Team Gai rule: If you lose the day’s practice match, you have to pay for the post-training meal, but you do get to pick the restaurant.

Good application of the Team Gai rule: Gai has to call a ninja ambulance every time Rock Lee loses a match. Tenten and Rock Lee capitalize on Neji’s food.


Team 9 is the ninja hypesquad

Also my sister’s chopstick game is so weak she holds them near the bottom like Rock Lee haha


So, I cosplayed as Orochimaru, my friend was Tsunade, my other friend was Jiraiya, and my other friend was Agent Coulson.

We decided to stop at Meijer for some goodies, and were roaming the produce section when I heard the words ‘sannin’. I looked over, and this guy was geeking out to his coworkers, who had no idea what he was so excited about.

“You don’t understand! You don’t understand! It’s the three sannin! It’s all of them! Here! You don’t understand how awesome this is! I can’t believe it! It’s the three sanin! You don’t understand!” Were some of the things he kept saying.

I grinned and went over there, and he was so happy, and I asked a friend to take a picture of me next to him, and then he had a friend take his picture with all of us.

Now look at his face. THAT FACE. He was so happy. That is the face of ultimate happiness right there, and it made my day.

“Look, bastard, all I'm sayin’ is you should make that elf-charm of yours useful for once and get us free booze. ’S not like I’m forcing you into prostitution. Just a lil’ flirting here, a lil’ winking there and, well - i >personally< would add some booty-shaking too, but your backside is flat as a board so maybe let’s not.”

help, i’m getting sucked in. uh, sorry for the outfit change, i forgot to save down reference

09/06/2014 - Happy birthday, Itachi Uchiha! 

I always lied to you telling you to forgive me. I used these hands to keep you at distance… I did not want you to get involved. But now… I think you could have changed father and mother. Perhaps even the entire Uchiha. If I would have stood in front of you and looked you in the eyes from the very beginning… talked to you instead of down to you… and been open about everything. But I failed, and speaking to you now, like this, isn’t going to undo the permanent damage that’s already been done to you. That’s why I wanted to show you the truth. Even if it’s just a little. And no matter what you decide to do from here on out, you never have to forgive me - I will always love you.

“ ناروتو … لا تكن عنيداً وكُل جيداً وأصبح كبيراً .. وأحرص على الاستحمام كل يوم واحرص على ان تتدفئ جيداًً .. وأيضاً .. لاتسهر كثيراً ونم جيداً .. وأيضاً .. كوّن أصدقاء .. حتى إن لم يكونو كثيرون .. القليل فقط .. أصدقاء حقيقيون وتثق بهم .. لم أكن أحب المذاكرة والنينجيتسو .. لكن تعلمه جيداً .. لكن لكل شخص نقطة ضعف وقوة .. لذا لا تحزن عندما لا تستطيع القيام بأي شئٍ بشكل جيد .. أحترم أساتذتك والطلاب الأعلى منك في الأكاديمية .. وأيضاً شئ مهم .. ثلاثة أمور على الشينوبي أن يحذر منها .. لا تقترض المال عندما لا تحتاجه .. أجمع ما تبقى من مكافآت المهمات .. لا تشرب الساكي حتى تبلغ العشرين من عمرك .. وأيضاً .. أخر شيء .. النسـاء .. أنا امرأة ، لذا لا أعرف جيداً لكن .. تذكر بأن العالم عبارة عن رجال ونساء .. سيأتي يوم سترغب به بصديقة لك لكن .. لا تخدعك امرأة غريبة .. خذ فتاة مميزة مثل أمك .. وطالما أننا نتحدث عن الممنوعات الثلاثة ، سأضيف الرابع .. أحذر من المعلم جيرايا ….. ناروتو .. من الأن فصاعداً ، ستواجه الألم والمعاناه كثيراً .. كن صادقاً مع نفسك .. ايضاً فل بكن لديك حلم! واحرص على ان تحقق ذلك الحلم .. أكثر .. أكثر .. أكثر .. هنالك أمور كثيرة أود التحدث فيها معك .. أريد أن أبقى معك أكثر .. أحبـــــك .. ”