I think I might start a blog dedicated to LWA RP icons but I’m only going to make it if this post gets 50 notes. Traits of this blog:

  • A resource for anyone in the LWA community with tagged icons
  • A place where people can submit the icons they’ve made to be distributed amongst everyone for community use (since we all know how hard it is to find icons and we should help each other out)
  • A place to archive LWA rp blogs

I’d need a bit of help with this but I think it’s a good concept that could help expand the LWA rp community.


遅ればせながら、LWA13話の好きなシーン詰めです!ぐっとアッコチームの絆が深まりましたね。魔法で人を楽しませるアッコを見て、更にアッコが好きになりました!魔法仕掛け~のようにワクワク感溢れた話でした…星を辿ればを聞くのが最後で寂しい! by artist @hatiware0021