Often the patients I see in hospital are much older than me. There are multiple medical issues to address, and a long road to recovery. There are few specialties out there where the demographic is the opposite. Obstetrics tends to fall in to the latter category.

The majority of the time, I have been seeing patients around my age or even younger. Generally healthy and resilient, each lady comes in - either expectedly or unexpectedly - into a new chapter of their life.

I am also turning a new page of my own.

Today I turn 27 and it is my first birthday as a husband and as a newly-minted dog owner. The one year anniversary of our marriage is also just around the corner. Like the transitions for many first time mothers I see, there is a lot to learn and a lot to figure out. All of this has given me a lot to think about over the last few days.

We face new challenges every day and sometimes make very difficult choices about what path to set our lives down. Taking those steps can often feel unsteady. But in the end, what I have found most comforting is knowing that every step has taken before. People have graduated residency. People are great spouses. People are great parents and pet owners.

And I can do the same. I believe I can. And I will.

Being a husband now makes me cherish my relationship with my wife even more than I ever did before. The most satisfying and most rewarding part of my day is to be able to spend time with her and enjoy this life we share together. Because at the end of my 28th, 29th, 30th et cetera, while my practice may evolve, or I move away from this place, my enjoyment of life, of my time with her will always be the constant in my life. 

Thanks to my readers for joining me on this journey for all this time and special thanks to my wife for always being there.

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  • mom:what do you want to do on your birthday?
  • me:nothing.
  • mom:so you just want to be alone? No friends coming over?
  • me:I just want to talk to my internet friend that's all. There is nobody who would come over. And I don't want to have people around me.
  • mom:well ok.
  • Thanks mom for accepting your anxiety child.