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Will is with Hannibal as they walk to the crime scene. It’s a trek through some trees to an open field. The wind is whistling through the trees causing the leaves the rustle. It’s pleasant despite the wind. When they finally get to the field the wind is much stronger and Will feels like he might topple over. He looks at Hannibal standing there with his perfect posture, his hair is being swept back and his cheeks are slighty ruddy from the walk and the wind.

He looks beautiful.

He is a wind swept statue of perfection.

Will feels like a small messy boy next to him. He sighs and tries to push the hair out of his eyes he really needs a haircut. He focuses on the scene; several dead bodies of young women arranged in a perfect circle their long hair spread out behind them. They look like a sun. Will closes his eyes and lets the pendulum swing to see inside the mind of a killer.

Hannibal is watching Will imaging what he is seeing. He wishes he could step inside Will’s mind and see what he sees. Instead he is left on the outside observing Will find the answers very few can. Hannibal looks at Will as the wind tousled his hair, cheeks and ears he notices tinted red from the wind, his perfect lips pursed in concentration.

He looks beautiful.

He looks like a perfect windswept creation of the gods.

Will opens his eyes and realises Hannibal is staring at him with a smile on his face.

“What is it?” Will asks feeling that insecurity in his appearance linger inside.

“I just don’t think I will ever get tired of watching you do that.”

Will smiles genuine and laughs. “I’m just standing here.”

Hannibal muses and then speaks “I can feel you thinking though it’s as if I can feel your mind reaching out. It’s beautiful. You are beautiful.”

Will looks at Hannibal incredulously and laughs. “Really not but thank you.”

Hannibal fixes him with a serious look and takes a step closer. “Oh but you are.”

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The Doctor and His Doll: Date Night

Author’s Note: Frederick wants to know his Doll better. But their date night does not exactly go according to plan. Read on to see what happens next!!! Enjoy!!! And see below for the previous parts!!!

The Doctor and His Doll

The Doctor and His Doll: Story Hour

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To say that sipping that first coffee was awkward was an understatement. After ordering two cups of the russet liquid and not making a face when you asked for a corn muffin with extra butter, Frederick spent the better part of that time in the diner restating his apologies, explaining that he had his reasons for not believing the best in people…

…touching on the fact that the last time he even had anything in the way of “company” at his home led to…

At that he said nothing else; he simply gestured to the scar adorning his sad face. You shuddered despite the steam wafting from your cup and instinctively reached for his hand.

“You don’t have to talk about it,” you assured him. “If it’s too much.”

“Not for me,” he said, letting his hand linger in yours while sighing heavily and brushing his thumb against your wrist. “I live with the pictures every day. But I think… no. I am certain that you do not need those images attached to any part of your life.”

Touched by his sweetness, you leaned closer and tightened your grip. A screaming voice in the back of your head longed to blurt out tell me every beautiful and bad thing about you. Let me know you inside and out. It’s not like I don’t have scars, too. And maybe I can help…

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Omgggggg!!!!! It’s here! Yay! Finally received my contributor copies of Radiance Anthology and other wonderful art prints and goodies! Aaaaaa! So happy! I can’t wait to read all the fanfics and marvel at all the fanarts! Thank you @radiance-anthology for making all of this happen! Fannibals forever ❤️❤️❤️