Title: Shut up and Dance

Rating: R

Genre: AU, Romance

Pairing: Roy/Ed

Warnings: More pole dancing and idiots being completely shameless. And did I mention that this series is my most self-indulgent BS.

“He’s how old, Roy?”

Roy folded his arms against the bar with a sigh.  “I dunno, Hughes.  You tell me.  You’re the one who did the background check.”

“He’s nineteen.  just barely nineteen.”  Hughes pointed an accusatory finger.  “You turned thirty last year.”

He threw up his hands.  “So tell me then, oh arbitrator of romance:  what is an acceptable age gap?”

“It’s not the age difference, it’s the fact that he’s still a kid.  You’re at completely different places in your lives.”

“You don’t even know him—”

“Neither do you!” his friend insisted.  “You’ve talked to him, what, twice?”

“Three times.”

“Two minutes of flirting after watching him strip doesn’t count.”


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