So I’ve been drawing Kakashi to get used to drawing him in my style. I like this bc I’ve drawn him in my more realistic style and my more cartoony style. I really love Kakashi alright just know this.

An art thief in the fandom

Okay as you all know I don’t like to send people on witch hunts or publically call people out. However, one user in our fandom continues to ignore my messages asking her to stop stealing art. She doesn’t just repost art- she removes the watermarks. She KNOWS she’s stealing art, she’s fully aware of what she is doing. This isn’t just someone new to tumblr who doesn’t understand what reposting is.

If you ever see the user forevercanons on your dash, BLACKLIST HER. BLOCK HER. Do NOT follow her or reblog her stuff. She is a petty thief who is fully aware of what she is doing and refuses to stop stealing the hard work of others just so she can have something as fleeting as ‘more followers’. 

She is also in the Naruto and One Piece fandoms as well as of course Fairy Tail.

To any artists in any of these three fandoms, if you see your art on her blog IMMEDIATELY report it to by e-mail with a link to the stolen art and then a link to your original post of the art.