I wanted to do a simple little design looking forward hopefully for season 4 :)

If you’re going to Red Dragon Con 3 this weekend, come find me! I should have about 250 A3 posters of this design to give away. Keep an eye on my Twitter if you need to find me :) And I might put a few cheap in my Etsy if I have any left on Monday. 

at this point of our lives, hearing our favourite series got renewed for yet another season is very similar to hearing your best friend is pregnant. so when the series gets cancelled eventually, that’s the friend’s (early) menopause. it’s unfortunate because they wanted to have morebeautiful children, but hey, you already have some! and too many children aren’t good for the family and the person pregnant, after all. there won’t more, and maybe that’s okay

Hi guys!

I’m going to RDC for the first time, I’m coming alone and I don’t really know anyone. If any of you want to meet me, message me here maybe?

Also, I’ll bring some postcards with my latest drawing to give away.

Can’t wait to finally see you all!