I’ll be yours everyday forward. In need of your loving, you know just how to yank my strings making me explode. Love me bitch
New Studyblr / Langblr !

Hello sweetie you !

My name is Marie, I’m french, I’m almost 20 years old and I’m studying History at the Sorbonne University. I’m also learning english, ancient latin and ancient greek (‘cause, History… y'know…) so, this blog isn’t only a studyblr but also a langblr ! If I do any mistakes, don’t hesitate to correct me… I’ll try to write in english as often as possible, even if it’s not easy for me… And if you want any tips or help for your french, come, I’ll be happy to be here for you ! Tips, help… or just to talk, it’s as you want ! ♥

My blog is mostly dedicated for my schoolmates. I don’t pretend to be the best person to talk for help in History studies, but if my work can help someone, I’ll be overjoyed ! This is also why it’ll be bilingual : french for them, english for you… then, everyone can understand (i hope)(oh my, i hope) !