Hey @gaogaikingthegreat, I know that I’m late for the party and I know it’s already way past your birthday but can I still give you my belated birthday gift? My quick cosplay of you!

Happy birthday you old man. XD You’re getting old! Hahaha Here’s my gift to you because you and @srpelo are my inspirations when it comes to editing. I have mentioned that a lot in my Kooki Fundubs vids and it shows.

Here’s to another year for you dear. 😘
Here’s to another wondeful year for you!

Today is André’s birthday! (30/7)

Hamuha, Hamcuhanzu!

Well, it is a little lame to make a post about yourself but, today is my birthday! I’m turning 27 today… man I feel old lol

I wanted to make a very long post about what I have accomplished this year, what are my future plans… But I think I’ll pass, sorry.

I am just very happy I’ve commited myself to HHP for so long and also that I am finishing my studies next year finally, so I can start becoming an adult and work lol

I am also quite grateful that I am able to spend this birthday with Mika, my fiancée, on her place.  I can’t imagine a better birthday day!

This is going to be a good year too, I can see it!

Matta ne~


Shortly after my birthday is my best friend Gelo’s (he’s the one who takes my ootds!). It’s both a pro and a con to have birthdays close to each other - having 2 celebrations is fun and exciting but also that Trina, my other bestfriend has to save up to give us both gifts! Haha kidding!

For Gelo’s birthday we went to Azure, stayed at his’ tita’s unit and had a sleepover. We actually encountered a lot of problems during the stay - being restricted to enter the room, the stove not operating when we were so hungry, not being able to use the amenities, the club closing early and much more. But in the end we didn’t mind it and just went on having fun! We also planned a surprise Gelo on his real birthdate - we had few friends over at his house without him knowing and boy, was he shocked! Glad we made him happy on his special day. (Shoutout to her ate for planning - and trina & I for making it happen! Aren’t we the best?)

Also - I saw a snail!