The Titanic: Balthazar’s Quest. (Alternate Universe)

Balthazar needs a specific ingredient for a spell to work to possibly revive the archangel Gabriel after a battle between him and Lucifer. Sam and Dean are send back in time to the world’s largest ship, the Titanic. The place where Gabriel took his time off a few decades ago after the heavy war in Heaven, and encountered Kali during the cruise. The Winchesters goal is to get a sliver of his grace to revive his present self, and get them out before the accident happens.

Unfortunately, this is not a story. Problem is that I have tons of fics to finish right now, and I always end up stuck with a writer’s block. I would have started it if I had time, but this is merely just for you to see what I do in my free time when I’m actually bored. It’s the worst edit in my life tbh jfc are you blind yet? not the best edit I’ve ever done, but I thought it would be fun. This is an AU, where Balthazar was never killed off in the series and Gabe is a part of the Winchester’s team.