@lanadelrey: Climate change is real my friends. Our future children and our future children’s children’s well-being depends on acknowledging that scientists need to be supported and heard. 
There’s still so much to learn, but aside from that- we don’t want to go backwards from where we are today and deny facts that we already know to be true. 
An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, but if you wait for too long then no amount help will be able to change irreparable damage done. (Fact)
A march for science is completely unprecedented especially now when we’ve made such leaps and bounds over the last 20 years. But that being said no one has ever doubted that we need to continue our advancement health and environmental research until recently. 
I don’t know how important the truth is to you… But to me it matters the most. That’s why science is so cool, because the facts are real whether you believe them or not- and that’s what makes it the most important thing in the world to support-because it will continue to give us the answers we seek and the extra time we want.


More baby birds!

This tiny new arrival is a baby blackbird, and it was brought into the centre recently after being attacked by a cat.

Angela, our vet, gave it a thorough check up and found a number of small scratches on its back and left flank. These were cleaned and treated before the bird was given painkillers and antibiotics to combat the bacterial infection. It was moved into one of our warm incubators and will stay with us until it is large enough for release!

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“He is the most powerful High Lord to ever walk this earth. You are … new. You are made of all seven High Lords.”Suriel

“How can I possibly be his mate?” Mates were equals—matched, at least in some ways.

“He is the most powerful High Lord to ever walk this earth. You are … new. You are made of all seven High Lords. Unlike anything. Are you two not similar in that? Are you not matched?”

Mate. And he knew—he’d known.

I glanced toward the river, as if I could see all the way to the cave, to where Rhysand slept.

When I looked back at the Suriel, it was gone.


autumn by Shoji Kawabata. a.k.a. strange_ojisan
Via Flickr:
NIKON FM2 Lomography Zenit New Petzval Lens Fujicolor 100 35mm