Rejjie Snow FT Aminé - Egyptian Luvr (Prod by KAYTRANADA) (New)


Hey everyone! My name is Jade and I’m a new simblr looking for more simblrs to follow!

   I’m really interested in making some new friends and being more a part of the sims community (: I’ve been playing the sims for a long time, but I never thought to share my gameplay/screenshots. Currently I am playing the Not So Berry challenge (along with my own personal sims) and I thought it would be cool to start off here! If you reblog and/or follow, I will follow you back! I am also super happy to help out any other new simblrs who are just starting off like I am.


// Also a big thank you to @pootaint for editing my screenshot ♥


Kodak Black FT XXXtentacion - Roll In Peace (Official Video) (New)


Hey guys, my name is Payton and I’m a new simblr looking for other simblrs to follow and make friends! I’m currently doing the Not So Berry challenge, so if you’re interested in seeing my gameplay then I’d love for you to follow. I’m very friendly and my blog is always going to be a safe place for anyone! My biggest priority is to spread positivity and keep my tumblr drama-free. If you reblog I’ll follow you! I would love to help out any new simblrs like me. :) ♥


This large herring gull arrived at the centre after being found unable to fly. It was very thin and was rushed in for treatment.

Although it had no physical injuries, our vet team found it had botulism - a paralytic disease caused by the bacteria Clostridium botulinum. Although potentially fatal, this gull was found just in time and, after a few days on a drip, it quickly picked up!

It has now been moved into our larger aviary to stretch its wings and is doing very well. It only has a few days of medication left, so we are all keeping our fingers crossed for a release later in the week!

New hands smoothly grazing
Where yours once were
Finally the feeling
Of a fresh start
And the sound
Of a brand new laugh
That makes my heart skip
In a different way
Than I felt before
With the adrenaline rush
And wine stained
Chapped lips
Came a warm feeling
And a new comfort
Intertwined on the couch
And white smoke
As I fell into her smile
With my head in the clouds
And arms wrapped around me
A safe new home
Precious and untainted
By old memories
—  @dahlunfiltered // Recrudescence