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simon’s fine. we’ve just been having a nice talk. you know, he told me your greatest wish was to get to know your old man, which is funny, because it’s always been my wish to get to know my daughter. and so, i’m here, and i’m waiting for you. and frankly, well clarissa, i’m losing my patience.

It's becoming that time of the season premieres where Shadowhunters will start releasing teasers.

But keep in mind that some of the scenes might be different during the actually episodes than during the teaser release. The social media accounts don’t have any say on what gets released or not, neither do the official sites, they get what they get. So don’t hate on the producers or the social media account. The show is still being edited so the finale cut might be different (different angles and stuff)

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“I have ALWAYS had a fatherly feeling toward Clary” (c) Magnus in The Lord of Shadows. Sounds lovely, but where were all those ‘fatherly feelings’ in CoG:“You love me?”...“Why else am I here? Why else would I have spent the past few weeks patching up all your moronic friends every time they got hurt? And getting you out of every ridiculous situation you found yourself in? Not to mention helping you win a battle against Valentine. And all completely free of charge!”

… :D What the… Despite Emma being the protagonist of The Dark Artifices, Clary continues to be the greatest Sue of them all. Before Lady Midnight was even published, Clare said that although familiar characters would be making appearances, the story will still focus on these new ones. Tell me why do I still have to read about Clary.

This is yet another prime example of Clare coming up with stuff that doesn’t match with what she has already written or established. It’s a strange thought that a man would describe someone for whom he has fatherly feeling “your moronic friend.” What makes the situation even more intriguing is that Magnus has never – again, in my recollection – acted particularly having-fatherly-feeling-like towards Clary in any given occasion. Yes, Clary was the only child Magnus has ever watched growing up, but it never seemed they ever bonded outside what Magnus was hired to do. It was all business, but then again, I don’t know if this is more of an ambiguous thing.

I know this is utterly ridiculous, but it weirds me out – of all things – that Magnus has these parental feelings for someone who’s the same age (two years give or take) as Alec. It seems to emphasize the age difference between Magnus and Clary, which allows him to have that “fatherly feeling” towards her, which then again reminds me that Alec is pretty much the same age. And Magnus is having fatherly feelings for his friend. I’m confusing myself here because I can’t explain this. I have to admit, it feels a bit stupid to even write this out.

But anyway. I googled that bit, and apparently the context is this:

          “Why are you helping us so much?” Julian asked. “I mean, I know we’re a likable family, but no one’s that likable.”
          “No,” Magnus agreed, with a slight smile. “No one is.”
          Magnus took a sip of the wine and shrugged. “Jace and Clary asked me to,” he said, “and Jace is Alec’s parabatai, and I have always had a fatherly feeling toward Clary. They’re my friends. And there is little I wouldn’t do for my friends.”

You could take that part about Jace being Alec’s parabatai and Magnus having a fatherly feeling towards Clary and it wouldn’t change a single thing in his reasoning – and it would save me from having weird and unexplainable feelings about this thing happening here. If Magnus’ reason for fulfilling Jace and Clary’s request of helping out the Blackthorns is that they are friends, it should be left at that. It shouldn’t be preceded by useless excuses to justify his decision to help them like someone is going to question him down to detail about his motives.

“Jace and Clary asked me to. They’re my friends, and there is little I wouldn’t do for them” wouldn’t be because Jace is Alec’s parabatai or that Magnus has a paternal thing for Clary, but because what they survived together. What Magnus has risked for them, and what Clary and the gang has risked for him. I honestly think it should be as simple as that.

  • Magnus: Alec, I’m so happy I could kiss you!
  • Alec: (nervous gay laughter) Um……………… neat!
  • (later)
  • Alec: (lying face down on his bed) I can’t believe I said ‘neat’, Jace. ‘Neat.’ Nobody says ‘neat’ anymore! It’s the goddamn 21st century!! It’s not neat to say neat, but I said it anyway because I’m! A huge loser!
  • Jace: (idly turns magazine page) Hey, don’t beat yourself up. Everyone gets nervous sometimes. Remember what happened when Clary confessed to me?
  • Alec: Didn’t you like, thank her?
  • Jace: (closes magazine to stare at the ceiling) I thanked her.