Do you ever sit back and laugh at what the people in the entertainment promotion business think of Supernatural? I mean Misha is right, we are forever winning stuff that a 12 year old show, on the step-child network, with about a 1 share rating has no business winning.

The whole point of things like Entertainment Weekly’s contest and People’s Choice Awards is to promote what’s hot. And traditionally, that’s what they have done. Young 20-something up-and-comers usually grace magazine covers and interview shows. There are programs out there like Empire and The Walking Dead, which have 17 shares and should by all logic win every one of these polls just by sheer number of viewers (especially compared to our little show that could). 

So when they keep having to give PCAs to an actor who is only in a third of the episodes and wasn’t even one of the nominees, or Teen Choice Awards to a non-canon pairing of almost middle-aged men, and magazine covers to a 12 year old show that gets almost no promotion, they’ve got to be wondering what the heck is going on with the fandom of this little genre program. 

What is it about Supernatural that inspires such a passionate fan base? And how can they bottle this little bit of magic that this show has created and copy it?