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Rat Queens

Dee is a skilled unarmed woman who carries a dagger and a shield. She is a atheist cleric that has the displayed ability to heal wounds. Dee is from a village where they worship the flying squid god  N’Rygoth. After marrying Mezikiah, she later became disillusioned with her faith and set off on her own. While traveling, she befriends an Elvin magic user named Hannah, a hobbit named Betty and a Dwarven knight named Violet. Together, they formed an alliance named Rat Queens. 

Everyone, meet my OC Dee (Dionysus.) S/he is a genderfluid, Grayromantic, pansexual demon within the SaM Universe. S/he loves fashion and makeup but won’t hesitate to be vocal about others’ fashion choices… Also, Dee has heterochromia and like hir namesake, Dee loves to drink and is a very huge flirt that has a very healthy sex drive. S/he prefers to keep things lighthearted and dislikes getting into conversations about hir past after the fall or anything really deeply emotional. 


A take on the Tom in Thailand.

Day 1. Your favorite female character - Anastasia “Dee” Dualla

Dee is a precious little gem and deserves to be protected at all costs. People tend to interpret her as the girl who aimed too high, some sort of Icarus who could have chosen life and safety (Billy), but flied into the Sun instead (Lee). The problem is that no one ever asked Icarus what he wanted himself. Maybe he wanted to reach his limits. Maybe he wanted excitement, freedom and death more than a long, boring and slow life.

Dee was brave enough to reject Billy - she knew she doesn’t love her that much and she was kind and honest in this. She was brave enough to try her chance at Lee. She aimed high and lived her dream and it wasn’t her fault that Lee chased Kara for all that time and used Dee as a safety net. She had only one weakness - her ideal of Lee, the head boy, the fearless yet dorky leader blinded her and didn’t want to see that the real Lee is not Captain Apollo but President Adama who is ready to listen and cooperate, even with the enemy. If that’s the right thing to do.

Her trigger point wasn’t her divorce, she was proud of her ex. She was kind and strong and cared for everyone, but took no shit. She just couldn’t bear a pointless life in space, without hope to settle down somewhere and start again.


You’re the only girl that I have ever wanted
Every other girl is trying to be you
My mama says that I should write you letters
But I think you’re with other dudes
Take my hand, you’ll like it
You don’t even have to call
Yes I’ve had some alcohol, I’m sorry
Take my hand
You don’t even have to call
You’re somewhere out there after all
You’re all I ever wanted
You’re all I ever wanted
You’re all I ever wanted

anonymous asked:

who are ur tumblr crushes

like, everyone. everyone.

but mostly

suhporta - my super cute gay bf

frerad - my really gay partner in crime

daxjpg - my brother who is great. lov u

just-a-part-i-portray - kiara is great because she lets me talk about how gay i am, all the time.

psychicway - fraya is gr8 because she puts up with all my bullshit

and also geraddict, ghosts-in-the-impala, king-of-blubber, quirkypeach, and leathermouthing for being cute and great